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Template:Char box Isoka is an anime only female Marine of significant rank in the filler Rainbow Mist Arc. She is first seen on the same ship with another marine, who was eventually revealed to be Rapanui Pasqua.


Isoka is a woman with a somewhat droopy face, with short pink hair with a Marine headband. She wears a standard Marine coat over a sea green turtle neck with stripes running down it. She also has blue pants.

As a kid, she had longer purple hair, a blue-purple colored jacket with a green shirt under it, and a white striped skirt.


Not much is known about her personality, except that she seems to be quite calm in situations.

When she was a kid, she had a somewhat short temper, usually resulting to violence.

Abilities and Powers

Not much is known what abilities she has, except that she was shown with a sword. It is unknown whether o not she can use this proficiently.

When she was a kid, she seemed to use swords and knives to threaten people.



Isoka was the only female member of the Pumpkin Pirates. Along with Rapanui Pasqua, Rongo, Pukau and Akibi, managed to momentarily stop Wetton from pillaging Ruluka fifty years, they all end up in Ape's Concert through the Rainbow Mist along with Ian. They left Henzo behind.

She was then trapped in the Rainbow Mist, until it broke down. Afterwards, she was somehow sent back through time into a period, where she and the others were then able to join the Marines.

Years later after joining the marines, she and the rest of her friends met the Straw Hat Pirates and an aging Henzo and, with their help, they managed to stop Wetton from taking over Ape's Concert and Isoka returned home along with her friends.

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