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Hakumai is a region located in the northeast of Wano Country. The former Daimyo was Shimotsuki Yasuie of the Shimotsuki Family.

Around 41 years ago, under Yasuie's leadership, Hakumai was a successful region with a strong armed forced, who protected Wano's only legal port.[2]

General Information

Around 41 years ago, when Shimotsuki Yasuie was the daimyo of the region, and he led a strong military force that protected Wano Country from those coming from outside its borders through the Mogura Port.[2]


Hakumai was seen to have an autumn-like environment, with Maple Tree-like trees in a state of exfoliation.[1][2]

Layout and Architecture

Hakumai about 41 years ago.

Hakumai is filled with ruined buildings, with a very few standing structures.[3] Around 41 years ago, Hakumai's buildings were still standing, and had curved roofs.[2]

As the rest of Wano Country, Hakumai had passages called Great Bridge (大橋 Ō Hashi?), which connected Hakumai to is neighboring regions, Ringo, Udon, and the Flower Capital; however, two of them were destroyed by Orochi's men to prevent the alliance's plot, leaving only the one connecting to the capital standing.[4] However, due to Kin'emon misreading message, it was too late since the rebels already made it there.


Enma Shrine

Enma Shrine.

For the Meito, see Enma.

Enma Shrine (閻魔堂 Enma dō?) is an isolated location within the forest of Hakumai. It is small, though large enough for Hiyori to be completely hidden there, and heavily damaged due to unknown reason. It has a small statue in its front and paper doors.[1] It served as a hiding place for Denjiro after the death of Kozuki Oden, while he went through his transformation into "Kyoshiro".[5]

Mogura Port

Mogura Port.

Mogura Port (モグラ Mogura Minato?) is one of the two ports in Hakumai, and the only legal port in Wano Country. Its sea entrance has lifts that lead to the surface, and is located at the end of a cavern hidden behind a waterfall.[3] The port's name contains the kanji for "submerge" (?). Mogura (土竜, モグラ?) is also the Japanese for the animal "mole".[6]

Habu Port

Habu Port.

Habu Port (刃武ハブ Habu Minato?) is the other port in Hakumai, and is maintained due to Orochi annual visit to Onigashima during the yearly Fire Festival. It has a tower-like structure like a lighthouse.[7] The port's name contains the kanji for "blade" (?) and "military power" (?). Habu (波布, ハブ?) is also the Japanese for a species of pit viper, thus the port is represented as a snake.[6][8] This was the actual meeting place for the rebels to dock based on Yasuie's message. All of them already made it there right before Orochi would have arrived for the Fire Festival.


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After the Mountain God Incident, and Kozuki Oden's banishment from the Flower Capital, Oden followed by Kin'emon and Denjiro traveled to Hakumai and stayed there with Shimotsuki Yasuie.[9] During their stay, Yasuie tried to convince Oden to accept his rule as the next shogun, which Oden refute much to Yasuie's anger.[2]

Shortly after Oden left Hakumai, Yasuie's servants reported about the damages done to the room he stayed in, and the theft of the money in the safe.[10]

33 years ago, Oden's retainers tried to steal money to support Oden, but were caught and brought in front of Yasuie, who gave them the money, as well as more funds and advice on how to properly support Oden.[11][12]

20 years ago, after Oden's execution, Denjiro hid in Enma Shrine after escaping Orochi's men and the Beasts Pirates. There he let his rage transform him into "Kyoshiro".[5] Some time during the past 20 years, the region was mostly destroyed.[3][13]

Four Emperors Saga

Wano Country Arc

A week before the upcoming Fire Festival, after the execution of Shimotsuki Yasuie, Roronoa Zoro and Kozuki Hiyori were chased by the Orochi Oniwabanshu, and found shelter at Enma Shrine in Hakumai.[1]

Five days before the Festival Scratchmen Apoo, his crew, and the Numbers arrived to Hakumai through the Mogura Port.[3]

On the night before the Fire Festival, Kurozumi Orochi orchestrated an attack on the bridges leading to and from Hakumai from its neighboring regions: Udon and Ringo, except for the one connecting to the Flower Capital.[4]

On the day of the Fire Festival, Orochi and his men set sail toward Onigashima, as they do every year for the past 20 years.[7]


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