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The Impel Down Arc, also referred to as the Great Prison Arc and Underwater Prison Arc, is the twenty-first story arc of the manga and anime One Piece, and the third story arc of the Summit War Saga.

Luffy puts finding his crew on hold in favor of rescuing his brother Ace from the underwater prison Impel Down. With Boa Hancock's help, he manages to infiltrate the facility. However, fulfilling his objective and escaping the hellish prison might be easier said than done.


The Break-In: Entering Hell[]

Ace Held Prisoned Inside Impel Down

Ace imprisoned on Level 6 of Impel Down.

Garp visits Ace at Impel Down and expresses his disappointment that both Luffy and Ace turned to piracy when he wished for them to be Marines. Ace counters it would not have mattered anyway since they have the blood of world class criminals in them. He goes on further explaining that he took his mother's name "Portgas" out of love for her and does not care in the slightest of his father, claiming Whitebeard to be his only true father.

Meanwhile Vice Admiral Momonga's ship reaches one of the gates, spotting a pirate ship as they near it. Momonga leaves it alone, trying to keep to his schedule of reaching Impel Down. The pirate ship turns out to be Buggy the Clown's as his crew tries to reach Impel Down to save their captain who has been captured. They are stopped as they get dangerously close to the Calm Belt. The crew argues with Alvida on whether to continue their mission or not, though she reminds them of the impossible nature of it all and seems more interested in taking Buggy's ship for herself. Upon realizing she is right; the crew wishes Buggy good luck and sails on.

We then go to the underwater prison and are given a glimpse inside its horrific structure. Prisoners are being tortured viciously. One new prisoner gets into a fight with another after other prisoners try to tell him how things work there. While the newbie manages to win, a minotaur-like figure beats them both with his club then throws them into a cell where a monstrous being attacks them. Also shown are various devices used for torturing further implying the nature of the prison.

Meanwhile, four days have passed since Luffy and Hancock left Amazon Lily and Momonga's ship has finally reached the prison. As they go past the gate, Luffy notices the strict security around the place. Hancock and Luffy (who is hiding in her robe) leave the ship to the main entrance. Momonga informs her that precautions will be made since she a former pirate to prevent chaos from happening within the prison. Among such being Seastone handcuffs to nullify her power and a body search. The latter of which worries Hancock though Luffy tells her that he will take care of it. With that, Hancock and Luffy enter Impel Down while an official receives news that Buggy has escaped from his cell. Thirty-three hours remain before Ace's execution.[1]

The group reaches the front gate where they are greeted by the Vice Warden of Impel Down, Hannyabal, who introduces himself and the Vice Head Jailer, Domino. Hancock is taken to be searched, and along the way she is told of the prisoner entrance process as well as well who they are currently holding. Eventually Hancock is taken to a room to be searched by Domino. Before Domino can do so, however, Hancock freezes her, as well as the surveillance Den Den Mushi, allowing Luffy to come out of her robe undiscovered. She tells him that this is as far as she can go and apologizes for not being able to help him further. But Luffy disagrees, thanking her for getting him that far (even calling her by her name which causes her to swoon). Before he leaves, Hancock makes him promise not to cause a ruckus as she does not wish to see him get caught, to which he agrees. Hancock leaves the room, restoring Domino in the process who has no memory of being turned to stone. The group then proceeds downward to Ace's cell, but before they go, Hancock sees Luffy ahead of them hiding in the ceiling mouthing "thank you" to her, though she misinterprets this as "I love you" and faints, much to the prison's staff surprise.

Meanwhile out in the sea, a few rather deformed beings called Blugori slice up some Sea Kings. The pieces are sucked into a compartment in the building. They reenter the prison from an underwater opening as an officer praises them for refilling the prison's food supply.[2]

Crimson Hell: An Old Enemy Turned Comrade[]

Luffy and Buggy Team Up

Luffy teams up with Buggy.

On Level 1, Luffy begins his search for Ace, noting the vastness of the prison and the screaming being heard nearby constantly. He passes a few cells where the prisoners inside question on why he's out of a cell, astonished to learn he snuck in. Before they can go on further, something is heading towards Luffy. It turns out to be a prison escapee with a few Blugori close on his tail. They manage to catch up and slice the man in half. But the prisoner turns out to be Buggy who reassembles himself. He recognizes Luffy, forced to run from the creatures as well, beside him. After a bit of unusual chatting among one another on what to do next, they decide if they've already been spotted, they might as well call a truce, team up, and raise a ruckus. With that the two attack the Blugori together.[2]

Buggy manages to escape from the axe of a Blugori with his Bara Bara Kinkyu Dasshutsu and tries to defeat it with Kuchu Kirimomi Dai Circus, but failed to even harm him. Yet, Luffy defeats him in a single attack and saves Buggy, who was extremely shocked he took the guard down so quickly, remarking Luffy's improvement from the last time they met. Buggy then remembers the other four Blugori, only to realize Luffy had already defeated them. Buggy initially decides to escape, but after hearing Luffy mention the battleships waiting outside the prison, he decides to stay. Buggy suddenly spots the arm band that Luffy is wearing and immediately identifies it as the map to Captain John's treasure.

He makes a deal with Luffy; he will escort him to Level 4 of Impel Down, but in return Luffy has to give him the arm band. Without hesitation, Luffy agrees. Buggy tells Luffy to pick his feet up, explaining that so long as his feet are on solid ground, or touching something on the ground, such as Luffy, he could fly within a set range. After Buggy mistakenly reveals the truth behind the armband, Luffy decides to give him the arm band in advance for helping him. Buggy feels guilty for lying to Luffy, but he decides nonetheless to escape from Luffy. Before Buggy can make good on his escape, he flies into a wall backwards. Luffy mistakes this as a shortcut through the wall and crashes into the Jailer's room and towards Crimson Hell, the first level of Impel Down, which is a forest that has blade like leaves and grass. Prisoners are made to run through such a place while being chased by poisonous spiders, dyeing the forest red with blood due to cuts, hence the title of the level.

Luffy grabs hold of Buggy as they fall, while he throws Buggy's feet onto the ground as told, and they fly towards the entrance of Level 2, with Buggy's feet splitting apart to avoid the blade grass. Eventually the two reach a hole in the middle of the forest which Buggy explains leads to Level 2. Luffy immediately jumps down and heads towards Level 2 despite Buggy's warnings. Buggy shrugs this off and prepares to find another way to escape, but an attack by a pursuing Blugori knocks him into Level 2 as well.[3]

Beast Hell: The Wax Man Offers His Aid[]


Mr. 3 on Level 2 of Impel Down.

On Level 2, we can see residing in a cell, none other than Mr. 3, appearing more ragged and with more facial hair than he had prior to his sentencing. He is surprised by the sudden rage of the Beasts of Hell on the level, but he does not care since he does not have the energy to be afraid anymore since all prisoners in Level 2: Wild Beast Hell are their food anyway.[3]

When Luffy and Buggy arrive on the floor, they meet a Basilisk, a snake born of a chicken, and make a run for it. Meanwhile, Hancock is introduced to the Chief Warden in charge of Impel Down: Magellan, a gigantic person with wide black wings, two horns with two parallel lines circling them, and a large coat. After a bit of discussion with Hannyabal, he accepts her proposal of seeing Fire Fist Ace, to Hannyabal's shock.

Back in Level 2, Luffy knocks out the Basilisk and unknowingly destroys the Monitor Room in the process with Gear 3, to Buggy's amazement.

Buggy hears the requests of the prisoners to free them and does so, including Mr. 3, with the keys on the floor of the former Monitor Room with the thought of making a riot to make it easier to escape. His thoughts are interrupted by Luffy, who pulls him by the neckband and says to him to hurry up and show the way to Level 3. Buggy retorts saying he actually does not remember how to go there nor to Level 4. He lied only for him to get Captain John's treasure map. Suddenly, he notices that the inmates have returned to their cells and closed them because, as one of them mentions, is useless to escape when there are still Jailer Beasts around. Seeing his riot plan ruined, he promptly says to Luffy that he decided to lie to him again, telling him the way to Level 3. Luffy does not buy it and retorts saying that he thought that he said he does not know the way. Mr. 3 appears (although having to jog Luffy's memory a bit for him to remember the former Baroque Works Officer Agent), and says that he will help them to get to the next floor, as part of his plan to escape from Impel Down.[4]

Meanwhile, at the Level where Ace is being held, we finally see Jinbe talking with Ace about how his real pain is laying inside his heart, which is bursting to deal out justice to prevent the upcoming war between the World Government and Whitebeard, and he says that he would willingly give up his title as Warlord of the Sea and even his own life to stop this fighting.[5] It seems that Ace and Jinbe have known each other for a long time due to his conversation about Whitebeard. Meanwhile, Luffy, Buggy, and Mr. 3 are running away from, and sometimes attacking at a distance, Manticores. Finally, they meet the boss of the floor, the Sphinx, a feathered lion which says a bunch of ramen types like a parrot. While Luffy is fighting against the Sphinx, Mr. 3 (who multiple Doru clones to trick the Floor Boss) and Buggy team up to get out of Impel Down using Luffy as bait. Unfortunately for them, as they are making their escape, the Sphinx smashes the floor to pieces while trying to find the real Mr. 3 (with Luffy egging him on no less), leading everyone down to Level 3.[6]

The guards reach the area after the trio have fallen through, wondering what Luffy could be after. Before they can ponder any further, the escaped prisoners gang up on them, and with the Sphinx now gone, start to run wild, thanking Buggy for their freedom. As the guards go to deal with them, security gets news that they know that Luffy's after Ace, realizing that the two of them are related and that the purpose of Luffy's invasion was to rescue Ace. Quickly, the guards go to inform Magellan just as this news quickly reaches the ears of Sengoku, frustrating him further while Garp however is more amused by the whole situation. Sengoku goes on to explain that only one pirate named Shiki (dubbed the flying pirate) was successful in escaping Impel Down, but twenty years since then, no one has managed this feat again. He goes on to scold Garp about it being his grandson who may tarnish the record, as well Kuma's failure to kill the Straw Hats (though Garp realized that was a lie right off the bat) and expressing his temptation to let Garp take all the responsibility for his family's actions but cannot due to his reputation. Garp, through all the ranting, simply laughs it off.[7]

Starvation Hell: An Old Friend and a New Enemy[]

Meanwhile, Luffy, Buggy, and Mr. 3 have landed in Level 3, which Luffy realizes is much hotter than the previous floors. Mr. 3 however points out the nature of the level, the prisoners in the cells who look starved and emaciated were once people who held a bounty of Beli50,000,000 and over. However, in this level, there's very little food or water given to them, and they are made to suffer the heat from the bottom floor until they are near death, thus earning the level the title of Starvation Hell. As the three try to figure a way out of the level and squabble with Luffy on helping him, the security on the level spring a net made of Seastone from under them, hoisting the trio into the air. The guards quickly gather under the bunch, headed by the Chief Guard and Commander of the Blugori, Saldeath, who prepares to secure them while mentioning the four Jailer Beasts below should they have continued. Before the guards can do so however, the Sphinx, which was also caught in the net, suddenly wakes up, swings around in the net, and eventually breaks it, freeing Luffy, Buggy, and Mr. 3 in the process.

Luffy quickly takes advantage of the situation and runs for it, though the Blugori set after him, only to be felled by Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Gatling. He notices Buggy and Mr. 3 climbing the net onto a rafter of the level. The two mock Luffy but he just shouts his thanks for their help much to their bewilderment. Saldeath rallies his security force to go after Luffy forcing him to fight a few until the Sphinx recovers and comes after him as well. Seeing this, Luffy hops across the guard's heads and runs down the hall with security forces in pursuit. Buggy and Mr. 3 take their time to rest for the moment as they try to figure out a way back to Level 2. The two suddenly hear singing coming from a cell whose voice Mr. 3 recognizes. The two follow it leading to a cell containing none other than Bon Kurei who is doing ballet with the prisoners in his cell (though they collapse shortly after). As he spins, he does a double take once he sees Mr. 3 who asks Buggy if they could not let him out, while Buggy himself is shocked at Bon Kurei's appearance asking, "what strange creature is this?"[7]

Topside of the prison, the Marines have mobilized and prepare to enter Impel Down to capture Luffy. Before they can enter, they are stopped by the Chief Guard Sadi who implores them to stay outside to fortify the entrance since they do not have any knowledge of the structure of the prison. She reminds them that the pride of Impel Down is at stake so she and the staff inside will handle it. Sadi proceeds to raise the drawbridges of the prison keeping anyone from getting in or out. All the while, a giant koala peeping out from the prison's entrance gets the attention of the Marines.

Back inside, Hancock's group have finally reached Ace's cell, allowing the Warlord to meet Luffy's brother face to face. As the two talk, the prisoners of the floor begin to leer and make cat calls toward her. This drives on the nerves of Magellan until he suddenly unveils the full extent of his Devil Fruit powers, literally dripping himself with poison and forming a hydra from the globs. One of the prisoners tries to calm him down, to which Magellan responds by covering the prisoner with poison. Magellan reminds the prisoners that he can and will kill them anytime if they get out of line. Hancock then concludes her business of delivering the news to Ace that Luffy has come to rescue him, much to his surprise, by using Magellan as a distraction.

Bon Kurei and Luffy Team Up

Luffy teams up with Bon Kurei on Level 3.

Meanwhile, Luffy is trying to find his way to Level 4 on his own. He runs into guards that fire Seastone nets his way. He manages to dodge them but is suddenly pinned down by the Sphinx. Before the beast can bite into him, a voice catches its attention. The person apparently being Zoro, who proceeds to beat up the Sphinx with his kicks. Luffy however realizes that that's not Zoro's fighting style before the person changes into Bon Kurei, much to Luffy's joy (after some initial disappointment that it wasn't his swordsman). The two team up to beat the guards and take down the Sphinx before tearfully weeping and hugging at being reunited. As Saldeath prepares to send his remaining Blugori after them, Bon Kurei happily agrees to help Luffy reach Level 5 since he wishes to meet someone on that level as well.[8]

The Marines identify Buggy, Mr. 3 (whose real name is Galdino) and Bon Kurei (real name Bentham) as the ones aiding Luffy, also noticing that Luffy and Bon Kurei are heading for Level 4 after defeating the Blugori. A few inmates, who managed to get their hands on a black Den Den Mushi, comment on their progress though agree in the end that they'll be captured. Meanwhile in the Chief Warden's office, Magellan has just recently received this news along with Sadi and three of the Jailer Beasts. The fourth one, Minotaurus, who looks like his namesake but not as intimidating, just happens to confront Luffy and Bon Kurei on Level 3. It smacks Bon Kurei into a wall in an instant before the two can react and does the same to Luffy, despite the latter managing to dodge its first blow. Bon recovers and saves Luffy before Minotaurus can strike again, but is quickly pinned down. Luffy enters Gear 2 and hits it with a Gomu Gomu no Bazooka, knocking it back up the level. After which, Luffy and Bon locate the entrance to Level 4: Blazing Hell, which they notice has hot air and smoke billowing out of it.

Bon Kurei explains that the heat is from a boiling kettle filled with blood and flames. He also mentions to watch where they jump otherwise the two will "be getting more than a couple of burns" if they are not careful. Luffy asks about the person who Bon is trying to meet which Bon answers is the queen of Kamabakka Kingdom and idol of Okama, Emporio "Iva" Ivankov, who was supposedly captured and sent to Impel Down. Bon states if that's the case, he will try to rescue him. Their talk is suddenly interrupted by something coming their way, which happens to be Buggy, and Mr. 3 being chased by the recovered Minotaurus, who landed near their hiding place after Luffy sent it flying. Luffy and Bon rejoin them, causing all four to be pursued. Buggy mentions to Luffy the Buggy Balls he used back in Orange Town (which Luffy does not remember to Buggy's chagrin), only he's now condensed it small enough to hide on his person, renaming it the Muggy Ball. He throws it at the Minotaurus where it explodes on contact in its face, greatly wounding it though not knocking it out. Luffy quickly asks Mr. 3 to fit his arm with wax like he did on Little Garden, despite, given the setting, that it'll quickly melt in three seconds. Bon buys them time by hitting the Jailer Beast with a spinning kick knocking it down. Mr. 3 quickly fits Luffy with a Candle Lock on his arm and Luffy finishes Minotaurus with Gomu Gomu no Tonkachi Rifle. The four celebrate their victory at downing a Jailer Beast before pressing onward. Meanwhile, Ace begs to Luffy not to come, while the rest of Impel Down's forces assemble on Level 4.[9]

Outside, Hancock and Momonga have left the prison and are heading back to their Marine ship via a ferry. Twenty-nine hours remain before Ace's execution. As she looks on at the prison, Hancock prays for Luffy's safety. The two eventually reach the ship where Momonga receives urgent news, Kaidou, one of the Four Emperors, took off to try and take down Whitebeard, but Shanks intercepted him and the two are currently in a dispute. This news unnerves Momonga as he knows what could happen if two Emperors fight, not to mention the coming threat of Whitebeard on top of everything. He quickly has his ship sail off for Marineford.

Back inside the prison, Buggy and Mr. 3 get into an argument with Luffy and Bon over escaping rather than heading further into Impel Down. Before they can continue however, part of the floor they are on breaks off (due to the strength of their attacks which causes the four to get into an argument over whose was more powerful) and sends them plummeting to Level 4.[10]

Blazing Hell: Defeat at the Hands of Desperation[]

On Level 4 in an area known as the "Lake of Blood", inmates are forced into the cauldron Bon previously described while a few are made to bring firewood to keep it heated. One prisoner tries to escape but runs right into Daz Bonez who headbutts him into the cauldron. Meanwhile in a passageway that connects Levels 3 and 4, Magellan has gathered the guards and Impel Down staff to intercept Luffy's group. It's here we're introduced to the rest of the Jailer Beasts: Minorhinoceros, Minokoala, and Minozebra (all of whom, like Minotarus, do not look as threatening as their name suggests) who Sadi is in charge of commenting that they're growing restless and thirsting for blood.

One of the guards reports Luffy having reached Level 4 and avoided the pool by the debris he and his group fell on. He also reports Minotaurus' defeat which shocks Sadi. Upon hearing this Magellan stations Hannyabal at the Level 3 stairs and Sadi at the Level 5 entrance to keep the group from proceeding or heading back, while Magellan sends the rest of his guards to pursue the group, giving them permission to kill them (though Sadi wants them kept alive for torture purposes). Meanwhile Luffy's group are on a bridge near the Lake of Blood. Luffy suddenly heads in another direction from the group which Bon realizes is where the kitchen is, undoubtedly the smell of which has attracted Luffy. Guards spot him and rush his way, but Luffy easily takes care of them. In the sidelines, Mr. 3 talks to Buggy noticing the guard's formation and fearing that they'll be locked on the level with Impel Down's "All Stars".

Sure enough, just as Luffy and Bon Kurei are heading towards the kitchen, Magellan suddenly falls from above, with powers already activated and ready to fight.[10] Seeing this, the guards quickly try to get out of the way begging Magellan to wait before he fights so as not to get swept up in his poison. Luffy notices this but moans at not being able to get any food as he faces down the Chief Warden. Bon yells at Luffy not to fight him, telling him of his poison powers and that they should forget the food and escape. But Magellan counters telling them that he has the guards and staff blocking the exits, effectively trapping the group on the level, just as Mr. 3 predicted. He also reveals he intends to make Luffy tell him how he got in Impel Down. Luffy, knowing Hancock will be in trouble if that happens, yells he will not tell even if he dies. Thus, the fighting begins with Magellan using his poison Hydra and sending it after the two, forcing Luffy and Bon to run away while a few lingering guards are caught in the wave. Seeing this, Bon tells Luffy that the poison attacks the nervous system and induces pain until it eventually kills the unfortunate victim, as the guards clearly show and beg for antidotes. Magellan scolds the guards not to get into his combat range, while Luffy jumps off the bridge and grabs onto a hanging spike platform, swinging himself onto it, and burning himself in the process since he swung over flames. However, he does manage to destroy one of the Hydras who plunges into the Lake of Blood, while the rest are out of range to attack Luffy.

Magellan counters this however by blowing a poison bubble toward Luffy called Chloro Ball that explodes once it reaches the platform. Luffy manages to jump to another one to avoid the explosion, but gas suddenly appears from it. The guards quickly put on masks, commenting that it's the sneezing tear gas, causing Luffy's (and the unfortunate inmates on the level) eyes to water and sneeze uncontrollably. Magellan has the Hydra stretch to Luffy's location to which he "swims" to the Straw Hat through it, dubbing the move Venom Road. The Chief Warden takes off his horns, fits them over his hands and tries to stab at Luffy with them. The horns are also coated with poison, evident when Luffy dodges a strike and sees the rocks it hits instantly melt (similar to Crocodile's poison hook). Magellan strikes again but Luffy redirects the attack with his foot onto the platform causing it to break and sending him falling toward the flames. Though Luffy saves himself by using his Gomu Gomu no Stamp to knock himself back onto the main bridge.

Monkey D

Luffy uses Jet Bazooka on Magellan.

Throughout this, Bon has hidden himself, convinced that Luffy cannot win, as Magellan is known to silence even the most ultimate of prisoners. With a heavy heart, he forces himself to run away, asking Luffy to forgive him. Meanwhile, Buggy and Mr. 3 argue over trying to escape due to the number of guards below and Magellan distracted. Mr. 3, however, manages to convince Buggy that they do not know anything about Hannyabal and might be able to take him on. With that they make their way to the Level 3 entrance. Back to Luffy, who finds himself fatigued as Magellan stands over him, asks him if he still wants to continue fighting. Luffy, however, states his determination on saving his brother and that if he was going to lose since Magellan is made of poison and he can't touch him, then he will just have to sacrifice his arms so he can win. Luffy instantly activates Gear 2 and proceeds to hit Magellan head on with a Gomu Gomu no Bazooka, hurting the Chief Warden but at the same time getting poison on his hands.[11]

Over at the Level 3 tunnel, Hannyabal is expressing his annoyance at Mr. 3 and Buggy who lay on the floor with bumps and bruises all over them. Apparently beaten quickly when trying to fight against the Vice Warden. Hannyabal, however, is more annoyed with the fact that he was willing to let them pass but they instead chose to fight against him (though a few of the guards were injured in the process). The guards report their capture to the Monitor Room. Meanwhile, Bon Kurei continues to run, sobbing to himself as he knocks out any guards in his way. Back to Luffy and the Chief Warden, Magellan is surprised he actually took a hit from Luffy. However, Luffy is worse off as the poison corrodes his hands. Regardless, he strikes at the Chief Warden with a Gomu Gomu no Pistol, just as the Chief Warden puffs up and shoots out multiple Chloro Balls. Luffy dodges and goes for a Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol, however Magellan counters with his Hydra. Nullifying the attack and dripping Luffy with more poison. Luffy tries to get some distance, but Magellan breathes out a mist into air which the Chief Warden calls Poison Cloud, making Luffy's vision hazy and causing him to lose his hearing.

Luffy Defeated by Magellan

Luffy is defeated by Magellan.

Magellan states that not even Luffy's hands will respond to him as the cloud will eventually rob him of everything, to which Luffy starts to double over. On Level 6, Ace demands to know what's happening upstairs but the guards tell him nothing. Luffy tries to attack Magellan again, but the attack does not even come close to hitting the Chief Warden as the poison continues to affect him. Still, Magellan is astonished by his mental strength. Luffy tries again, but kicks into the flames of the bridge burning himself once more. Magellan finally decides to end it and completely covers Luffy with his Hydra. Luffy is defeated, covered from head to toe in poison as it melts away at him. Magellan cites it as a punishment for invading Impel Down and explaining that in 24 hours, Luffy will go to the real hell (i.e., the poison will kill him in that time). Magellan orders the guards to throw Luffy into Level 5 despite the fact that he will die anyway, while Luffy weakly calls out Ace's name.

Magellan suddenly receives news that something has happened at the Level 3 entrance.[12]

Freezing Hell: A Friend's True Loyalty Shines[]

On Level 5: Freezing Hell, a floor which is covered completely in ice so much so that prisoners freeze to death and the food so frozen it's inedible, Luffy is carried in by the guards. One of the prisoners calls out to Luffy to try and find out his bounty, but notices he took the "poison baptism" already. Back on Level 4, Magellan finds all the guards knocked out and the Level 3 door open. After waking up Hannyabal, he explains that Bon Kurei plowed through and headed back up to Level 3. Magellan orders the guards to capture him and has the Jailer Beasts disperse, ordering the others to clean everything up as he goes to his sealed place (the bathroom). When asked what to do with the captured Buggy and Mr. 3, he leaves Hannyabal to do as he wishes to them. Hannyabal tells the guards to go help capture Bon Kurei which they comply. However, once they leave, Hannyabal suddenly changes into Bon Kurei himself, having somehow taken his place. He tells Buggy and Mr. 3 they have to hurry to save Luffy. The two of course are wary of the idea and ask why Bon would go back after all the trouble of escaping. Bon answers that Luffy is a friend and that's all the reason he needs.[12]

He is later seen consulting a medical team (as Hannyabal) somewhere within Impel Down, urging them to whip up an antidote that will cure Luffy of Magellan's poison. Unfortunately, they informed him that no one before Luffy has endured Magellan's Doku Doku No Mi powers to the extent that Luffy had, and with more than one type of poison now surging through his veins at the moment, attempting to treat him may only result in an even earlier demise. With his hope to find an antidote crushed, Bon retreats to Buggy and Mr. 3, who tells him that Luffy really has no hope for survival and that it would take something miraculous if he were to survive the sentence Magellan gave him. This, however, made Bon remember about Iva, the person that he also wishes to meet (and save) down in Level 5. He proceeds to head down to said level with his two cohorts and, as he was still assuming Hannyabal's form, was able to gain access to the keys meant for the cells in Level 5. Though from the list of prisoners, he finds that Iva's name has been scratched off. When asked why, the guards state that he disappeared presumably snatched away by some unknown figure that has been doing so to other prisoners on the level which they dub as "demoning away" (interestingly said prisoners were on the verge of freezing to death when they disappeared).

Together, the trio entered the level unfortunately without their winter gear as Hannyabal has a reputation of walking around the level in his regular clothes without freezing and prisoners are forced to wear their regular prison garments as well. They are shortly confronted by wolves, which were originally stationed in Level 2 but had to be placed on this level for their voracious appetites. Mr. 3 and Buggy quickly run off no sooner than they see them, leaving Bon to fend for himself.

Meanwhile in one of the prison cells, prisoners watch as Luffy slowly suffers from the poison. Surprisingly, Luffy is still able to move determined to save Ace, but is also very weakened. One of the prisoners tries to get him to give in, citing that it's every man for himself in Impel Down and that friendship has no meaning when it comes to survival. No sooner than he sprouts this, Bon suddenly appears, wounded from his encounter with the wolves but still standing. He apologizes to Luffy for running off during his bout with Magellan and proceeds to get him out of the cell leaving the keys behind for the other prisoners.

Bentham Fights Wolves

Bon Kurei fighting the wolves on Level 5.

Bon goes around the level asking about Iva, and after a few dead ends, one prisoner tells him that he saw Iva head into the woods where Magellan's old office was. Bon heads that way dragging Luffy along, but once he's out of earshot another prisoner in the same cell mentions wolves roaming the forest, which gets a chuckle from the one who gave Bon the information, obviously having withheld this fact from the Okama. In the forest, Bon soldiers on, despite his body taking a beating from the cold, but determined not to let Luffy die. Wolves find and surround the two prompting Bon to fight them off the best he can, but there are too many and a few manage to bite him. Luffy wakes up, bites one of the wolves, then yells for them to get away. The wolves are instantly struck by his Haki and run away while Luffy faints. Bon is amazed at the feat Luffy just performed, but succumbs to his wounds and faints as well. However, as both men lose consciousness, a figure in an orange and white suit and hairstyle find them while a caption comes up informing that 26 hours remain until Ace's execution.[13]

Newkama Land: New Allies in Unlikely Places[]

Ivankov's Entrance

Ivankov and the Newkama.

It is revealed that Hannyabal is tied up and locked in the weapon storage room having been seduced and tricked by Bon Kurei posing as Nami. Meanwhile, Saldeath and Sadi are clearing up everything on Level 3 and are also looking for Bon Kurei whom they believe is still on Level 3. Later, Bon Kurei is seen waking up in a strange place where everyone is partying and drinking. There, everyone welcomes him and tells him he's still inside Impel Down despite the paradise-like atmosphere. The stranger who saved both Luffy and Bon Kurei in the forest appears, introducing herself as Inazuma, and also remarks that Bon has slept for over ten hours. The room suddenly darkens as the stage in the front of the room slowly reveals none other than the former "Queen" of the Kamabakka Kingdom, Emporio Ivankov. He reveals that Bon Kurei is in the Prisoner's Paradise which is accessed through the sewers of Impel Down, 'through the road that cannot exist' and also reveals that the prisoners in the past who have supposedly been 'demoned away' actually escaped into this prisoner's paradise in which he calls Newkama Land.

Suddenly, a man steps up from the crowd and threatens Ivankov with a bazooka claiming that his father who was a king who traveled to the Kamabakka Kingdom and came back as an Okama which tore their kingdom apart. He proceeds to fire the bazooka in which Ivankov deflects the missile by winking, striking the man instead. He goes on to demonstrate his power by changing the man into a woman in which he/she runs out of the room in embarrassment. After seeing his powers, Bon Kurei begs Iva to save Luffy. Ivankov tells Bon that he was healed because Luffy begged them to help him despite being at death's door from Magellan's poison. He further tells Bon Kurei that Luffy has been undergoing medical treatment for hours which happened to be pretty rough and has been screaming nonstop in a locked cave. He also remarks that he still has two days left of treatment with 16 hours before Ace's execution.[14]

The story shifts back a bit to the start of Luffy's treatment which has him chained to a table and his shirt and shoes removed. Emporio tells Luffy that he will take ten years from Luffy's life in the effort to save him, though warns the possibility of Luffy surviving are very slim and that it all rests entirely on his willpower. He injects Luffy with hormones causing him to yell out in agony. Ten hours have passed since, with no change so far, and Bon is extremely worried about Luffy's condition. Ivankov explains that the combination of willpower and hormones create a vital force, basically using his power to boost the immune system so it can fight against the poison. Though doing so destroys and regenerates cells which is the cause of Luffy's pain, hence the willpower part. If Luffy can hold out until then, his life will be saved. Iva allows Bon to see how Luffy's doing through a peephole into the locked room. It only takes a glance however to get Bon into a panic and beg Iva to help him. Ivankov slaps Bon to calm him down and explains that he already is saving Luffy.

Iva explains that despite the title of being a "miracle worker", he does not see himself as such even when helping nations and that he never saved the life of anyone that purely relies on the help of others. To him, miracles are given to those that are willing to carry on and are not something to be taken lightly, a statement which shocks Bon. Iva goes on to explain that he has the power of the Horu Horu no Mi granting him the ability to shape anyone from within as he sees fit, citing that the people on the level were either men or women once due to him. Bon still in denial if the place really exists which Iva convinces him it is after hitting him with a Death Wink. It turns out there are many entrances to Newkama Land on all levels of Impel Down which a few prisoners just happen to stumble into. What's more, they also have monitoring equipment to see any level of the prison and keep up with news on the outside via discarded newspapers. It was through the former that they found out about Luffy breaking into the prison which they thoroughly enjoyed from the monitors. Bon questions how they can have so much space, which is answered that the original founder, who had a "tunneling" Devil Fruit, created it in between Levels 5 and 6. This news shocks Bon since he did not know Level 6 existed, but Iva explains that it's due to sealing away prisoners that have either done something severe that the World Government had to cover up or simply inconvenienced them.

Ivankov mentions that there was once another Head Jailer known as "Shiryu of the Rain" who was even more dangerous than Magellan himself. Together the two made Impel Down near impenetrable, however Shiryu killed prisoners for no reason other than his own pleasure. Thus, he was labeled a menace and was locked away on Level 6. Iva lists off a few other names of prisoners who the World Government have covered up, not even allowed to be mentioned in newspapers. He also mentions Crocodile, Jinbe, and of course Ace and his relation to Luffy. However, Iva notes that it is now midnight meaning the date of Ace's execution is at hand and since Luffy's treatment will take another two days it'll be too late by then to save him. This news disheartens Bon who decides to stay with Luffy for the rest of the treatment. Upon hearing Luffy's continued screaming, Bon starts to shout out encouragements to him. This touches the others, and they join him.

On the top levels, Sadi, her Jailer Beasts, and the rest of the staff have no luck in finding Bon. Eventually they report to Magellan that he has completely vanished while a few guards find the tied up Hannayabal. On Level 6, Jinbe doubts the information that Hancock had relayed to Ace, but Ace knows it's real since he knows Luffy better than anyone. Eight hours pass through all of this, and morning eventually arrives. Domino comes to remind Magellan that it is time to transport Ace. Back in Newkama Land, Luffy abruptly stops screaming which worries Iva. Blood suddenly seeps from the cave, prompting Bon and the others to take it as a sign he did not make it. Just as they start to mourn, the door to the room is suddenly pounded against. This is followed by Luffy yelling out for food, much to the joy of Bon and the others on the level as well as the astonishment of Iva who exclaims it has not even been a day since the procedure began.[15]

The residents of Newkama Land proceed bring Luffy some food to feed his appetite, so much so that it nearly depletes their provisions. After about a half hour, Luffy is eventually full enough that he comes out of the room somewhat healed after transferring the food to his muscles. The "Candies" (what Iva calls the people of Newkama Land) hoist him into the air in celebration and awe over his recovery in only 20 hours, though Iva thinks to himself that the feat was "far beyond a miracle". Luffy notices Bon is okay as well, however Bon suddenly collapses in the midst of his joy, which Iva explains is due to exhaustion from cheering on Luffy during his suffering. Upon hearing this, Luffy bows to Bon thanking him and calming him in his debt. Inazuma returns Luffy's clothes and straw hat but mentions that he has not fully recovered yet and should take a day to rest. But Luffy refuses knowing he does not have much time before Ace is shipped off. Just as he asks the others to watch Bon he suddenly collapses, a sign of his fatigue. Luffy checks the Vivre Card and sees it pointing downward. Luffy asks Iva if he plans to escape, revealing it's the reason Bon was looking for him in the first place. Iva is flattered by this, but mentions the time is not right, only planning to leave once the revolutionary Dragon acts, as doing so any sooner will just get him recaptured. Upon the mention of Dragon, Luffy points him out to be his father. Iva, at first, calmly takes the news without much notice, but reacts in shock once it sinks in.

The Okama queen is in disbelief at first, but upon asking where Luffy hails from and finding out he's from East Blue, Iva realizes Luffy is telling the truth, especially after displaying his incredible willpower. A flashback shows us that Iva was actually part of Dragon's Revolutionary Army. One day, he notices that no matter where Dragon was, he would face and stare off in the same direction, which Iva assumes is an animal instinct of missing his homeland. However, Dragon refuses to answer on if this was true or if he had any family left behind and the matter was quickly dropped. After this startling realization, Iva has Inazuma find out Ace's departure time, since if the Vivre Card is still pointing downward, it means Ace has not been moved yet. The reason for the sudden change in attitude being that Iva suddenly feels he has a responsibility to Luffy as well as Ace since he thinks both of them are Dragon's sons, something he tells Luffy, revealing his relationship with his father. Iva rallies the others to prepare to bust out Ace. Luffy is even more pumped up to get going, but suddenly falls over. Iva checks his pulse and determines that it is strong, so he injects Luffy with Tension Hormones that boost his adrenaline. He tells Luffy that for the rest of the day, he will be able to ignore his fatigue, but the full brunt of the effects will kick in afterward.

Back on Level 5, Hannyabal is informed of Bon's entry into the level with Buggy and Mr. 3. However, they only find Hannyabal's bloodied headdress and assume the trio was eaten by the wolves. In a lift leading to Level 6, Domino scolds Magellan for his delay and informs him that they will hand Ace over to the transport at 9 AM sharp and that failure for such an important assignment will mean having a huge stain on their record. At the entrance topside, Onigumo and his Marine squad wait outside for the transfer. He reminds the Marines of their mission, revealing that five Marine ships are on hand along with five other Vice Admirals, and for everyone not to let their guard down for a second. Back on Level 5, Luffy, Iva and Inazuma charge out of Newkama Land opting to not worry about being seen and rush through anything that comes their way. The wolves give chase to them, but the trio easily takes them out, while the prisoners on the level are surprised to see Iva as they believed he was dead. They reach the entrance to Level 6: Eternal Hell and unlock the door to press on. In the Monitor Room, the guards spot them heading for Level 6, shocked that the intruders are people whom they thought were dead, even pointing out that Inazuma is also a revolutionary. One of the guards mentions that the trio will run straight into Magellan and Domino as they are headed to Level 6 as well. Hannyabal, suddenly getting very serious, orders the traps to be activated and the guards on the level to prepare for combat in the hope of stalling them until Sadi and the Jailer Beasts reach the level. As Luffy charges down the steps to Eternal Hell, Magellan is already at Ace's cell preparing to take Ace to his execution.[16]

Eternal Hell: To the Marine Headquarters![]

Luffy's group plows through anyone and anything in their path until they reach Level 6. Luffy instantly screams out for Ace, but once they reach the cell, they find him gone with only Jinbe remaining. The Fish-Man realizes who Luffy is and warns him that Ace has already been taken though Luffy can still catch him. Luffy, Iva and Inazuma make for the lift out of the level but when Iva tries the controls to bring the lift down, he finds it locked. Luffy opts to just climb out of the level, but notices a spike trap at the top of the lift which comes crashing down and would have hit him had he not jump back. Iva quickly realizes their actions are being monitored from the Den Den Mushis, so of course security would have barred their way. The group heads back to the Level 5 entrance, but a gate crashes down, stopping them and trapping them on the level. Furthermore, sleeping gas is flooded into the level which Iva realizes is a means to hold them until the Impel Down security arrive on the level. Indeed, in the Monitor Room, this is reported to Hannyabal who reports to Magellan on Level 1 as he holds down Ace, having put up a struggle once he heard what was happening. The Chief Warden is surprised that Luffy survived his poisoning. Back on Level 6, the inmates begin to complain about the incoming gas, demanding the trio do something about it. Inazuma complies, turning his hands into scissors then cuts up the floor and wraps it around the vents to keep the gas from getting through.

Iva reveals to the astonished group that Inazuma ate the Choki Choki no Mi and thus can cut anything as if it were paper. Luffy complains that they cannot get through if the stairways are blocked, but Inazuma counters that despite the simplicity of Impel Down staff's plan it was enough to capture them and there is now no escape. Iva manages to disable the monitor Den Den Mushis, but notes it's too late to save Ace, as he is already topside being transferred to the Marines. Luffy's Vivre Card moving away from the prison also proves Iva's words. Despite this, Luffy states that if Ace is heading to Marine Headquarters, then so will he. Iva tries to talk him out of it, but Luffy counters saying that if he did not, he'd regret it for the rest of his life. Upon seeing Luffy's face, Iva compares it to facing Dragon. Suddenly a voice calls out to Luffy, offering to create a hole to get the group out of Level 6. However, Luffy knows the voice all too well, as it belongs to none other than Crocodile.

Crocodile had at first lost interest in the outside world, but hearing that Whitebeard was going to war with the Marines has caused him to reconsider as it is a perfect chance to take down the legendary pirate. Luffy, however, wants nothing to do with him, the Arabasta incident still fresh in his mind. Iva on the other hand, suggests freeing him, much to Luffy's shock, though reveals that he has long since known the former Warlord of the Sea as far back as when he was a rookie and should Crocodile get out of line, he will take care of him himself since he knows of Crocodile's weakness. Iva states he is only willing to free him if Crocodile helps out (much to Crocodile's chagrin). Jinbe suddenly speaks out, begging to help, as he wants to save Ace as badly as Luffy, even willing to die "a glorious death" in doing so. Noting this, Luffy agrees to his wishes. Inazuma frees Crocodile and Jinbe of their chains, and the five prepare to break out of Impel Down.[17]

The security force reaches Level 6 with gas masks on, prepared to fight against the Devil Fruit users. However, once they get past the gate, they find a spiral shaped stairway leading to a hole in the ceiling. Shiryu calls out to the guards informing them (between mocking) that the trio has released Crocodile and Jinbe, and with their help have escaped the level. Shiryu tells the guards to go tell Magellan that he'd be willing to help him. In the Monitor Room, news of this new development has reached Hannyabal, who decides to deal with things himself and have all the Impel Down forces meet on Level 4. Back on Level 5, Iva and Inazuma have gathered the residents of Newkama Land. They tell them to cause a riot throughout all of Impel Down, grabbing keys and unlocking cages as they go to keep the security forces occupied. Iva calls out for Luffy to proceed only to be informed by Inazuma that he, along with Crocodile and Jinbe, have already pressed on. Iva shrugs this off and tells the others to follow after him. Bon Kurei is also among the group, having been injected with Tension Hormones (though they work a little too well since he cannot stop spinning).

Impel Down Alliance Rushes to Level 4

Crocodile, Luffy, and Jinbe rush to Level 4.

In a stairway leading to Level 4 from Level 5, Luffy, Crocodile and Jinbe rush on. The latter mentions that the execution is set for 3 PM and that Whitebeard could make his move at any point while Ace is on the ocean. Luffy is content on the premise that Ace will not be executed before he is scheduled to. Crocodile gets ahead of the two and dries up the entrance to Level 4, turning it to sand, only to find the security on that level are waiting for them. This does not stop the trio though and they attack at full force. Crocodile uses his Barchan ability, Luffy uses his Gomu Gomu no Ame and Jinbe uses his Fish-Man Karate (which is so powerful he does not even need to touch the guards to knock them back). It becomes evident to the guards that they cannot beat the trio.

On Level 2, Buggy and Mr. 3, running for twenty hours since the wolf incident, are hiding themselves in a camouflaged wax cell. Mr. 3 notices some commotion going on, which the duo realize is their best chance to escape. Buggy meets with a few inmates, asking if they are all set. It is revealed that the prisoners have keys made of wax to unlock the cells.

The Monitor Room contacts Hannyabal informing him of strange people creeping around on Level 2. The security on that level is headed for Level 4 when the Monitor Room tries to warn them of what's going on, but it's too late. The prisoners have used the wax keys to unlock all the cell doors freeing the inmates. Buggy and Mr. 3 reveal their plan to start another riot in hopes of using it as an escape, thinking Luffy and Bon are long since dead. With that, they initiate their plan and a riot on Level 2 commences. On Level 4, Crocodile throws some keys into a cell asking a certain inmate if he would like to escape with him. This person is none other than Mr. 1, who agrees, commenting he was getting bored of Impel Down.

Hannyabal continues to receive distressing news, this time of Iva's army rampaging through the prison and taking out anyone in their way. Luffy meets up with Bon as well as Mr. 1. Luffy does not recognize the latter, so Bon tells him of Mr. 1's defeat against Zoro. Luffy just shrugs it off since he has never met him until now. Hannyabal is in a panic as the Monitor Room keeps getting requests for backup for Levels 4 and 2, as the group charge on with no indication of stopping. As they do, Luffy yells to everyone that it's time to head for Marine Headquarters.[18]

An Unexpected Visitor: Blackbeard Arrives at Impel Down![]

Blackbeard Pirates Arrive at Impel Down

The Blackbeard Pirates arrive.

Ace, meanwhile, is now on the sea aboard Onigumo's ship, chained to a chair. The Vice Admiral tells him to get a view of the sky while he can before calling Marineford to start preparations to the open the gate. At Marine Headquarters, a Marine frantically reports to Sengoku that Blackbeard has suddenly gone missing, which is bad as it's only five hours away from Ace's execution. Furthermore, a Marine ship with no authorization has suddenly entered Impel Down. At the Impel Down entrance, Blackbeard and his crew have arrived. When the guards try to stop them, Blackbeard sucks them up into his darkness then spits them out at the Marines who try to come at the crew from behind.

This new development is quickly broadcasted to the Monitor Room, which causes Hannyabal to freak out more than he already was. With Luffy's group on Level 4, a riot led by Buggy and Mr. 3 on the Level 2 and Blackbeard at the entrance, his panic seems justified especially since he is in charge of the prison at the moment. Suddenly, Magellan calls over the Den Den Mushi, having come back inside Impel Down and poisoned most of the prisoners on Level 2, as well as sealing all the exits, much to Buggy and Mr. 3's dismay. Magellan however decides to send all his forces to Level 4 as a last-ditch effort since he cannot call reinforcements and hopes the staff will hold out until he gets there. This greatly improves Hannyabal's morale, who cheers for the warden much to the confusion of his troops. Magellan also decides to take the dangerous risk of freeing Shiryu.

Shiryu Betrays Impel Down

On Level 6, Shiryu cuts down the guards who released him.

On Level 6, Shiryu has been released from his cell, as per Magellan's orders, though the Chief Warden reminds his former co-worker over the Den Den Mushi that he is on a postponed sentence and that he will get no more chances. Magellan closes the call stating that he will leave Blackbeard to Shiryu. The guards on the level give him his sword which Shiryu promptly uses to slice through them as his first course of action, apologizing afterwards. On Level 4, Luffy's group continues to rampage defeating the guards, gaining keys, and freeing more prisoners to help them in their breakout. Saldeath and his Blugori appear on the scene, but Iva, using his face growth hormones and Hell Wink for a wider attack range, quickly takes them out. The Okama Queen tells Luffy to leave the guards to them and keep going, which Luffy obliges. However, Sadi and her Jailer Beasts arrive and quickly begin taking out most of the group with nothing seemingly able to affect them. Just as all seems lost, Luffy, Jinbe and Crocodile rush forward and hit them with strong attacks, knocking out the Jailer Beasts in one hit much to the horror of Sadi and the shock of the guards.[19]

On Level 1, the guards raise the drawbridge in hope of stopping Blackbeard's crew though said pirates seem to be easily pressing onward despite the attacks. Shiryu appears on the scene and confronts Blackbeard. Before anything happens though, we suddenly shift back to Level 4 where Luffy's group continue to battle the guards as they try to press on. Sadi, however, confronts the group herself and shows that she has strength of her own by taking out a few of the prisoners with her whip, breaking off a piece of the bridge over the Lake of Blood in the process. Luffy starts to attack her himself, but Iva grabs and throws him over Sadi, reminding Luffy that he needs to continue on. Iva, now suddenly transformed into a female, proceeds to do battle with the Head Jailer (much to Luffy's confusion since he does not know the woman is Iva). Inazuma goes to lead Luffy to the exit of the level but is stopped by Hannyabal, now wielding a Naginata (a double-bladed staff) and taking out a few of the prisoners. Thousands of jailers are with him all wielding bazookas and blocking the entrance to Level 3. Hannyabal declares a death sentence on Luffy as the guards cheer and make music for him to prepare an attack of his called Hannya Carnival: Shounetsu Jigoku Guruma where he spins the Naginata until it catches on fire then goes to attack Luffy with it.

Luffy eventually has enough of his foolishness, going into Gear 2 and hits him with Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling. Surprisingly, Hannyabal, though heavily wounded, gets back up and continues the fight. It's at this point that Magellan arrives on Level 4 though at the far end from where the riot is and will still take a while before he arrives at the fight. Meanwhile, Luffy keeps hitting Hannyabal with a variety of attacks and tries to move on, but the Vice Warden refuses to stay down. His troops begin to worry about him begging him not to push himself so hard. Hannyabal goes into a tirade about how evil pirates are and how they cause fear to the citizens above. He proclaims that Impel Down is a prison to keep evil pirates away from said people and that if it falls it'll plunge the world into darkness. Luffy however counters that Ace is precious to him and for Hannyabal to move out of his way, prompting the Vice Warden to state that "some fools just refuse to listen."

Blackbeard Defeats Hannyabal

Blackbeard knocks down and mocks Hannyabal during his fight with Luffy.

Suddenly, Hannyabal's men are sucked into some darkness, a figure telling him that despite all the talk of justice and evil, there really is no answer to be found. Said figure turns out to be Blackbeard who stomps Hannyabal into the ground, finally knocking him out. This pauses the fighting as he and his crew appear among the group with Luffy instantly remembering Blackbeard from Jaya. His name suddenly strikes a chord with Luffy who remembers that Ace told him he was looking for someone named Blackbeard and Elder Nyon mentions someone with the same name capturing Ace, as well as Teach's speech back on Jaya.

Luffy Uses Jet Pistol on Blackbeard

Luffy knocks back Blackbeard.

With this revelation, Luffy angrily asks he if was indeed Blackbeard which the captain realizes he never told Luffy his name before. Blackbeard mentions that he himself was surprised to find out Luffy was the brother of Ace before asking the Straw Hat Captain if he should be hanging around the prison as Ace's execution draws near.[20] Blackbeard explains he found out about Luffy after he defeated Crocodile and due to the newly created open seat as a Warlord, Blackbeard figured it would be a perfect way to make himself known to the World Government. And what better way than to capture Luffy himself, however Ace of course found out and fought to protect Luffy leading to him being captured. Blackbeard, though, considers this fortunate for Luffy since Ace went in his place. As the rest of the Blackbeard Pirates agree on this, a very angered Luffy charges Blackbeard and hits him with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol knocking him into a wall.

Luffy proclaims he will not let Ace die and starts to attack again, but Blackbeard summons a black whirlpool sucking Luffy toward him and slamming him into the ground. Crocodile is surprised that Luffy actually bled from the attack since he's made of rubber. Before the fight can continue, Jinbe stops Luffy telling him that it is not the time and to think about his top priority also adding that Blackbeard was even able to take down Ace, a Logia user. This calms Luffy while Blackbeard is surprised at Luffy's strength and his increase in Haki. Crocodile speaks out asking that if Blackbeard is supposed to be a Warlord, then why was he not at Marine Headquarters which Blackbeard answers this is all part of his plan. Crocodile shrugs this off not really caring before the other prisoners announce that Magellan is closing in on the area. One of his poison Hydras manage to hit a few of the prisoners in the back prompting the group to continue on, Iva warning Luffy that if he is poisoned again, he will not survive this time.

As the group make for the Level 3 entrance. Minotaurus suddenly appears and attacks most of the escapees, much to Bon's shock since he thought they already defeated him. Crocodile explains however that it as well as the rest of the Jailer Beasts are "Awakened" Zoan-types, meaning they're much tougher and faster at recovering. Even the three they've recently downed will be back on their feet as well, but Crocodile is more worried about Magellan than them. Sure enough, Magellan arrives at the bridge, his troops reporting about Blackbeard on the level causing the Chief Warden to wonder how he got past Shiryu. Suddenly an urgent call comes in over the Den Den Mushi revealing the Monitor Room, with their monitors having all been destroyed as well as their communications meaning they cannot contact anyone on the outside.

Before they can go on, they are suddenly stopped by Shiryu not wanting Magellan to come down there. Magellan sends one of his troops to check it out while he laments how everything has gone wrong just by one person sneaking in. On Level 2, Buggy and Mr. 3 along with the inmates on that level continue on, as Blackbeard broke through Magellan's poison blocks on his way down, allowing them to escape. Back with Luffy, he states once more to Blackbeard that he will save Ace. Blackbeard does not doubt him since he does not believe anything is impossible in the world, saying that if Luffy found the Sky Island before then the One Piece is out there as well. The Blackbeard Pirates tells them that in a few hours they'll show them a show that'll shake the world. Luffy says nothing as he and his group head for Level 3.

Soon Magellan comes across a tied up Sadi who lost her fight against Iva. Magellan has his troops cut her down just as the Blackbeard Pirates arrive. As Blackbeard introduces himself, Magellan hits him and his crew with his Hydra coating them with poison. As they reel in pain Magellan continues on coming across a bloodied Hannyabal. The Chief Warden compliments him on holding out as long as he did before ordering him not to die, stating that Hannyabal is the only successor that Magellan would ever accept to replace him. Magellan yells out to Luffy that he will not let the Straw Hat escape alive.[21]

Fight or Flight: Final Push for Escape[]

Buggy, Mr. 3 and their bunch reach Level 1, continuing the riot from there while Luffy's breakout has reached Level 3. However, Magellan is closing in fast taking out most of the rioters that were escaping with them and quickly reducing their numbers. Sadi recovers, angered over her loss to Iva. She wakes up the Jailer Beasts and sends them to Level 1 via the lift. Back with our heroes, Jinbe tells Luffy that the prison is surrounded by Marine ships which they can use to escape and hopefully reach the execution in time. Four hours remain before the deadline of such. The group reaches the stairway to Level 2, when Iva suddenly stays behind and makes sure all those with them make it in. Magellan arrives not a moment after, prompting Iva to call out to Inazuma who runs ahead, cutting the stairway into pieces and blocking the exit while Iva confronts the Chief Warden. On Level 2, the people from Newkama Land ask Inazuma why he did such an action, but he only tells them to keep moving before praying for Iva's safety. Back on Level 3, Iva changes back to his original form and proceeds to attack Magellan.

Meanwhile, Luffy's group are plowing through Level 2 and dealing with the creatures on the said level when Luffy notices that Magellan is not behind them anymore. Bon informs him of Iva and Inazuma's efforts to stall him which nearly prompts Luffy to turn back. Bon, however, convinces him to keep going and to believe in their power. Meanwhile, Crocodile and Jinbe notice the whole level devoid of prisoners and that their cells have been left open. Back on Level 3, it seems Iva has been hit in the face by Magellan's poison, but he reveals he's faking, having avoided the attack thanks to his heavy makeup. Magellan grows annoyed with his antic, so Iva proceeds to end it with his ultimate attack. On Level 2, Inazuma stands guard in front of the destroyed entrance when something burst into the room. He at first thinks it's Iva but much to his dismay, Magellan appears, wounded but still going. Inazuma proceeds to go on the attack with the cut-up stairs to buy some more time.

Candle Wall

Mr. 3 stops Magellan's Hydra with his Candle Wall.

On Level 1, Buggy and Mr. 3's squad runs into trouble once more in the form of the Jailer Beasts. Just as they are about to turn back, they run into Crocodile (much to Mr. 3 shock). One of the prisoners suddenly reports that the Jailer Beasts were defeated resulting in the two receiving more shock once they see that Luffy and Jinbe were the ones who defeated them and Luffy asking if they were okay. The Okama army follows with Bon quickly kicking Buggy and Mr. 3 for their earlier abandonment. However, Magellan arrives which Luffy and Bon take a sign that Iva and Inazuma were defeated. Luffy starts to attack but his held back once again by Bon. Jinbe suddenly notices that one of the guards on the walkway speaking into his Den Den Mushi to Magellan who orders him to do something. This throws Jinbe into a panic as he tells Luffy they have to get topside straight away as they have bigger problems than the Chief Warden. Before they can escape, one of Magellan's Hydras comes at them. Mr. 3 manages to block the attack with a Candle Wall. He tells Luffy he's only doing it as not to be placed in his debt and that he should get out while he can as he holds off Magellan.[22]

Magellan recognizes the wall made of wax which Mr. 3 gloats is tough as steel and enough to block his attacks. Even Crocodile is impressed as is Luffy. Luffy has Jinbe go on ahead to secure a ship while he stays with Mr. 3 to hold off Magellan so he will not attack while they are trying to secure a boat. He also mentions he has an idea on how to fight the Chief Warden. Jinbe agrees and hurries on ahead with a few of the prisoners. Mr. 3 of course wants nothing to do with fighting Magellan explaining he can only defend, though the prisoners that stayed are giving him encouragement. Mr. 3 then fits Luffy hands and feet with wax boxing gloves and shoes (similar to his Candle Champion Technique), much to Luffy's amazement and gratitude though Mr. 3 shouts at him to focus on Magellan. The Chief Warden comes at them with another Hydra, forcing Mr. 3 to create another Candle Wall. Luffy jumps out and hits Magellan with a Gomu Gomu no Champion Rifle. The attack knocks Magellan back with no effect on Luffy, effectively allowing the Straw Hat to fight toe to toe without getting poisoned. The other prisoners manage to find cannons which they stick through the candle wall and fire upon Magellan, hitting him further.

Meanwhile at the main entrance of Impel Down, the others have reached topside and have taken out the guards. Bon thinks it is clear sailing from there, but Mr. 1 tells him otherwise mentioning the battleships that await the group when they get outside. The other prisoners, however, are more than pumped for a fight and prepare for the worst as they open the gate. Much to their surprise, they find no guards waiting for them and there are no ships as well, Crocodile realizing that Magellan sent the Marine ships away to prevent the prisoners' escape. Just as the group begins to despair, Jinbe mentions that the order wasn't too long ago, so the ships have not gotten very far. He points out a ship just barely on the horizon. When asked how they'll reach it, Jinbe takes out one of the entrance doors, gives one of the prisoners a Den Den Mushi then jumps into the water.

Impel Down Makeshift Raft

Buggy, Crocodile and Mr. 1 on the makeshift raft (carried by Jinbe) before attacking one of the Marine battleships.

Buggy, Mr. 1 and Crocodile jump onto the door before Jinbe carries it from under the water toward the ships. The prisoners over more than over-enthusiastic at the sight of seeing two Warlords of the Sea on their side in action, as well as their savior Buggy along with them, though Buggy just jumped on to get away from the prison so as not to face Magellan. Just as the four near the Marine ships, the Marines spot them and open fire. Jinbe dodges them and states that he is going to launch them onto the ship before going underwater. Buggy begins to freak out as their speed drops and the makeshift raft is on the verge of hitting the ships. Jinbe, meanwhile, gathers as much power as he can before sending it out into a strong ocean current that rockets Buggy, Crocodile and Mr. 1 onto the deck of one of the ships. The Marines quickly point their guns at the bunch but before they can, Jinbe hits the ship with a Spear Wave much to Crocodile's annoyance. Jinbe apologizes mentioning he got careless with the ship they were supposed to use.[23]

Gomu Gomu no Gigant Stamp

Luffy knocks Magellan back with his Gomu Gomu no Gigant Stamp.

Back on Level 1, Magellan suddenly shifts to a new type of poison called Kinjite which he explains can destroy Impel Down itself. Luffy tries to hit him with his Gomu Gomu no Stamp, but the poison quickly spreads to the wax armor. Mr. 3, seeing this, cancels the wax armor before it infects Luffy. Magellan unleashes the ultimate power of his devil fruit, Venom Demon: Hell's Judgment, forming his poison globs into a giant skull-faced being. One of the escapees unfortunately gets hit by this and begs another to take him along. The poison on the man spreading to the one he grabbed and poisoning him too. Mr. 3 tells Luffy the poison now acts like an infection and that wax, or stone is now useless on it thus the group is forced to run away. Topside, the inmates, along with Bon Kurei, continue to wait at the entrance for Jinbe and the others noticing they hear cannon fire. Bon, however, worries that even if they grabbed a ship, the distance back would be too great, and Magellan could catch up to them by then. On the ship, the Marines attack Crocodile and Mr. 1 full force but are easily decimated within seconds. One of the neighboring ships opt to sink the ship they are on, but Jinbe attacks them with more water currents, soaking the gunpowder.

Back at the entrance, Luffy's group have finally made it topside with Magellan on their tail, and with nowhere left to run and a ship not yet procured the group are trapped. Suddenly, Iva comes crashing through the floor in his big head mode (having used his Death Wink to propel himself up) much to the surprise of everyone, though he hit his head coming up and knocked himself out. He is also carrying Inazuma who's still reeling from the poison effects. The Den Den Mushi that was given to the inmates rings revealing Jinbe on the other end, informing the group they've managed to procure a ship. However, the distance is still a problem especially with Magellan closing in fast. Jinbe informs the group to jump into the ocean and to leave the rest to him. The others argue on that since they are in the Calm Belt (which has Sea Kings swimming underwater) but Luffy decides to trust Jinbe since he a friend of Ace. Magellan closes in ready to finish them with his Venom Demon: Hell's Judgment, but Luffy goes Gear 3 while Mr. 3 sets up another Candle Wall. Luffy kicks into it with his Gigant Stamp pushing it into Venom Demon: Hell's Judgment and knocking Magellan back. As the wall starts to crumble, Luffy quickly wakes up Iva and asks him to do his Death Wink then tells everyone to grab onto Iva's face. Just as Magellan is about to attack again, the wink propels everyone out into the sea.

Whale Sharks

Luffy and the inmates finally make their escape from the Great Prison.

As they are about to land in the water, something catches them which the group finds, much to their amazement, is a school of whale sharks.[24] Having been called into the Calm Belt by Jinbe, he has them brought towards the captured Marine ship. Luffy and the rest cheer that they successfully made it onto the battleship, but Jinbe tells them it's too early to celebrate while manning the wheel. After everyone thanks the departing whale sharks, Iva orders one of the candies to find all the medicine onboard and start treating Inazuma immediately. Meanwhile, Magellan orders one of the other ships to return and pick him up so he could deal with Luffy and them himself, as they have not fully escaped yet. A Rear Admiral orders all cannons to fire after his subordinate tells him that the cannons damaged by Jinbe were repaired. All the battleships fire upon the escapees' ship while pursuing them, knowing the Gates of Justice would not open for the escapees. Jinbe calmly states that they'll just charge on through while Luffy orders the ship to go on the defensive. Crocodile rebukes him and says to fire their cannons instead, which Buggy repeats to the crew but makes it sound like it's his idea. During the chase, the Gates of Justice suddenly open to the shock of the Marines and to the joyful surprise of Luffy and the others. Magellan, too, is stunned as the Gates could only be opened by Impel Down.

Inside Impel Down, one of the jailers asks "Magellan" if it's okay to allow the stolen ship to pass through the Gates of Justice. "Magellan" asks in return when his orders have even been mistaken and adds to make sure the Gates close after the ship has passed through. On one of the Marine ships, the commander orders the continued chase, wondering why Magellan ordered the gates to be opened. A subordinate states that he saw Magellan still on the docks of Impel Down so he could not have given such an order. Back inside Impel Down, Magellan rushes into the gate Monitor Room to find someone impersonating himself. On their ship, Luffy asks Jinbe about Bon Kurei and learns that the latter had stayed behind to open the Gates for them. The Magellan that made the order was really Bon Kurei using his Devil Fruit ability. Luffy wants to go back, but Jinbe asks how many allies they lost during their escape. If they went back, there would be more casualties and they'd lose more time. Jinbe recalls Bon telling him his idea and asked to not tell Luffy about it until after they lost communications with Impel Down. Jinbe hands Luffy the Baby Den Den Mushi but tells him to hurry as once they passed through the Gates, they'd be out of range.

Magellan vs

Magellan prepares to unleash his wrath on Mr. 2.

Back inside Impel Down, Bentham reveals himself to everyone's shock and said that he copied Magellan while disguised as Hannyabal. Suddenly, Luffy's voice speaks over the Baby Den Den, to Bon's dismay, as he had hoped Jinbe would wait until later to tell Luffy. Luffy asks Bon why he stayed behind and adds that they were to escape together this time. Everyone else on the ship, even Buggy, Mr. 3, and Iva, call out to Bon while their ship presses on through the Gates. Knowing this, Luffy thanks Bon Kurei for his help. A teary-eyed Bon speaks into the Baby Den Den Mushi, telling Luffy to save Ace as he knows Luffy can do it. The Gates close after the ship makes it through, cutting off their pursuers. Luffy, Iva, and everyone else (excluding Crocodile, Mr. 1, Inazuma, and Jinbe) wails Bon's name while crying. Back at Impel Down, Bon prepares to fight Magellan, with the warden angrily asking if he had any last words, with Bon answering that he had no regrets. He thinks about Luffy and hopes for them to meet again on the field of Okama.

A text box states that "On that day Impel Down suffered its greatest defeat and disgrace in its history, Luffy and 241 total prisoners escaped." However, it is said that the incident did not end there. Meanwhile, only four hours remain until Ace's execution.[25]

Back in Impel Down, the Blackbeard Pirates are seen alive and well again, making their way through Level 4, having been saved by Shiryu, who comments on their fight with Magellan. The Blackbeard Pirates, however, praise their luck for getting the antidote to cure themselves from the poison and managing to survive another day. Blackbeard thanks Shiryu for saving them and invites the former Head Jailer of Impel Down to join them, which he accepts knowing what will happen if he stays in the prison. He also comments that he was waiting for a man like Blackbeard.

Meanwhile on sea on the Tarai Current (which is the government's private route), Iva looks in on Inazuma, who is recovering from Magellan's poison. Surprisingly, Iva withheld using his Healing Hormone technique on him as does not wish to cut Inazuma's lifespan, claiming him too important to the revolutionaries to use such a dangerous technique. Meanwhile, most of the others are still weeping over Bon's sacrifice, Buggy tries to cheer them up by throwing a party/funeral in his honor, but Luffy punches him in the face, claiming Bon might still be alive. This prompts a fight between the two while Crocodile and Jinbe talk about Jinbe's ability to talk to fish and one of the reasons why Fish-Man are so secluded. Luffy joins Jinbe who thanks him for letting him join in the rescue attempt. He then formally introduces himself and reveals his Warlord of the Sea status in the process much to Luffy's shock since he did not know about this.

Buggy, however, is more worried about heading to Marineford even saying he wants to go back to prison, to which Crocodile reveals that it is unavoidable since they are using the Marines private route which circles the Marine gates (from Impel Down to the now defunct Enies Lobby and finally Marineford) not to mention the upcoming war of Whitebeard and the Marines. This news shocks most of the inmates since they did not know that was the whole goal of the breakout and many begin to panic. Before this can go on further, the Den Den Mushi on the ship rings and Luffy picks it up to reveal Marine Officer on the other end bringing a report on the breakout before communication at Impel Down stopped.

Convicts Learn Buggy's Past

The convicts learn about Buggy's past.

Luffy and, oddly, Buggy are labeled as the masterminds behind the breakout. The Marine Officer goes on further, even revealing Buggy's "brotherly" relationship with Red-Haired Shanks and his past apprenticeship on Gol D. Roger's crew, much to the shock of the inmates on board, although they found no connection between him and Ace, they still conclude that he is helping Luffy save him (although this was not the case). The Marine Officer lastly mentions they will not open the gate for them and that they will not be able to survive since they are on the marine current. However, Luffy responds back that he will rescue his brother no matter what before hanging up.

The prisoners begin to cheer on Buggy saying that he is truly a pirate hero while the stronger escapees on board talk about Buggy's past, each with their own opinion on how a person with such a history can be so weak. Buggy though is reluctant since he knows the Marines will watch his every move from now on. Luffy mentions Rayleigh to him, causing Buggy to ask how he's doing and causing his followers to marvel at him even further.

As they begin to cheer, Buggy becomes more nervous but realizes he could take advantage of the situation. The escapees suddenly start suggesting of a mutiny and take over the ship, but Buggy calms them down and proclaims that the coming war is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take down Whitebeard. Buggy's words move his followers, and they swear their loyalty to him, averting the mutiny. With that the ship sails on for Marineford.[26]

Meanwhile at Marine Headquarters, noon has arrived, and three hours remain until Ace's execution. Ace is ordered to climb a set of stairs toward the gallows. As he does so, he remembers a promise he made to Luffy to live a life without regret and to one day go out at sea to live a life with more freedom than anyone. Ace reaches a gate at the top of the stairs and head through further toward his execution.[27]

Story Impact[]

  • Luffy begins his attempts to save Ace by going to Impel Down. On his way down, he meets old foes he has faced back in previous arcs including Buggy,[2] Mr. 3,[4] Mr. 1,[18] and Crocodile.[17] He met an old ally, Mr. 2 Bon Kurei[8] as well as new allies who know Dragon: Ivankov and Inazuma,[16] and a close friend to Ace, the Fish-Man Seven Warlord of the Sea Jinbe[17] who all help Luffy save Ace in the Summit War of Marineford.[18] Though he was the second Warlord of the Sea to be named back in the Arlong Park Arc, Jinbe is the final Warlord of the Sea to be fully shown.[5]
  • Jinbe being a close friend to Ace is revealed and their past encounter is foreshadowed,[6] which was later shown in the Marineford Arc.[28] Whitebeard's protection of Fish-Man Island is introduced.[29] Jinbe's connection to Whitebeard caused him to resign his position of Warlord of the Sea in the next arc.[30]
  • Crocodile's grudge against Whitebeard is revealed as he was simply trying to help Luffy escape Impel Down so he can try to kill Whitebeard at Marineford.[6]
  • Ace's loyalty to Whitebeard and his disdain for his birth father are presented for the first time.[1]
  • Blackbeard's true reasons for becoming a Warlord of the Sea are foreshadowed[21] and later revealed in the Marineford Arc.[31][32]
  • As stated by Vice Admiral Momonga to Hancock, Shanks has engaged his fellow Emperor, Kaidou, in hopes of protecting Whitebeard after Kaidou's attempt to take Whitebeard's life while he was heading to Marineford to save Ace. What happened between Shanks and Kaidou is unknown.[10]
  • After getting poisoned by Magellan and surviving thanks to Ivankov, Luffy gains a natural resistance to poison which helps him survive against Hyouzou's poisonous ink in the Fish-Man Island Arc,[33] and Caesar Clown's gases in the Punk Hazard Arc.[34]
  • With Blackbeard having gained new crewmates from Level 6 due to his death match, several Level 6 inmates would escape. Sengoku would hear of this and after hearing the World Government wanting to suppress this incident,[35] he and Garp would resign from the Marines after the war.[36]
    • Magellan would be beaten to an inch of life left in him as revealed in the Post-War Arc, causing him to want to take full responsibility for this incident.[35] After the timeskip, Magellan would be replaced as Chief Warden by Hannyabal[37] and demoted to Vice Warden.[38]
    • During the timeskip, a bounty hunter named Jean Ango would reveal he learned the location of the Level 6 inmates.[39]
  • The prisoners mentioned by Ivankov in his talk with Bon Kurei[15] would later become the new recruits to the Blackbeard Pirates in the following arc.[40]
  • Crocodile's connection to Emporio Ivankov is revealed as well as his past being foreshadowed when Ivankov blackmailed him to help, or he will reveal his "secret".[17]
  • Bon Kurei's fate after his battle with Magellan is unknown to Luffy but it will later reveal him to be alive and well as the new "Queen" of Newkama Land after the timeskip.[41]
  • Buggy's past as a member of the Roger Pirates is revealed to the fellow escaped prisoners of Impel Down[26] who will later worship him and follow his every move in next arc.[42] Also, his past will help earn him a place as Warlord of the Sea during the timeskip.[43]
  • In this arc, Crocodile would reveal that Zoan users have a class known as Awakened.[21] This would be further explained in the Dressrosa Arc about Devil Fruit users having an Awakened class for all types.[44]

Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • In the manga, the people in East Blue were talking about the consequences of the war in Marineford, if it happens. In the anime, a lady talks about how it's impossible for a pirate to invade Marineford, to which an old man replies that it is possible and reminds her of the pirate Golden Lion Shiki, who invaded Marineford 20 years ago.
  • In the anime, the speech before Ace arrives is given by Vice Admiral Lacroix, but in the manga, the speech is given by John Giant.
  • In the manga, Portgas D. Rouge's face was barely visible, while in the anime her face is fully shown.
  • In the flashback about Baterilla, the cruelty of the Marines is shown more in the anime than in the manga. In the anime, a Marine forces a woman to leave her home while another Marine hit the woman's husband with the rear of his rifle.
  • In the anime, we see Thatch and Ace fighting the Decalvan Brothers. This did not happen in the manga.
  • In the manga, we know that Thatch was killed by Teach, but it never said how. In the anime, Teach stabs Thatch in the back.
  • While Hancock's qipao is originally yellow, for some reason it is changed to purple in the anime.


  • This is the third arc so far to have more episodes in the anime than chapters in the manga.
  • The anime film tie-in special Little East Blue Arc was broadcast during this arc.


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