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Haraguroya's Owner is a cook who formerly ran a soba stall in the Flower Capital of Wano Country. He appeared in the fifth chapter of the Shokugeki no Sanji spin-off.[1]


The owner is an average-sized man with a short beard, dark circles under his eyes, and a scar running across his face over his nose. He has dark, shoulder-length hair which curls upwards at the ends and is tied in a topknot. He wears a dark kimono, a light tasuki and geta.[1]


The owner acted in a cheerful and welcoming manner when interacting with customers, but became aggressive and threatening when confronted. He holds the poor in the contempt and took advantage of them by using cheaper ingredients while charging full price. He has great pride in the taste of his soba and the quality of the ingredients. He admires Sanji as a chef and let of go of his animosity towards "San-gorou" when he realized his true identity.[1]

Abilities and Powers

The owner has some culinary skill as he ran a highly successful soba stall in the Flower Capital. However, he apparently relied too heavily on ingredient quality over cooking technique.[1]

He is connected to the yakuza and the Paradise Farm, which grants him influence in the capital and means to monopolize high-quality ingredients.[1]



Two years ago, he discovered Sanji's wanted poster in a wreckage that washed ashore in Wano Country and started idolizing him as a chef.[1]

Shokugeki no Sanji

The owner called out to Usopp when he and Sanji were walking past his soba stall in the Flower Capital. After convincing Usopp to try the soba, the owner sold two bowls of soba to a young woman and a young girl, using lower quality ingredients due to noticing their poor clothing. Later at night, he discussed the sales of the day with his subordinates when Sanji confronted him over his scheme. The two agreed to a contest of soba, wagering the stall spot against Sanji leaving the capital.[1]

Several days later, he competed against Sanji with the amount of sales in three hours determining the winner. Haraguroya took the lead in the beginning, but began losing the battle after people tried Sanji's soba and heard his explanation of the recipe. The owner started plotting to destroy "San-gorou" with the help of the Kyoshiro Family, until he accidentally overheard Sanji's real name and discovered that he was the chef from the wanted poster. He then admired Sanji's cooking technique as the competition came to an end and his subordinates dragged him away.[1]


  • The name Haraguroya is likely a pun on haraguroi (腹黒い?), meaning "malicious" or "wicked".


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