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Home[2] is a bull that acts as a steed for Ashura Doji.[1]


Home is an extremely large bluish-black bull with a bushy blue tail. It has a cloth with the Mt. Atama Thieves symbol tied around its neck with a red rope, as well as a piece of green fabric and a seat for Ashura Doji on its back.[1]


Home is normally calm and well-behaved, but becomes distraught while running away from Kaidou.[1][3]

Abilities and Powers

Befitting its size, Home is powerful enough to carry its equally large owner, Ashura Doji, with ease.[1]


Four Emperors Saga

Wano Country Arc

Home carried Ashura Doji on its back when the Mt. Atama Thieves raided Okobore Town.[1] After the sudden appearance of Kaidou, Ashura Doji made his retreat on Home.[3] At the ruins of Itachi Port in Kuri, Home stood behind Ashura after the latter gave Kin'emon the plans to Kaidou's mansion in Onigashima.[4]


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