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For the chapter or volume of the same name, see Chapter 145 and Volume 16.

Inherited Will (受け継がれる意志 Uketsugareru Ishi?) is a central concept in the world of One Piece. It refers to passing on one's dreams and ideals to future generations.


Hiriluk: Even if I disappear, my dream will come true. The citizens' sickness of the heart will be cured as well... Why're you crying... Dalton-kun?
Dalton: I wonder... if it's the same for a country...
Hiriluk: Eh eh... As long as there are those who inherit the will...
— Dr. Hiriluk[1]

Inherited will is the idea that the living will carry the ideals of past generations. Those who believe in the concept of inherited will tend to accept their own mortality and entrust their dreams to the people of the next era.[1] Inherited will is not something bound by bloodline.[2]

One major example of inherited will may be the Will of D., though the specifics of it have yet to be explained.


These things cannot be stopped: Inherited will. People's dreams. The ebb and flow of the ages. As long as people seek the answer to freedom, these will never cease to be!
— Pirate King Gold Roger[3]

The first mention of inherited will in the series is presented in a quote by Gol D. Roger. Roger believed that inherited will was one of the things that could never be stopped, so long as man sought the answer to freedom.[3]

Hiriluk refers to the concept at the end of his life, believing his dream will be fulfilled after he is gone.[1] Due to his speech, Dalton was inspired to inherit the will of the former king of Drum Kingdom.[4]

In his final words, Whitebeard stated that there are those have inherited Roger's will, and there will be those to inherit the will of Portgas D. Ace as well. He claimed that severing bloodlines would not prevent their wills from being passed on.[2]

In Episode of Sabo, Sabo states that he will inherit Ace's will.[5] Inherited will is also referenced in the subtitle of the special, "Bond of Three Brothers - A Miraculous Reunion and an Inherited Will".

Yamato intends to inherit the will of Kozuki Oden and open the borders of Wano Country.[6]


  • Chapter 625, in which Otohime asks her citizens not to teach their children to hate humans, is titled "Uninherited Will" (受け継がない意志 Uketsuganai Ishi?).


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