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The Island of Rare Animals is an island that is covered entirely by forest and has many strange animals on it, most of which are mixtures of two or more normal animals, including Cocox. Gaimon, the only human living on the island at the time, went there about twenty four years ago from the present storyline, along with the rest of his crew, searching for treasure, and was left behind. Twenty two years later, the Straw Hat Pirates arrived. Being the nice guy he is, Luffy helped Gaimon find the treasure chests he was searching for on a rock tower in the middle of the island. However, they were all empty.[1]

Later, Buggy was spat ashore by a giant bird and discovered by Gaimon, which thought he was going to take away the rare animals and they got in a fight.[2] When Buggy said he was actually a pirate, they became friends.[3] Soon, Buggy made a raft and left the island, but was attacked by a giant crab on the shore.[4]

After the timeskip, the island has a new resident, the barrel-woman, Sarfunkel.[5]


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Island of Rare Animals
Gaimon Sarfunkel Cocox Usagihebi Lionbuta
Kirinkodanuki Kabagorilla  Kamonohitsuji  Saikangaroo  Duck-Poodle
Bear-Tiger Zebra-Ostrich  Panda-Bat  Tiger-Elephant  Cow-Tortoise 

The animals inhabiting the island include:

Anime and Manga Differences

Because of Gaimon's actions as Guardian God (守り神 Mamorigami?), the island was led to be called Treasure Island (?) in the anime.[6]



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