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The Island of Rare Animals is an island in the East Blue populated by bizarre "hybrid" animals. It is currently known to have only two human inhabitants: Gaimon and Sarfunkel.

Geography and Layout

The island is completely undeveloped, and mostly overgrown with forest. Its most significant landmark is a tall, almost sheer butte topped with five empty treasure chests.

Flora and Fauna

The island is named for its distinctive wildlife, most (possibly all) of which blend the traits of two or more conventional animals, e.g. pigs with lion manes and rabbits with snake bodies. These creatures are notably docile, and highly sought-after by poachers.


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Island of Rare Animals
Gaimon Sarfunkel Cocox Usagihebi Lionbuta
Kirinkodanuki Duck-Poodle Bear-Tiger Kabagorilla  Kamonohitsuji 
Saikangaroo  Zebra-Ostrich  Panda-Bat  Tiger-Elephant  Cow-Tortoise 

The animals inhabiting the island include:


Some time in the past, a number of empty treasure chests—at least six—were left on the island by an unknown party.

Roughly two years after Gold Roger's execution, pirates on the Machina Hallelujah came to the island seeking treasure, but only managed to uncover one empty chest after three weeks' search. While most of them gave up, a lone crewman named Gaimon thought of climbing the butte, and found the five chests atop it; in the same instant, however, he lost his grip and fell into the chest discarded beneath the cliff, permanently trapping himself inside.

Unable to stop the Hallelujah from sailing off, Gaimon was effectively marooned on the island; though his compressed body could no longer climb the butte, he refused to give up on "his" treasure. Over the next twenty years, he posed as the island's guardian (番人 Ban'nin?), driving off any newcomers through a combination of stealth, theatrics, and gunplay. Concurrently, he befriend the island's many strange animals, coming to treasure them in and of themselves.

Eventually, the Straw Hat Pirates chanced on the island, and easily exposed Gaimon. After learning his story, a sympathetic Monkey D. Luffy volunteered to scale the cliff and retrieve the chests, but in doing so only confirmed that they had been empty all along. Though driven to tears, Gaimon again refused to despair, and resolved to spend the rest of his days protecting his animal friends from poachers.[1]

Some time later, Buggysans most of his body parts—crash-landed on the island, and came to blows with Gaimon.[2] However, they soon befriended each other over their mutually bizarre physiques; with Gaimon's help, Buggy departed the island in a newly-built raft .[3]

After the timeskip, the island has a new resident, the barrel-woman, Sarfunkel.[4]

Anime and Manga Differences

Because of Gaimon's actions as Guardian God (守り神 Mamorigami?), the island was led to be called Treasure Island (?) in the anime.[5]



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