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Hoe is the pet whale of King Neptune who uses him as a means of transportation. The only word he can say is his own name.


Hoe is a large dark whale with a light underbelly. He has a set of rounded teeth and round eyes. Nami described him as "cute".[1]

He wears an elaborate crown on his head. When he is not in the water, he also wears a bubble ring to "swim" through the air.


Hoe wearing a bubble ring to fly.
Hoe Digitally Colored Manga.png


He is loyal to the royal family, especially Neptune, as he tried to help him escape the flooded palace.

Abilities and Powers

As a whale, he is very large and capable of carrying someone as big as Neptune. He can withstand the pressure of 10 thousand feet deep water. He could either breath underwater or hold his breath for a while as he could handle being in the ocean without suffocating.


Fish-Man Island Arc

Hoe first appeared carrying Neptune to the front of Pappag's shop, so the king could invite the Straw Hat Pirates to Ryugu Palace.[1] He carried his king back to the palace while Megalo carried the Straw Hats.[4]

Later, when the New Fish-Man Pirates and Flying Pirates attacked Ryugu Kingdom in a coup d'etat, and Hody Jones flooded the entire palace by shattering the walls, Neptune could not move due to his strained back and performing a technique that made it worse. Hoe immediately came and took Neptune and the Straw Hats (Zoro, Usopp, and Brook). Before Hoe could carry them out of the palace, Hody grabbed Neptune by the tail, preventing Neptune and the Straw Hats' escape. This forced Hoe and the guards to leave without their king. They immediately fled to go look for prince Fukaboshi.[5]

Hoe carrying Neptune and his sons to safety.

Hoe later arrived at Gyoncorde Plaza with Franky and the Thousand Sunny (in blimp mode). After the Sunny fired its Gaon Cannon at the New Fish-Man Pirates, Hoe quickly retrieved Neptune and the princes and carried them away from the plaza.[6]

He was later seen somewhere on the island safe with Neptune and the princes, while the former was giving a short speech about Noah's importance.

After the battle for Fish-Man Island ended and the New Fish-Man Pirates defeated, Hoe carried Neptune back to the plaza to deal with the aftermath.

Levely Arc

Hoe was with the Neptune Family as they prepared to depart Fish-Man Island for the Levely.[7]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

As the Neptune Family traveled to Mary Geoise, Hoe carried Neptune to the surface.[8]

Concludes non-canon section.


Video Games

Non-Playable Appearances


  • His name comes from "hoēru" (ホエール?), the Japanese pronunciation of "whale", which seems to be all he can say.


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