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For the Corrida Colosseum gladiator, see Hera (Gladiator).

Hera is a homie created by Big Mom at Wano Country as a successor to Zeus. She is a special kind of homie, having received a soul fragment from Big Mom herself.[1]


Hera's full appearance has yet to be shown. On her face, she possesses pronounced lips and notable dark markings around her eyes. When she was first seen, she manifested as a large ball of lightning.[1]


Hera appears to be unflinchingly obedient to Big Mom's orders, and seems to speak in a sweet, flirtatious tone denoted by hearts at the end of her sentences. Like other characters, she possesses a unique laugh: "Oh-hoho" (オッホッホ?)[1]

Abilities and Powers

Hera is far more powerful than normal homies, being made from a fragment of Big Mom's very own soul, which gives her a will strong enough to resist the soul projection of the Yomi Yomi no Mi's user. Like her predecessor Zeus, Hera is capable of unleashing extremely large and powerful lightning bolts that wreak tremendous destruction.[1]


  • Fulgora (震御雷フルゴラ Furugora?, literally meaning "Seismic Thunder"): Big Mom has Hera unleash an enormous horizontal lightning bolt that creates a massive explosion upon impact, causing tremendous destruction to whatever it strikes. It was first used against Eustass Kid and Killer, and was strong enough to create a giant hole in the Skull Dome of Onigashima.[1] "Fulgora" is the name of the female personification of lightning in Roman mythology.


Wano Country Arc

During the war on Onigashima after Big Mom had been knocked off the floating island and, frustrated by once again being separated from and hindered by her previous lightning-powered homie, Zeus, she decided to create Hera. Big Mom then flew back toward Onigashima wielding Hera in her right hand, and, eager to test her power, had Hera unleash a thunderbolt to attack Eustass Kid and Killer atop the Skull Dome.[1]


  • Hera is the goddess of women, marriage, family and childbirth in Greek mythology. Hera being the female counterpart and successor to Zeus in One Piece may be an allusion to their two mythological namesakes being married.


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