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Hey is a character from One Piece - Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands.


A closeup of Hey.

Hey is a tall, bald man with reddish skin, a large, pointed nose, a square chin, large lips, thin eyes, and an X shaped scar on the right side of his head. He has a black goatee. He wears a red leather, sleeveless shirt, red leather gloves, a pair of red goggles around his neck, silver earrings, black pants, black shoes, and grey sunglasses.


Hey is a very prideful and merciless person, swiftly defeated Nipthal's men without care and trying to fight the pirate's robots alone after his own men were defeated.

Abilities and Powers

Hey is quite strong, being able to defeat Niphtal's subordinates with ease. Despite this, he was easily defeated by the pirate's robots, Kau Ra Kau and Zau Ra Zau.


Hey has been seen carrying a large pole and seems quite skilled in using it.


Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands

Hey and his gang arrived in a small village to protect the townspeople from Niphtal and the Simon Pirates. He and two of his top subordinates quickly defeated Niphtal's men, but the pirate summoned his two robots. Kau and Zau quickly defeated Hey and his gang, leaving Niphtal unopposed. After the Straw Hat Pirates defeated Kau and Zau and Niphtal fled, Hey regained consciousness and thanked the young crew. He offered them a ride to his island on his pet whale, Wadatsumi, which the pirates accepted. Once on the island, Hey led them to his hideout where he introduced the crew to some of his gang mates, Coe and Tay.

He told the crew that their friend Vivi was at the hideout and insisted that the visit her. After Din kidnapped Vivi and Gad severly damaged the crew's ship, Hey and his fellow gang members agreed to help the young pirate crew.

Major Battles


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