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SERENA×ONE PIECE 3D Straw Hat Chase Original Anime DVD "Infiltrate!! Thousand Sunny" is a DVD-exclusive, short animated special vinculated to the movie One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase and the New Nissan Serena released in the same year. The DVDs were distributed on March 5th and 6th, 2011, to every customer who test-drove a Nissan Serena on those days.[1]


Infiltrate!! Thousand Sunny

Brook presenting the Thousand Sunny in Infiltrate!! Thousand Sunny.

A 6-minute long special, in which Brook presents to the viewer the Straw Hat Pirates and, with their help, the insides of the Thousand Sunny while Luffy searches for his straw hat.


The short film begins with Brook introducing the viewer to the Thousand Sunny and the Straw Hat Pirates with a canvas that has the ship projected onto it. Brook reacts to the viewer not knowing who the Straw Hat Pirates are and offers to show them around the ship and introduce the crew members one by one. He starts with Luffy but hears his captain shouting, hurrying with the viewer to see what is wrong.

Now on the Sunny, Luffy runs frantically around the ship looking for his straw hat. He runs into the kitchen, where Brook is enjoying a meal, and lifts the table into the air to look for his hat before putting it down and stealing some of the musician's food. Brook calls at him to stop before the scene freezes. Brook speaks to the viewer to introduce Sanji and the kitchen. Luffy runs into Chopper's medical room, jumping on top of his desk and lifting Chopper up to look under his chair, and he runs out. Brook introduces the room and Chopper, and the reindeer's dream of being a successful doctor is projected with Chopper dressed in a white coat, stethoscope, and mustache, asking if the viewer needs a checkup.

Brook moves on to the bathroom, where Luffy is digging through Nami's bath water to look for his hat. She kicks him in the face and orders him to leave. Brook introduces Nami and the bathroom, and when he comments on her attractiveness, she hits him, too. Nami explains that the bathroom is on the ship's top floor and that taking a bath there is a great place to relax. Brook, with a huge welt on his head, guides the viewer to the next room.

Now in the Usopp Factory below deck, Luffy climbs on top of a cannon Usopp and Franky are working on and sticks his head inside to look for his hat. He gets stuck and falls backwards, crashing into the ground, cannon and all. Usopp complains about Luffy before explaining more about his workspace. Brook introduces him, and Usopp asks if the viewer wants to try out a weapon. Luffy runs up to the ship's library, where he pulls out books from the shelves to search. Robin catches all of them with her Devil Fruit abilities before Luffy runs off. Robin introduces the library, and Nami introduces her as the ship's archaeologist before switching to her Namifia appearance to explain the crew's voyage book. Luffy cries out for his hat before falling into the ship's aquarium, and Brook tells the viewer that they have to go save him from drowning.

As Luffy drowns in the aquarium, Robin introduces the aquarium bar. Luffy somehow gets out of the water and cries for his hat. Brook asks what happens, and Sanji explains that Usopp lost it. Brook tries to remember what they did yesterday. A shot of the Sunny sailing in the sea at night pans and zooms in to the crow's nest where Zoro is training. Luffy shouts, asking Zoro if he knows where his hat went, and Brook explains the purpose of the crow's nest. Zoro says that he spends all his time there and has not seen the hat.

A shot of the Sunny's deck pans up to look through the window into the girls' bedroom at Nami and Robin sleeping. Nami begins shouting at Brook to stop, who tries to defend himself for just showing the viewer around the ship. Nami introduces the room, affirming that Luffy's hat is definitely not in there. Brook proceeds to the boys' bedroom. Another nighttime shot tracks down the ship's stairs to the other bedroom and slips through the barely open door to show the male crew members asleep. Zoro begins to snore, and Brook asks him to help introduce the room. After he doesn't respond for a few second, Brook realizes that he never introduced the viewer to Franky, so they leave to see what he is doing.

Now in Franky's workroom, Brook introduces the space and Franky as the shipwright who built the Sunny. Franky then explains the ship's Soldier Dock System, including the Shiro Mokuba I, Mini Merry II, Shark Submerge III, and Special Channel Zero. Now standing at the helm of the ship, Franky activates Channel Zero, and paddle wheels emerge from the sides of the ship, propelling it forward at a high speed. Brook, now standing again next to the original canvas, except now the entire crew is projected onto it while Luffy continues to run around looking for his hat. Brook shouts and waves to thank Franky, before looking at the crew on the canvas and dropping his jaw open. After a quick zoom into the canvas' projection, Luffy stands firmly in the center of his crew, telling viewers that the fate of his straw hat can be discovered by watching One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase. The crew strikes a pose as the film ends.


The trailer for the double-featured One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase and Toriko 3D: Gourmet Adventure are included in the special DVD.

Nissan Serena's Commercial

The Straw Hat Pirates with a Nissan Serena.

The commercial movie used to promote the New Nissan Serena, featuring the Straw Hat Pirates and the aforementioned car, decorated to look like the Thousand Sunny ship.

Special Making Video

A behind-the-scenes CGI model of Luffy.

The last DVD feature is a special video showing the making of the One Piece's movie CGI and Toriko's 2D animation.


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