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Befitting his title as the Flying Pirate, Shiki has a flying pirate ship, the Island Ship.[1]


A bird's eye view of the ship.

The ship appears to be a floating island with high trees as masts; its base is purely solid earth floating in mid-air with the ship's deck mounted on the top. The sails are all rectangular-shaped and Oriental looking, and the biggest one has Shiki's Jolly Roger on it. Long oars can be seen moving on both of the ship's sides, but it is unknown if there is someone rowing or if it is a result of Shiki's ability. The figurehead is a massive golden Oriental looking lion.


The ship is levitated by Shiki's Fuwa Fuwa no Mi powers. Because of this, apart from serving as the crew's captain, Shiki also acts as their helmsman and as such, any change in course that must occur first has to be relayed by the crew to Shiki to conduct the change of trajectory. With his power, the ship has also shown considerable maneuverability, as seen when she evaded an approaching weather hazard in time.

On the deck, the vessel carries a sophisticated system of navigation that includes skilled navigators and meteorologists, and is well-equipped for their expertise, having a working barometer on-board as well as a large Log Pose located at the command center. However, even the crew seems to have their limits at navigating through the Grand Line, having failed to detect the approach the incoming cyclone that Nami foresaw when they first encountered the Straw Hat Pirates.

What happened to the ship after the cyclone is unknown, as Shiki is seen using the floating island fortress Merveille as his base of operation for the rest of his conquest.[2]



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  2. One Piece Movie — One Piece Film: Strong World, the Island Ship is no longer seen in use, having been replaced by the floating island fortress Merveille.

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