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Colonel Honki was one of Ratchet's subordinates.[1]


Honki as drawn by Oda.

He has an afro with sideburns, very large forearms with relatively small biceps, a square jaw and thick lips. He wore a dark blue jacket, opened to reveal his chest, militarily designed pants green patterned as though camouflage, with a belt with gear-like designs.[1]


He seems to act as Ratchet's bodyguard, since he never leaves him a second. He also tends to say "ossu" very often.[1]

Abilities and Powers


Honki's battle suit.

He attacks Sanji in a mechanical battle suit. It has two powerful cannons on the shoulders which are activated by pulling on strings on the suits torso. The mask of the suit makes it difficult for him to breathe, forcing him to remove it. It has a crotch plate with Honki (本気) written on it in kanji which lights up when the cannons are being used.[1]


The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle

He appears for the first time when he notices a pirate ship approaching the island. Honki stays with Ratchet while the latter orders to Maji to use some of his defensive weapons.

Later that night he assists Ratchet in trying to solve the riddle about the treasure of the island. They are interrupted when Maji alert them that the Straw Hat Pirates have solved the first part. Ratchet organizes a party for the pirates and Honki participates.

The following day Ratchet, along with Honki and Maji, enter in the cave with their new allies: the Straw Hat Pirates. After having explored the place the group reaches an underground lake and they empty it from the water. Nami is convinced to hit a spear in the ground with her weapon and the island, which is actually an enormous tortoise, awakens. Ratchet and Honki are immediately rescued by a plane driven by Maji and the three go back to the castle.

While Ratchet starts to guide the animal hoping to conquer the world, the Straw Hats assault the castle. Honki so wears a technological armor and tries to stop them. He finds Sanji and Robin and fights with the cook, but is defeated.

Major Battles


  • His name means "seriously".


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