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Hocker[3] was the owner of the Pet Food Shop in Orange Town and the owner of Chouchou.


Hocker was an elderly man with a moderately wrinkled face, short purple hair, and beard. He wore a light red shirt, white pants, normal brown shoes, and a red wool cap. He is depicted as skinny and tall in the anime, but in the manga, he is depicted as short and chubby.


Younger Hocker.png
Hocker 42 years before the present timeline.
Hocker Bon Bon Journey.png


He cared deeply about Chouchou and his shop. He trusted Chouchou, as he left the shop in his hands when he went to the hospital, never to return.



Forty years before the start of the series, Hocker was one of the many people from an old town destroyed by pirates who came to Organ Islands to build Orange Town. Hocker befriended the mayor Boodle. Hocker opened a pet shop and had a dog named Chouchou. Eventually, Hocker suffered from an unknown illness and went to see a doctor, leaving Chouchou to take care of his pet shop. Hocker died from the illness and never returned to Chouchou or his shop.


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