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Hercules is a non-canon Baroque Works Millions agent stationed at Whisky Peak. He appeared in One Piece: Fighting Path.


Hercules is a large, fair-skinned muscular man with broad shoulders, a bald head, small eyes, thin eyebrows, and a square jaw. He wears a green and beige sleeveless shirt, a tan cloth around his waist that goes down almost to his knees, and brown boots.[1]


Not much is known about Hercules' personality. He is allegiant to Baroque Works and will confidently attack his enemies when necessary.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Hercules is a strong man but moves slowly. He is sturdy enough to take damage from opponents without flinching, but if his defenses are broken through, he is no match for skilled fighters like Roronoa Zoro and Monkey D. Luffy. He can also jump very high, crashing down with his weight on his opponents underneath him.[1]


Hercules fights with a large club with blunt spikes. When he swings it downward in front of him, he can crack the ground with it. He also sometimes runs in a straight line, dragging it alongside him to damage opponents over a long area.[1]


One Piece: Fighting Path

In Whisky Peak, Zoro caught on to Mr. 8's trick and faced him and his fellow agents. Hercules fought Zoro alongside Miss Catherina and other Millions, but he was defeated. He fell just as Luffy approached Zoro, prompting the two to fight.[1]

Major Battles


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