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Heat[4] is a member of the Kid Pirates.[1]


Heat has long light blue, shaggy hair. His mouth stretches to the sides of his face like a Glasgow smile. He has black sunken eyes and visible bone ridges on his forehead. There are stitched scars at his chin, mouth-line, and the high point of his cheeks. Thorn tattoos run along his shoulders, arms, and neck.

He wears a dark blue corset laced with red string, red pants with an armored pad over his right leg, and long brown boots.


Heat Portrait.png
A close-up of Heat's face.
Heat Fullbody.png
A full-body view of Heat.
Heat Beasts Pirates Disguise.png
Heat in his Beasts Pirates disguise.
Heat Anime Concept Art.png
Heat's concept art from the anime.


He holds high respect for his captain, Eustass Kid. This is seen when he exclaimed "Master Kid!" out of shock, when his captain was shot in the leg by a Pacifista.

Abilities and Powers

Heat breathing fire at a Pacifista.

Heat has the ability to breathe fire; how he does it has yet to be explained. Like the rest of the crew, he possesses a strong will, being resistant to Rayleigh's Haoshoku Haki.


Heat wielded two swords when he stood against a Pacifista.


Summit War Saga

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Heat first appears along with the rest of the Kid Pirates at the Human Auctioning House. They came hoping to bid on a certain slave, but it was not up for auction at that time. He was surprised when Luffy attacked a World Noble. Later, he and the rest of the Kid Pirates were confronted by a Pacifista, which Heat attacked by breathing fire on it.

Marineford Arc

Heat, along with the rest of his crew, stays behind on Sabaody to watch the war at Marineford unfold on a big screen. Later, they all went closer to Marineford in their ship to see the war put to an end by Red-Haired Shanks.

Post-War Arc

After entering the New World, the Kid Pirates docked on an island where Heat and his crew mates captured a group of pirates trying to escape back to Paradise.

Dressrosa Saga

Dressrosa Arc

Heat and his crew were seen celebrating along with crew members from the Hawkins Pirates and On Air Pirates after forming an alliance with them. When Kaido landed on their island after jumping from a sky island, Heat was blown back by the force of the collision along with other crew members.

Four Emperors Saga

Wano Country Arc

After the confrontation with Kaido, the Kid Pirates were captured and separated. Prior to the Fire Festival, the crew regrouped and on the day of the Fire Festival, the Kid Pirates joined the Straw Hats and Heart Pirates in the battle against the Beasts Pirates. After attacking one of the Beasts Pirates ships, the crew was shocked to hear that Kaido formed an alliance with Big Mom.[5]

When the Straw Hats took over the port in front of Onigashima, the Kid Pirates promised to be the ones who would defeat Kaido.[6] After disembarking on Onigashima, the Kid Pirates received Beasts Pirates disguises from Kin'emon.[7] As the alliance began their raid, the Kid Pirates went ahead of the Straw Hats.[8] While deep inside Onigashima, the crew was caught up in the commotion caused by Luffy and Zoro.[9] In the ensuing chaos, the Kid Pirates were separated from Kid and Killer.[10]

While fighting the Beasts Pirates, Heat and Wire heard Sanji's cry for help broadcasted throughout Onigashima. Heat commented that it was pathetic.[11]

Major Battles


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