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Hassaikai[2] is a kanabo wielded by Kaidou of the Four Emperors as his signature weapon.


Hassaikai is a giant, heavy kanabo befitting Kaido's size. It is made of a solid black metal, with a round cross-section, and features sharp spikes along its upper, bulkier half. The latter tapers somewhat toward the slenderer, spikeless handle, which itself ends in a suspension ring that serves as a pommel.[1]


Kaidou utilizes this club for the vast majority of his melee attacks. Brandishing the weapon with his massive strength while channeling his Haoshoku Haki through it, Kaidou can severely injure and send foes flying far distances with immense force, in just single blows.[1][3] He wields the weapon both one- and two-handed, the latter especially for his more powerful attacks while in his half-dragon form.[4][5][6] Defensively, Kaidou can also use his weapon as a means to deflect powerful attacks.[7][8]

Using single swings of the club, he respectively dealt finishing blows to the mighty Kozuki Oden two decades ago (the man left severely injured, bleeding, and unconscious from the hit)[9] as well as to a Gear 4-using Monkey D. Luffy in the present, breaking past the tremendous Haki defense of the latter's empowered form and, again, rendering the foe unconscious.[3][10]


Kaidou defeating Luffy with Raimei Hakke.

  • Raimei Hakke (雷鳴八卦 Raimei Hakke?, literally meaning "Thunderclap Eight Trigrams"): Kaidou charges toward his opponent at blinding speed, swinging his Hassaikai horizontally, either one-handed or two-handed to strike them with devastating force.[3] The attack is so fast that, even after seeing the future, Luffy was only half-successful in dodging it.[11] Additionally, Kaidou can imbue his kanabo with both Haoshoku and Busoshoku Haki for the attack, which causes a visible trail of dark lightning to exude from the weapon.[12] When first used against Luffy in his Boundman state, Raimei Hakke knocked the 1.5-billion-bounty pirate unconscious in one hit.[3] An imitation of the Raimei Hakke is used by Kaidou's daughter, Yamato, to devastating effect, albeit purportedly weaker than Kaidou's;[13] when Yamato in her half-Makami form did have a clash with Kaidou in his half-dragon form—using their respective versions of Raimei Hakke—their attacks seemed evenly matched,[6] but Yamato ultimately ended up taking more damage despite protecting herself.[14] The "Bāguà" (八卦 Hakke?, "Eight Trigrams" in English) are eight tripartite, Taoist-cosmological symbols used to represent the fundamentals of reality, via eight interrelated concepts. The Viz manga calls the attack Thunder Bagua.
    • Horai Hakke (咆雷八卦 Hōrai Hakke?, literally meaning "Roaring Thunder Eight Trigrams"): A seemingly stronger version of Raimei Hakke. The technique was first seen in use against Luffy in retaliation to his Gomu Gomu no Over Kong Gun.[15] The technique's name plays on "Hōrai" (蓬莱?), the Japanese name of the immortal island of Penglai, a legendary land in Chinese mythology. In the Viz translation, the attack is called Thunder Bellow Bagua.
    • Daiitoku Raimei Hakke (大威徳 雷鳴八卦 Daiitoku Raimei Hakke?, literally meaning "Great Virtue and Authority Thunderclap Eight Trigrams"): Another stronger variant of Raimei Hakke. This technique was first used against Luffy in his Gear 5 form.[16] Daiitoku is the Japanese name of Yamāntaka (大威徳明王 Daiitoku Myōō?, "Destroyer of Death"), one of the Five Wisdom Kings in Vajrayāna Buddhism. In the Viz translation, the attack is called Destroyer of Death Thunder Bagua.

Kaidou and Big Mom using Hakai on the Worst Generation.

  • Hakai (覇海 Hakai?, literally meaning "Supreme Sea"): A combined attack of Kaidou and Big Mom. Standing side to side, Kaidou in his Human-Beast form swings forward his Hassaikai while Big Mom simultaneously swings Napoleon in its Cognac form. The combined power of the Emperor's strikes creates a powerful, explosion-like wave of force that quickly travels forward and absolutely devastates everything in its path; the attack was shown to dwarf the island of Onigashima, and Roronoa Zoro was heavily injured even by just attempting to block the attack for a moment. This move is very similar to Dorry and Brogy's combined Hakoku technique, featuring even the same poses.[4] In the Viz manga, this is called Conquest of the Sea.

Kaidou using Kosanze Ragnaraku to strike Luffy.

  • Kosanze Ragnaraku (降三世こうさんぜ引奈落ラグならく Kōsanze Ragunaraku?, literally meaning "Conquered Three Worlds, Attracting Hell"): An attack performed by Kaidou in his Human-Beast Form. Wielding Hassaikai two-handed, he jumps into the air and quickly spins his weapon above his head as he imbues it with Haoshoku Haki, making it exude black lightning. He then, while descending, swings his club down with great force, smashing his foe into the ground. The move's first demonstration came against Luffy, who took the blow straight on[5] and was knocked out by it for a brief period.[17] The second time that Kaidou struck Luffy with Ragnaraku, the latter was able to retain consciousness.[18] The first part of the attack's name comes from Trailokyavijaya (降三世明王 Gōzanze Myōō?, "Conqueror of Three Worlds"), one of the Five Wisdom Kings in Vajrayāna Buddhism. The name's second part refers to the Buddhist "hell", called Naraku (奈落?) in Japanese; Ragu (ラグ?) is prepended to make the reading play on Ragunaroku (ラグナロク?), the Japanese rendering of Ragnarök (the apocalypse in Norse mythology). In the Viz manga, this is called Conquerer of Three Worlds Ragnaraku.
    • Warai Jogo Ragnaraku (輪雷上戸わらいじょうご引奈落ラグならく Warai Jōgo Ragunaraku?, literally meaning "Cyclic Thunder Drunk, Attracting Hell"): A variant of Konsanze Ragnaraku used by Kaido while in his Shuron Hakke's Warai Jogo mode, where he additionally appears to imbue his kanabo with lightning for extra power. First seen used against Luffy, this attack seems to be more powerful than its normal counterpart, inflicting great pain to the Straw Hat with a direct hit as well as causing the roof of the Skull Dome to crack further.[19] In the Viz manga, this is called Lightning Hammered Ragnaraku.

Kaidou using Kongo Kabura to attack Yamato.

  • Kongo Kabura (金剛鏑 Kongō Kabura?, literally meaning "Adamantine/Diamond Turnip"): An attack used by Kaidou in his Human-Beast Form, where he swings forward Hassaikai to launch a long-ranged, projectile-like shockwave at an opponent. When first used by Kaidou in his fight against Yamato, the attack proved powerful enough to blow away the latter in her Human-Beast Form, despite Yamato blocking with her own kanabo.[20] Kongo Kabura appears to be a stronger version of Yamato's Narikabura technique. The word kongō (金剛?) means "vajra", a mythical weapon from Indian mythology (also translatable as adamantine or diamond), and, given some of Kaidou's other attack names, may refer to Vajrayakṣa (金剛夜叉明王 Kongōyasha Myōō?), one of the Five Buddhist Wisdom Kings. The kabura (?) part comes from "kabura-ya", a type of traditional Japanese arrow with a turnip-shaped whistle attached. In the Viz manga, this attack is called Vajra Arrow.

Kaidou using Gundari Ryuseigun against Luffy.

  • Gundari Ryuseigun (軍荼利龍盛軍 Gundari Ryūseigun?, literally meaning "Gundari Prosperous Dragon Army"): An attack used by Kaidou in his half-dragon form, where he spins Hassaikai to build up momentum, imbues it with Haoshoku Haki, and then delivers a series of high-speed swings with his weapon, barraging the enemy. The technique was first seen in use to counter Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Roc Gatling in a Haoshoku clash.[21] The first part of the attack name comes from Kuṇḍali (軍荼利明王 Gundari Myōō?), one of the Five Wisdom Kings in Buddhism; the Ryūseigun part is a pun on the Japanese word for "meteor shower", ryūseigun (流星群?). In the Viz translation, the attack is called Kundali Dragon Swarm.
  • Kaifu (壊風 Kaifū?, literally meaning "Demolishing Wind"): A variation of the move of same name that Kaidou usually performs in Full-Beast form, but now performed as a Human-Beast instead. Kaidou generates crescent-shaped air blades that fly towards his enemy by swinging his Hassaikai with enough force. He first used this against Luffy, who managed to avoid it. [22] The Viz translation of the attack, just like its Full-Beast counterpart, is Demolition Gust.



Kaidou already seemed to wield this very kanabo when he joined the Rocks Pirates over 40 years ago as an apprentice.[23]


  • This weapon is named after the "eight precepts" from Buddhism, a set of eight moral guidelines practiced by lay devotees on observance days and festivals, usually to aid in the process of meditation. They are related to the Buddhist concept of the "five precepts".
  • According to Oda, Hassaikai does not have a rank (位列 iretsu?), though if Kaidou were to leave the weapon behind, it would be called a "legend".[2]

Hassaikai personified.

  • Like the weapons of other characters, Oda has drawn a joke rendering of Kaidou's Hassaikai anthropomorphized, taking the form of a bulky, top-heavy old man with long hair, insistent on "not going outside".[2]
  • Thus far, Kaidou has showcased attacks named after four of the Five Wisdoms Kings:
    • Trailokyavijaya (降三世明王 Gōzanze Myōō?)Kosanze Ragnaraku (降三世こうさんぜ引奈落ラグならく Kōsanze Ragunaraku?)
    • Kuṇḍali (軍荼利明王 Gundari Myōō?)Gundari Ryuseigun (軍荼利龍盛軍 Gundari Ryūseigun?)
    • Yamāntaka (大威徳明王 Daiitoku Myōō?)Daiitoku Raimei Hakke (大威徳 雷鳴八卦 Daiitoku Raimei Hakke?)
    • Vajrayakṣa (金剛夜叉明王 Kongōyasha Myōō?)Kongo Kabura (金剛鏑 Kongō Kabura?)


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