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Hitaki was the patriarch of the Hitaki Family, the daimyo of Yo and Kikuhime's father.[1]


Hitaki was a short, middle-aged man with a slouch. He has a wide mouth, thin lips, pointed eyebrows, and an angular chin. He wears a dark-colored robe with a long, light-colored tail, as well as a large, paint splatter-shaped hat.


Not much is known about Hitaki's personality, but he was shocked by Lark's betrayal.


Toratsugu and Kikuhime were devastated by Hitaki's murder, showing their strong relationship. Lark did not respect Hitaki as his superior. Rather, Lark cared enough about gaining power that he chose to murder him.


Lark murders Hitaki.

Hitaki was serving as daimyo of Yo when he was approached by Lark, a prince from a neighboring region and the second-in-line to the daimyo position. Lark murdered Hitaki and framed the murder on Toratsugu, one of Hitaki's loyal subjects and his daughter's fiancé.


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