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Herring is a male character of the One Piece OVA. He is the father of Medaka.


Oda’s sketch of Herring from Volume 5.

Herring is an average sized man, with short blue hair, black eyebrows, and a bit of stubble on his chin. Herring wears square glasses, and a green short sleeves shirt with pockets in the front and a collar, with a red patch on the left sleeve. Underneath, he wears a tan colored V-neck shirt. He wears light colored pants, that are tucked into his large normal boots.


Herring cares deeply for the well-being of his daughter and all their fellow islanders; he has few compunctions about risking his life against any threat to them, even one as well-armed as the Ganzack Pirates. At the same time, he is prudent and patient enough to bide his time - while never losing heart - against lopsided odds.

Abilities and Powers

Though not a trained combatant, Herring is an able-bodied man, and willing to use improvised weapons ranging from shovels to dynamite. He is also a capable leader and strategist.


After the invasion of the Ganzack Pirates, Herring and many of his fellow islanders were rounded up and forced to labor in Ganzack's personal armory, while their loved ones - including Medaka - were kept apart as hostages. Though he outwardly obeyed the pirates, Herring secretly fomented resistance among his fellow slaves, and smuggled dynamite out of the pirates' munitions whenever possible.

When Medaka and the recently-arrived Straw Hat Pirates led a bold but ultimately unsuccessful assault on the Ganzack Pirates, Herring finally seized the chance for open rebellion. While Ganzack and his men partied and gloated over their apparent victory, the villagers used their smuggled dynamite to blast their way to freedom. An unimpressed Ganzack quickly crushed this rebellion and nearly shot Herring as an example to the others, but was thwarted by Medaka (who used her armored body to block the bullet) and the Straw Hats.

Subsequently, the islanders joined forces with the Straw Hats, while Ganzack mobilized his Plesiosaur-towed warship to bombard them from afar. Though willing to fight alongside the Straw Hats, Herring anxiously tried to keep Medaka back for her own safety - a sentiment Medaka cherished, but nevertheless defied. Unable to stop his daughter from boarding the warship (where she ultimately helped Monkey D. Luffy defeat Ganzack), Herring launched a small fleet against the Plesiosaur, and - with Nami's help - 'returned' it Ganzack's spare dynamite.

Once Ganzack's threat was ended, and peace restored to the island, Herring joined his fellow islanders in giving the Straw Hats a hero's farewell.

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