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Gyoro, Nin, and Bao were a trio of oddly shaped Soldier Zombies that were first seen reporting to Moria about the Straw Hats' arrival.[1]


They are relatively small Soldier Zombies and they are all roughly the same size as Chopper when he is when using his Brain Point. Gyoro is the zombie that looks like a one-eyed samurai with an ovular head. Nin is the pinkish-red zombie archer with a triangular head. Bao is the yellow zombie that looks like some sort of super hero with a bucket shaped head.[2]


They all seem to be very scared of Gecko Moria, but are still loyal to him, as they told him when the Mysterious Three arrived.

Abilities and PowersEdit

They have not been shown fighting, but they presumably have the strength of an average zombie.


Like the other zombies, these three were given life when Gecko Moria implanted them with shadows using his Kage Kage no Mi.

Thriller Bark ArcEdit

They reported to Moria, with Nin shooting one of Moria's snot bubbles to wake him up. They later reported the arrival of the Mysterious Four when they arrived as per Moria's request.[3] After extracting Luffy's shadow, they were then ordered to open the way to Oars by Moria.[4] They then accompanied their master to the 900th zombie.

Their shadows have been taken from them like the other zombies to empower Moria.[5]


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