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The Hoya Hoya no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to summon a genie from their body, making the user a Lamp Human (ランプ人間 Ranpu Ningen?, Viz: "Lampman"). It was eaten by Charlotte Daifuku.[1]


  • Hoya (火屋?) means "lamp chimney" in Japanese.
  • "Hoyahoya" (ほやほや/ホヤホヤ?) is the onomatopoeic Japanese for, i.a., smoking or steaming (i.e. food from a pot), which in this case may be seen as referencing lamp smoke.
  • The English version translates its name to the Puff-Puff Fruit, alluding towards the tradition of genies in stories leaving their lamp in a "puff of smoke" when summoned by their master.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The genie's tremendous attack power.

By rubbing their body, the user is able to summon a massive Genie (魔人 Majin?, literally meaning "Fiend") wielding a bisento to fight for them. The genie is quite powerful, able to overpower even Sanji, a powerful martial arts master.[1] It is capable of cutting many ships in half with a single strike.

The genie can also grow to a gigantic size, rivaling that of the Thousand Sunny.[2][3] In the anime the genie has been shown to be made of smoke, demonstrating the ability to transform back into smoke to dodge attacks.[4]

It seems that the user needs to continually rub their body to maintain the genie's presence. Should the user be distracted or knocked out, the genie will instantly disappear.[5] Also, it can only travel a limited distance away from the user.[2][6] The genie, while possessing sentience and the ability to speak, may not give much consideration to its master's commands beyond direct orders.[2] It also does not seem to grant the user themselves any special abilities, meaning that, without the genie, they are completely normal.

Other than that, the user is affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Daifuku uses the genie summoned by this fruit to assist him in combat. The genie emerges from his belt buckle and attacks opponents with its halberd. While using his power, Daifuku continuously rubs his stomach.[1] The genie is shown to be extremely powerful - strong enough to overpower Sanji and cut ships in half with one strike. It seems to have a consciousness of its own, as it generally asks permission from its "Master" before taking any kind of action.[2]


Genie vs. Sanji

  • Maji Giren (魔人斬マジギレン Maji Giren?, literally meaning "Fiend Cut"): The genie attacks an opponent by slamming down his halberd on them. In the event that the opponent is able to block the halberd's blade, the genie will then slam the halberd's shaft into them horizontally with considerable force, sending them flying back. This was first used against Sanji.[1] The attack name is a pun on the normal reading of the kanji Majin Giri (魔人斬? "fiend cut") and Japanese slang Maji-gire (マジギレ? "seriously pissed off"). In the Viz Manga, this is called Genie-uine Rage Split.
  • Majin Saidan (魔人細断マジンサイダン Majin Saidan?, literally meaning "Fiend Shredding"): The genie swings his halberd down at his opponent with great force, creating a Flying Slash Attack. This attack is extremely strong, enough to cleave a Tarte ship in half with just one single strike from a great distance. It was first used against Carrot.[2] In the Viz Manga, this is called Genie Guillotine.

Non-Canon Techniques

  • Maji Karu (魔人狩マジカル Maji Karu?, literally meaning "Fiend Hunt"): Similar to Majin Saidan, the genie swings his halberd down at his opponent with great force. This was first used against Sanji.[4] The attack name is a pun on "magical". In the FUNimation subs, this is called Genie-uine Rage Hunt.


  • This fruit's abilities and usage are a reference to "The Genie of the Lamp" from the tale of Aladdin, which matches the fairy tale theme of the Big Mom Pirates.
  • The fruit's power is similar to the Kage Kage no Mi and Horo Horo no Mi as they can all summon an entity to fight their user's battles for them.
  • The genie's ability to turn into smoke is similar to the Moku Moku no Mi.
  • According to Jabra, Devil Fruits are inhabited by actual devils that relocate to a host's body upon consumption, though this rumor has been debunked by science. However, it can be considered true in the case of the Hoya Hoya no Mi, since the user can summon a genie, which is considered a demon, from their own body.


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