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For the captain of the Arabasta royal guard, see Igaram.

Igaram Jr. is a disciple of Karoo from Arabasta. He acts as an ally to the Straw Hat Pirates in saving Nefertari Vivi and the kings at Levely from the Bounties Pirates.[1]


Igaram Jr. looks exactly like Igaram. He is a fair-skinned man with long blonde hair in very large curls. He wears a dark-blue coat and shorts, a grey vest, a white collared shirt, and a purple tie.[1]


Igaram Jr. is considerate and brave, traveling with Karoo to find the Straw Hat Pirates when Vivi was in danger and sneaking into the Bounties Pirates territory to kidnap Caesar Clown. He also risks his own wellbeing for others, saving Luffy after the pirate fell into the sea and getting struck by Bounty in the process.[1]

Abilities and Powers


Igaram Jr. has the same kind of guns in his hair as Igaram.[1]



Igaram Jr. and Karoo learned of the Bounties Pirates plan to attack Levely and kill all of the kings in attendance with poison gas bombs. They set out to find the Straw Hat Pirates to save Vivi.[1]

One Piece Premier Show 2018

Igaram Jr. and Karoo ran into the Straw Hat Pirates on an island in the New World. Igaram Jr. revealed that he kidnapped Caesar and stole his heart from Prize to prevent the Bounties Pirates from attacking Levely. The Bounties Pirates pursued him and attacked the Straw Hat Pirates. During the confrontation, Prize took Igaram Jr.'s heart and reclaimed Caesar, escaping to travel to Mary Geoise.

The Straw Hat Pirates, Igaram Jr., and Duval pursued the Bounties Pirates and fought them again. When Bounty knocked Luffy into the sea, Igaram Jr. and Duval rushed to rescue him, but Igaram Jr. was knocked into the sea himself by Bounty's Burner Gun.

After Luffy knocked out Prize and saved Vivi and the kings at Levely, Igaram Jr. retrieved his heart.[1]


  • Despite looking exactly like Igaram, having the same name, a very similar sounding voice, and using the exact same kind of weapons in his hair, Igaram Jr. has no blood relation. He is Igaram's uncle's friend's grandson.[1]


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