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Ian is an anime-only character in the Ruluka Island Arc. He was a member of the Wetton Pirates before his arrest.[1]


Ian is a tall man with a large torso. He has long brown hair tied back into a pony tail. Over his chest, he wears a light-blue shirt with brown thread sewn into the neckline. Atop his hair he dons a striped blue-and-white bandana.


Ian seems to be quite knowledgeable, since he could identify the Rainbow Mist within seconds of seeing it. He, like many other pirates, is scared of the Mist.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Ian was seen wielding a sword, though it was unknown how skilled he was in using it.[citation needed]


Ian first appeared on the Tarielishin during Wetton and Rapanui's fight. He was the first to identify the Rainbow Mist and was quite scared of it.[1] He was captured in the Rainbow Mist for many years, being held as a prisoner by the Pumpkin Pirates in a deserted ship. He managed to escape by tricking Rongo.

When he came to Ruluka, he mistook Lake for his grandfather and embarrassed Flip, when he revealed he peed in his pants as a kid all the time.

He was then arrested along with Wetton, Flip and Lake by the Pumpkin Pirates who came back as members of the Marines.


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