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"Hard Knock Days"[1] is the 18th opening for One Piece and the fourth opening of the second half of the series.

Opening[edit | edit source]

Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol to punch out of a Marine Base. It is followed by the individual shots of the Straw Hats and followed by a full shot of them altogether with Luffy sporting their Jolly Roger. Luffy cheers as his crew then run and jump off a cliff to the Thousand Sunny. The ship sails on the background as the title logo comes up.

The next scene is an overhead shot of an island, then to the Sunny which is sailing near the island. A seagull flies by the mast, passing where Luffy sits on the top of the crow's nest before flying off into the sky. The Straw Hats then are seen shopping at a marketplace, followed by a scene on the deck of the Sunny where Usopp is "singing" as Brook plays music while Luffy and Chopper laugh and Robin is watching over them. Luffy is looking out at sea on the railing while Chopper examines a Log Pose, Nami looks over a map and Zoro doing exercise on the upper railing. Just as Nami points something out, Sanji exits out of the kitchen with food. All of the Straw Hats then eat together in the galley.

Luffy then eats some meat while running across a rocky surface. The background dims as he is running with a spotlight placed above him as images of Corrida Colosseum gladiators scroll by in the background. Luffy continues eating while running toward the Royal Plateau. A shot of Bartolomeo using his Bari Bari no Mi powers, followed by Cavendish slicing giant toy soldiers briefly transforming into Hakuba as Luffy runs by. The next shot comes several almost shadowed figures of Marines walking led by Sakazuki, then Blackbeard using his Yami Yami no Mi powers. An explosion then knocks Luffy back but regains himself and continues charging forward.

Luffy runs to the Sunny which is flying in the air at the moment. His crew waves and smiles at him. Luffy stretches his arms to them to which they grab them and fling him past the ship to fly over an island. The Straw Hat Pirates are then shown doing a few attacks: Luffy does a few Gear Second attacks and stretches up his leg up followed by an Elephant Axe and a Red Hawk, then Zoro demonstrating his swordsmanship, Sanji using Diable Jambe, Nami performing Thunderbolt Tempo using her Sorcery Clima-Tact, Usopp riding on an Impact Wolf while firing a Pop Green that turns into vines which carry Robin, Robin using her Hana Hana no Mi powers to sprout wings and takes off into the air while making a string of limbs on which Brook lands and runs, Brook performing a Soul Solid attack before being interrupted by Franky who swings past firing his Weapons Left and a Radical Beam and finally, Chopper pops in morphing to his Heavy Point and then to Monster Point before the rest of the crew form a circle in front of him.

The Straw Hats then run alongside their allies from the Dressrosa Arc, including Kyros, Riku Doldo III, Viola, Trafalgar D. Water Law, Kin'emon, Momonosuke, Kanjuro, and the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. In the background, allies from previous story arcs can also be seen, including Jinbe, Boa Hancock, Shirahoshi, Emporio Ivankov, Inazuma, Silvers Rayleigh, Hatchan, Camie, Pappag, Lola, Kureha, Dalton, Nefertari Vivi, Paulie, Kokoro and Chimney.

Luffy runs past Sabo as the camera circles to the front of him. Sabo uses his Mera Mera no Mi powers with Ace in the background. Senor Pink fights Franky with Kyuin and Senor's fangirls fall in love. Some of the dwarves (Wicca, Cotton, Inhel, Bomba and Flapper) cheer for Franky. Zoro is shown fighting Pica. Then Rebecca, Robin and Kyros appear on Flower Hill. Usopp uses Super Grow Up. Kin'emon, along with Kanjuro, who is using his drawing powers (up to Episode 691, this part was highlighted in dark colors, being set in the underground garbage dump, while from Episode 692 onward they are in full color, being set on the surface), and Corazon are shown together with the young Law.

It fades into a now adult Law and Luffy run toward the screen and the latter continues on to face Doflamingo. Afterwards, the Sunny is slowly sailing with the Straw Hats having a picnic on the deck. Luffy then puts on his straw hat and smiles. In the end, the crew poses while standing on a map of the world.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

TV Size Version[edit | edit source]

Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
Fight ぶつかって歯向かって Fight butsukatte hamukatte Fight, crash in, rise up
それが僕たちのHard knock days sore ga boku tachi no Hard Knock Days These are our Hard knock days
平凡な毎日じゃ渇き癒せない heibon na mainichi ja kawaki iyasenai Ordinary days won’t quench our thirst
Here we go いつだって逃げないで Here We Go itsudatte nigenaide Here we go, always, don’t run away
風当たり強く生きていこう kazeatari tsuyoku ikiteyukou Let’s go on living buffeted by the mighty winds
ゴールまだ遠く gooru mada tooku We’re still far from our goal
進むべきHard knock days susumubeki Hard Knock Days We got to carry on Hard knock days
Let's do it again そうどれだけ Baby Let's do it again sou doredake, Baby Let’s doing again, yes, how many times, baby
立ち上がればMy dream come true tachiagareba My Dream Come True Do i have to get up to make my dream come true
問われる覚悟の強さ towareru kakugo no tsuyosa Feels like the strength of my resolve is
試されてるような Everyday tamesareteru youna Everyday Put to the test Everyday
Hey Let's Go Hey Let's Go Hey Let's Go
言い訳で小さくまとまる気なくて iiwake de chiisaku matomaru ki nakute I don’t want to settle for small success, making excuses
Hey Let's Go Hey Let's Go Hey Let's Go
飛び出した世界は荒ぶるノールール tobidashita sekai wa araburu noo ruuru The world i got out into is wild and lawless


karaburi no sukima ni sematteta genjitsu kauntaa Whiffing through the air, off-guard, reality countered me
容赦なく Beat me Hit me また


yousha naku Beat Me Hit Me mata taoretemo Mercilessly, Beat Me Hit Me, even if i fall again
Oh Oh Oh
もう一度立ち上がり前を見た者だけが Mou ichido tachiagari mae o mita mono dake ga Only those who get back on their feet and look forward
最後に笑うのさOnly winner saigo ni warau nosa Only Winner Will have the last laugh, Only Winner
(We gotta go 届くまで Glory road) (We gotta go todoku made Glory Road) (We gotta go, till we make it there, on the Glory road)
Fight ぶつかって歯向かって Fight butsukatte hamukatte Fight, crash in, rise up
それが僕たちのHard knock days sore ga boku tachi no Hard Knock Days These are our Hard knock days
平凡な毎日じゃ渇き癒せない heibon na mainichi ja kawaki iyasenai Ordinary days won’t quench our thirst
Here we go いつだって逃げないで Here We Go itsudatte nigenaide Here we go, never running away
風当たり強く生きていこう kazeatari tsuyoku ikiteyukou Let’s live on, buffeted by the mighty winds
ゴールまだ遠く進むべき道 gooru mada tooku susumubeki michi We’re still far from our goal, we got to carry on the way
Fight 蹴散らして強がって Fight kechirashite tsuyogatte Fight, shake it off, act strong
それが僕たちのHard knock days sore ga boku tachi no Hard Knock Days These are our Hard knock days
無難な選択?そんなのあるわけない bunan na sentaku? sonnano aru wake nai A safe bet? There’s no such thing
Here we go いつだって最高で Here We Go itsudatte saikou de Here we go, always, be the best
後先なんて考えずに行こう atosaki nante kangaezu ni yukou And keep going without thinking of the consequences
願いを束ねて negai o tabanete Put all our wishes together
進むべきHard knock days susumubeki Hard Knock Days We got to carry on Hard knock days
光の先Make my day hikari no saki Make My Day beyond the light, Make my day

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