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Homey is a girl who appeared in One Piece Film Z.


Homey Manga Infobox

Concept art of Homey.

Homey is an average sized woman, with short blond hair under a dark blue hat, decorated with a flower. She sports a white sleeveless shirt that shows her stomach, and shorts that go down to her thighs, with a orange polka dotted bandana tied to them. She also has brown shoes, a green backpack, and a necklace.


Homey was terrified by the molten rocks that almost hit her, Marin, and Zomino. When Kuzan saved them, she was very thankful.


One Piece: Film ZEdit

Homey was first seen arriving on Secon Island, via the sea train. When Z activated the Dyna Stone on Secon Island, Kuzan saved Homey, Marin, and Zomino from being hit by a molten rock. The trio thanked him and fled to the Sea Train.

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