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Island Eater[1] was a giant goldfish that inhabited the sea near Little Garden. He was said to be the main reason ships leaving the island never reached their destination.[4] He was classified as a Type C creature, "Big Savage".[5]


Island Eater was an enormous fish, rivaling the size of even the most massive of Sea Kings. He resembled a typical white-red colored goldfish, with protruding eye sockets and a wide mouth that had a set of large teeth.[6]


Little is known about Island Eater's personality, but he was considered highly savage in nature.[5]

Abilities and Powers

Island Eater's massive size allowed him to easily consume ships or even entire islands, producing feces large enough to be known as Nanimonai Island.[7] However, he was quickly defeated by Dorry and Brogy.[6]


Little Garden Arc

Dorry and Brogy slay Island Eater.

Island Eater appeared when the Straw Hats were leaving Little Garden. He ate the Going Merry, but was killed by Dorry and Brogy's strongest attack, Hakoku. [1][6]



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