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Halsey is a member of the Simon Pirates.[1]


A closeup of Halsey.

Halsey is a muscular man of normal height with tan skin, a downward pointed nose, and brown hair. He wears a blue and black-striped sleeveless shirt and blue shorts. He also wears a blue helmet that has two horns on the sides and is lined with white fur. Strangely, he doesn't wear shoes.


Halsey is very loyal, fighting Zoro and Nami to protect the secrets of his captain. He is somewhat cocky, since he thought he and Kimmel could defeat the young pirates. Once he was defeated and Kimmel fled, Halsey showed his true cowardice and fled as well.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Despite his muscle mass, Halsey is fairly weak since he was easily defeated by Zoro and Nami.[1]


Halsey has been seen carrying a large knife similar to a machete. He seems fairly skilled in using it.[1]


Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands

Halsey and Kimmel were discussing crew related matters in secret when Zoro and Nami interrupted them. To protect the crew's information, Halsey and Kimmel fought the young pirates but were defeated. Kimmel told the pirates that they worked under Simon, making Halsey nervous, and the two men fled.[1]

Major Battles


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