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Dr. Honner[2] was the doctor aboard Mont Blanc Noland's expedition fleet 400 years ago.[1]


Honner was an average-sized man with thin eyebrows and short, black hair. He had a short beard and wore a bandanna, a sleeveless shirt, stripped pants and a neckerchief.


Honner was a composed man who, even when faced with the prospect of death, kept a calm and collected disposition, although there were moments where he could get caught off by surprise.[3] Like Noland, he respected native culture, save for the more inhumane aspects of it.[4]


Mont Blanc Noland

Honner had the utmost trust on his admiral, Noland, and was often looking out for his well-being, showing concern for the explorer's relationship with Kalgara once it started to crumble due to a case of miscommunication. When Noland was set up for execution, Honner was one of the crewmates who hurried for his defense.[5]

Abilities and Powers

Honner was a ship's doctor, being in charge of treating injuries and administering vaccines on his crew.[6] He was seemingly knowledgeable about diseases like Tree Fever, knowing about their methods of spread and how devastating they could end up being if left unchecked.[4]



Honner was among Noland's crew when they arrived at Jaya. They soon stumbled into a weakened Seto, who was suffering from Tree Fever. Noland then ordered Honner to vaccinate the whole crew with the remaining conine they had as precaution.[1]

After Noland killed Kashigami and saved Mousse's life, Honner and the rest of Noland's subordinates were imprisoned by the Shandia and sentenced for execution the next day, unless Noland managed to save the tribe from the sickness that was plaguing them. While some of Noland's crewmembers panicked, Honner tried to calm them down by putting their trust on Noland. Mousse, who had been locked up in a nearby separate cage, asked them about Noland with curiosity, leading Honner and his crew to explain the kind of person their admiral was.[3] Honner also witnessed Seto standing up for the imprisoned sailors when some impatient Shandia tried to kill them before the agreed time.[7]

Once Noland came back with samples of Kona Tree to make more conine, his subordinates were spared, and Honner went on to assist with the immunization of the Shandia tribe through mass vaccination. He also treated Noland from the injuries he had received that day. In the following days, Honner and his crewmates continued to mingle with the Shandia, watching over their health and providing them with medicinal crops.[6]

One month later, Honner discussed with his admiral the growing discontent among the Shandia regarding the trees their crew had been cutting to prevent the spread of Tree Fever. Noland simply told Honner to ignore it and inform the rest of the crew about their eventual departure once they finished cutting the necessary trees, leaving the doctor worried about Noland's crumbling friendship with Kalgara.[8] While drinking alone, Honner was approached by Mousse, who wanted answers to Noland's tree-cutting behavior. Honner learned the motive behind the Shandia's sudden uneasiness with them, and then went on to explain how Tree Fever had been infecting the Shandia through their sacred trees, which were actually vectors for the disease. The next day, Honner told Noland about the significance of the trees they had cut down, as they were ready to depart.[4]

Years later, when Noland was set to be executed for "lying" about Shandora, Honner and his crew attempted to stand up for him when an impostor testified against Noland, but were held down by the Lvneel military. After Noland's execution, it is unknown what happened to Honner and the rest of Noland's men.[5]


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