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For King Neptune's pet whale, see Hoe.

Dr. Ho[3] is the palace medic of Arabasta's royal family. He seems to hold Drum medicine in high regard.[2]


Dr. Ho is a rather aged man, who wears a long cyan robe which covers most of his body, as well as a lilac scarf/cloak. He also wears a tall circular hat, similar to a fez, although instead of tapering into the conventional fez shape, it seems to expand in a shape similar to the center of an hourglass. He has white facial hair, which takes the form of a medium-length full beard starting below his nose carrying on past his chin. He has full lips, which are shown through his beard. He also wears circular glasses similar to those worn by Kuro.[2]


Ho seems to be a very curious and well-mannered doctor, and shows great interest in other doctors, perhaps in an effort to gain more medical knowledge. He also seemed confused by Chopper's contradictory behavior when he praises him.[2]

Abilities and Powers

As the palace medic of Arabasta's royal family, he is skilled in the area of medical science. However, it is not known how skilled he is in the field of medical science.


Arabasta Arc

Dr. Ho was shown watching Chopper as he made medicine after Arabasta was saved, when the Straw Hats were recuperating in the palace. He asked Chopper if he could watch him work, to which Chopper reacted with his usual response to positive attention from humans, and berated him for asking, while happily dancing and pulling a chair out for the doctor. Dr. Ho proceeded to ask if he should sit down.[2]

Anime and Manga Differences

In the 4kids dub Dr. Ho had a hard time hearing as Vivi told him that Chopper came from drum Island, which she had to yell at him in order for him to know where Chopper got his skills.


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