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For the fish-man, see Hatchan.

Hatcha is a member of the Numbers in the Beasts Pirates.[1]


Like the other Numbers, Hatcha is an extremely large man, with Eustass Kid noting that he looks even larger than a typical giant. Like the other Numbers and most of the Beasts Pirates in general, Hatcha has a pair of horns atop his head. While some of the other Numbers appear to have more animal-like features based on their silhouettes, Hatcha looks very humanoid, having peach skin, a set of rounded teeth and indigo hair arranged in a bowl cut. On the left side of his abdomen is a tattoo of the daiji "捌", which means eight.

He wears a dark track-jacket that remains unzipped, leaving his bare chest exposed, dark pants and light shoes with laces.[1] He also possesses a pair of oval sunglasses.


Like the other Numbers, Hatcha likes to drink, and in his debut he was shown to be quite drunk. He seems to like fighting and quickly took the opportunity to attack Luffy, Zoro, Kid, and Killer when they broke into Kaido's fortress, with his careless use of force resulting in collateral damage and members of his own crew going down. This recklessness caused his crewmates to try and stop him from attacking further, and Kid noted that they seemed to have trouble controlling him.[1] Hatcha is attracted to the General Franky, seeming to view it as a toy and preferring to chase after it rather than fight his crew's enemies.[2]

Like the other Numbers, Hatcha has a unique laughter style that plays off his name and the number eight: "Hachachacha" (ハチャチャチャ?).[3][1]

Abilities and Powers

Due to his large size, Hatcha is extremely powerful, wielding his club to strike heavy blows.[1][4] After somewhat sobering up, Hatcha was able to lift his fellow Number Jaki over his head with ease.[2]


Hatcha wields a massive, spiked club resembling a morning star, suiting his size. With casual swings he can easily crush, as well as blow large holes into thick layers of, stone and wooden floor.[1][4]



Over 20 years ago, Hatcha was a subject in an experiment on Punk Hazard that attempted to recreate the ancient giants. The experiment was a failure, but Hatcha and his fellow test subjects were recruited by Kaido. They began residing on Onigashima and joined Kaido's crew, the Beasts Pirates, as a group called the Numbers.[5]

Four Emperors Saga

Wano Country Arc

Five days before the Fire Festival, the Numbers arrived in Hakumai via Mogura Harbor and headed toward Onigashima with Scratchmen Apoo.[6]

Hatcha going on a rampage.

On the day of the Fire Festival, Hatcha and the Numbers took part in the Beasts Pirates' Golden Kagura festivities.[3] Later, the enemy pirates Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Eustass Kid, and Killer were spotted and identified in the fortress, and when Queen gave the pirates permission to kill them, a drunken Hatcha stepped in and wildly attacked with his club, causing heavy collateral damage as his crewmates told him to stop.[7][1]

After he sobered up, Hatcha began obsessively chasing after General Franky, as Franky immediately left to head outside the Skull Dome per Jinbe's instructions to draw Hatcha away.[2] Hatcha chased Franky to where Yamato, Shinobu, Momonosuke, and Sasaki's Armored Corps were, and tried attacking Franky with his club, causing the floor to fall out from under them. However, Yamato unleashed a powerful long-range attack that struck Hatcha under the chin, knocking him out.[4]


  • His name combines the kanji "hachi" (?), meaning "eight", and "cha" (?), meaning "tea".
  • Hatcha possesses several differences from the other Numbers shown and named so far.
    • He is the only known Number to not have the kanji for oni (?) in his name.
    • He is the only Number shown to wear clothes other than a loincloth.
    • He wields a morning star club rather than a kanabo.
    • He appears to lack any animal or oni-like characteristics save for his horns, not even having sharp teeth.
    • He possesses peach skin, not unlike a human's, while the other Numbers come in a variety of abnormal colors, like those of Fish-Men.


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