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Henna Oyag is a wanted criminal that has appeared only in wanted posters so far. He has a bounty of Beli1,200,000.[1]


Henna Oyag's Wanted Poster

Henna Oyag's wanted poster as seen in the 9th movie.

Henna Oyag is a scary-looking old man with a large smile, a few missing teeth, large ears, and wide eyes. He has very short blond hair and wears a beige shirt.


Henna Oyag is seen smiling fiendishly in his wanted poster, suggesting either a cruel or creepy nature.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

His physical abilities are unknown, but he is presumably stronger than the average person due to his bounty.[1]



Henna Oyag's wanted poster was first shown on the side of a building next to Gill Bastar's poster. His bounty was listed at Z 120,000 at the time.[1]

Loguetown ArcEdit

When Fullbody was on his ship sulking about his loss to Luffy, Henna Oyag’s wanted poster appeared on the wall along with many other pirates like Arlong, Krieg, Golass, Spiel.[2]

His wanted poster appeared again in the Gold Roger Bar.

Episode of Chopper PlusEdit

Henna Oyag’s wanted poster appeared again in the opening of the movie in a stack with many other wanted posters.[3]

One Piece: StampedeEdit

Henna Oyag’s wanted poster (with his last name written "OYAJI") appeared during the movie on a wall.[4]

Translation and Dub IssuesEdit

His name is a part-romanization and part-pun of the term Hen'na-oyaji (変な親父?), which loosely translates to "weird old man" but is often used, especially in the Tokyo dialect, as a euphemism for middle-aged lechers.



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