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Hitokui ("Cannibal") was a monster that terrorized villagers in Oda's one-shot Ikki Yako.[1]


Hitokui Portrait

A close up of Hitokui's face.

Hitokui was a wild looking person with a shaggy, light-colored short hair, pointed ears, wild eyes, and a very large mouth. He wore a short-sleeved, light-colored shirt, with dark-colored shorts, and a dark-colored vest, which he took from Guko's master Koshin after he killed him.[1]


Hitokui has an insane personality, killing and eating Koshin and attempting to kill Guko.

After fighting with Koshin, Hitokui hates monks, because Koshin tried to kill him when he had let his guard down.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hitokui was stronger and more agile than an average human, as shown when he was able to avoid Guko's attacks by jumping over him, jump from tree to tree, and slam Guko into the ground like a rag doll, while only using one hand.


Ikki YakoEdit

Hitokui killed Guko's master Koshin, and was killed by Guko.


Hitokui Bounty Poster

Hitokui's bounty poster as shown in Movie 9.

  • As seen in Movie 9, Cannibal had a Beli1,500,000 bounty.[3]
  • During the Loguetown Arc, when Fullbody was on his ship sulking about his loss to Luffy, Hitokui's wanted poster (with an unrevealed bounty) appeared on the wall along with many other pirates like Arlong, Krieg, Golass, and Spiel.[2]


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