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For Nico Robin's Devil Fruit, see Hana Hana no Mi.

O-Hana[2] is a citizen of Wano Country, residing in the Flower Capital.[1]


Hana in the Digitally Colored Manga.

Hana is an average size woman with fair skin and blonde hair tied up in a shimada with a hairpin. She wears a blue flower over her right temple, and a light teal kimono with a purple obi.[1]


Not much is known about Hana's personality since she was only shown in dire situations, during which she was timid and frightful.[1][3]



Hana tied up in Orochi Castle.

Twenty-five years ago, Hana was one of the people abducted by Kurozumi Orochi and was meant to be used as a slave until being freed thanks to Kozuki Oden.[1]

Five years later, she was present at Oden's execution, and heard Shinobu's outburst at the spectators, and learned the truth about her capture, release, and Oden.[3]


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