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A Helmsman is a person who steers a ship and many types of boats. In the merchant Marine, this is usually an able seaman. In the Marines, it is a seaman or a quartermaster.

In One PieceEdit

Jesus Burgess is the helmsman of the Blackbeard Pirates, and the first one to be introduced into the series.[2] It is unknown if Burgess is still a helmsman, as he was promoted to captain of the Blackbeard Pirates' first ship during the timeskip when Blackbeard became one of the Four Emperors.[3]

Shiki is the helmsman of the Golden Lion Pirates, in addition to being the crew's captain. This is because the movement of his ship is controlled and levitated in the air by his Fuwa Fuwa no Mi powers. Any changes in course must be relayed to Shiki for him to conduct the change in trajectory.[4]

The Thousand Sunny Evade Big Mom Through the Green Room

Jinbe's masterful helmsman skills allowed the Thousand Sunny to surf a giant wave.

Before the Straw Hats offically had a helmsman, the most common people seen steering the Thousand Sunny were Nami, Usopp, or Chopper in his human form. However, Franky and Sanji have also been seen steering the ship many times. Since joining the Straw Hats, Jinbe serves as the crew's helmsman.[5] He has demonstrated tremendous skills as a helmsman, being able to guide the Thousand Sunny into a small "Green Room" within the giant sentient wave Big Mom created, enabling the ship to surf away from the crushing waters safely; Nami commented that Jinbe's skills in controlling a sloop ship as an extension of his body qualifies him as a helmsman of such a caliber she has never seen before.[6][7]


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