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Ido is an anime-only town in Arabasta.[1]


Ido, as a desert town, and as such is surrounded by sand. Despite this, it has somewhat vibrant vegetation, including grass, trees, and bushes. The buildings all look similar, appearing to be built of an adobe-like material.


Besides Camus and his companions, who were only temporary citizens while they traveled across Arabasta, Ido is home to many villagers. Some of its more predominant citizens include Ido's unnamed mayor - a short man with glasses who is quite kind and welcoming to Camus and his companions, and a few unnamed children who look up to and inspire Camus and his companions.

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Camus and his three companions arrived at Ido in order to find food, and as such, they posed as Rebel Army soldiers and promised to protect the village from bandits. When the Straw Hat Pirates with Ace and Vivi arrive at Ido, they discovered the fake Rebel Army soldiers' scheme, and after a some discussion, decided to turn the four liars into real heroes. Luffy and his comrades attacked them and, in the middle of the fight, Camus thought about the town children that wanted to be like him when they grew up, just like how he wanted to be like Chaka and Pell. Camus and his friends then prepared to fight the pirates to their deaths, to which the pirates then run away, pretending to be cowards and showing the villagers that Camus and his friends are heroes. The villagers then cheered the four on and thanked them for saving the town.[1]

Afterwards, Camus and his friends remained at the town and continued to defend it.[2]


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