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Hanger is an employee at Robecca Hanberg, a clothing store in Loguetown. Nami tried on all of his best clothes, but did not buy any.[1]


Hanger is a normal-sized man, with black hair, with part that resembles a clothes hanger. He has a large forehead, and thick black eyebrows. He has a round, long nose that goes down, and a black mustache that curls up. He wears a purple vest with vertical lines on it, with a pink long-sleeved shirt underneath, and a light green tie. He also has black pants.


He was an enthusiastic man that enjoyed customers visiting his shop. He has displayed patience towards customers, as shown when he was later upset at Nami for walking out of the shop after trying on all of his clothes, but still bid her farewell in a nice manner.[1]


Loguetown Arc

While Nami was trying on the clothes in his store, Hanger kept complimenting her on how good she looked. After letting Nami try on all of the clothes in his store, Hanger prepared to checkout and asked if she was going to buy it all. However, she simply declared that she was not interested in anything and wanted something more casual to travel in. Upset by her decision, Hanger was seen crying, but he still asked for her to please come again.[1]


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