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For the fish-man member of the Drayke Pirates, see Harry (Fish-Man).

Harry was a boy who tried to stop Dick from stealing his village's supply of food.[2]


Harry is a small boy with light brown hair underneath his white and green hat. He wears a yellow shirt with purple markings on the sleeves underneath a iron plate that has a dark red stripe near the bottom and the letter H in the center.


He showed signs of bravery, as he was willing to try to defend his village despite being struck with fear. Furthermore, he continued to charge and Dick even though he was of no match and even interrupted the bandit right before he was about to kill Johnny and Yosaku. [2]

Abilities and Powers

As a child, Harry was limited in the amount of damage he could do against others. This was evidenced during his fight against Dick, in which he was easily kicked away by the bandit. However, he was able to utilize his smarts to pour water on Dick's cannon, allowing for Zoro to finish the bandit off.[2]


He was seen wielding a shipwright's saw and a hammer in a attempt to stop Dick from stealing his village's supply of food.[2]



While Dick was pillaging the town's storage, Harry snuck upon the bandit and hit him in the shin with a hammer. Harry then shouted at the bandit for stealing their food but was quickly slapped away. However, he got back up and charged at Dick, but he was, yet again, easily kicked away and then stomped on.

After Johnny and Yosaku interrupted, Harry ran to the side and watched the battle between the three. However, Harry only witnessed the two's defeat at the hands of the bandit. The two continued to fight Dick, but once Dick prepared to finish them off with his bazooka, Harry charged in front of Dick. With his patience gone, Dick threatened to kill Harry, causing him to stumble backwards in fear.

When Johnny and Yosaku got up, yet again, to prevent Dick from leaving, Harry watched on in surprise at their courage. He was then kicked to the side by Dick's gang as they charged towards Johnny and Yosaku. Harry then got back up to save them, but was held back by Zoro. The bounty hunter then told the kid to consider whether he had the ability to help the two, to which Harry brushed away Zoro's hand and looked down in helplessness. Zoro, however, then joined the battle and, at the most crucial moment in which Dick was about to fire his bazooka at the bounty hunter, Harry poured a bucket of water on the bazooka's flame. Afterwards, Zoro defeated Dick and thanked Harry for his help.[2]

Major Battles


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