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Henzo is an anime-only research scientist and was at first researching for the Rainbow Mist.[1]


Henzo as a Child

Henzo as a kid.

Henzo has an old droopy appearance with droop eyes, a large mustache that covers his mouth and a grey bowl cut. His face is also rather wrinkly. He wears a button down shirt that has a red collar. The rest of it is lavender with lots of pink shapes decorating it. Over that he wears a long white coat with two pockets.

As a child, he wore a salmon hoodie and purple pants.


Henzo was a bit unsure of himself as a child, considering himself weak, but even back then he was a skilled inventor. Like the other Pumpkin Pirates, he's more than willing to risk his life for his friends. He worked for Wetton in 50 years, thereby he can be considered very loyal and patient. He also seems to act a bit careless and rude around strangers, telling Usopp to pay for his meal and taking the Going Merry without permission.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Henzo was a skilled inventor, creating weapons and ships, such as: Flip's Electric Suit and the H-1 Ship.[2]



He lost his childhood friends Rapanui Pasqua, Isoka, Akibi, Rongo and Pukau due to a pirate invasion by Wetton 50 years ago, and his attack knocking the pirate captain off of the ship that was heading into the Rainbow Mist.[3]

Ruluka Island ArcEdit

During the Ruluka Island Arc, he helps propel his friends from the Rainbow Mist to the time period 50 years ago, with the help of the Straw Hat Pirates.

He rides a boat that he designed called the H-1.



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