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The Hot Wind Marines (literally meaning "Hot Wind Unit") is a Marine unit that appeared in the anime-only G-8 Arc. They are the 55th Unit of the G-8 branch.

Notable Personnel

Hot Wind Marine 001.png
Hot Wind Marines' unit leader.
Hot Wind Marine 002.png
Boxing Hot Wind Marine that fought against Monkey D. Luffy.
Hot Wind Marine 003.png
Hot Wind Marine that fought against Roronoa Zoro.


As part of their style of combat, this group sings according to the "wind of their souls".[1] Most of them also appear to be sweating profusely because of their hot-blooded, pumped up temperament.

Abilities and Powers

They are a group of powerful Marine soldiers, who fight and sing according to the "wind of their souls".[1] However, they were almost easily defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates.

The boxing Marine uses boxing gloves that can extend to emulate Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Pistol.


G-8 Arc

They tried to stop Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, and Sanji at the G-8 base while the Straw Hat Pirates tried to escape, but they were easily defeated. Their main objective was to stall for time, so that Vice Admiral Jonathan could get to the Going Merry before they did in order to ambush them. However, the ambush failed due to Luffy destroying the bridge they were on.[1]


  • In the episode title, they are referred to as the "Hot Blooded Special Forces" (熱血特別部隊 Nekketsu tokubetsu butai), but in the episode, they refer to themselves as the “Hot Wind Unit”.
  • Their singing is similar to the "Duckworth Chant", which is a famous military cadence.


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