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The Hitaki Family is a powerful non-canon family of daimyo residing in Yo in Wano Country.


So far, the only confirmed members of this family is its late patriarch, the daimyo of Yo Hitaki, and his daughter Kikuhime. The family's teacher of ikebana Toratsugu is currently engaged to Kikuhime, and prince Lark was formerly engaged to her as well.[1]



The family patriarch, Hitaki hired the florist Toratsugu to teach the art of ikebana. During his teaching, Toratsugu fell in love with the daimyo daughter Kikuhime, who return his feelings, and two were engaged.

Sometime later, Lark, a prince from a neighboring region, killed Hitaki and framed Toratsugu for the murder, sending him to prison, and took his place as Kikuhime's fiancé.[1]

One Piece x Kyoto

Sometime before the Straw Hat Pirates arrived to Yo, a nue abducted Kikuhime, prompting Lark to enlist the crew's help in retrieving her. After setting her free, they discover the nue was in fact Toratsugu who escaped from prison and ate an unknown Devil Fruit out of starvation, that turns out to be the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Nue. Toratsugu then told the crew the truth and together they rush to save Kikuhime from Lark. Afterward Toratsugu and Kikuhime were engaged once more. [1]


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