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Hocha[2] was one of the archaeologists of Ohara.[1]


Hocha was a tall man, with small eyes and a large nose. He had long black hair, and wore a blue jacket with a black shirt underneath.


He was very loyal to the Ohara archaeologist, and enjoyed studying history. He wanted to find out about the Void History, as he studied the Poneglyph.

Abilities and Powers

As he was an archeologist, it can be assumed he had skill in studying and reading the Poneglyph.[1]



For the penalty of studying and deciphering the forbidden Poneglyph, the World Government declared the archaeologists of Ohara as "demons" for attempting to destroying the world, and had Spandine set the Buster Call on the island. Hocha died in the island's destruction when the Tree of Knowledge burned down with him inside trying to save as many books as he could.[citation needed]


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