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It was stated that all Marines ranked Vice Admiral or higher possess [[Haki]],{{Qref|name=Haki|chapter=594|episode=511|text=Fishbonen states Haki is a power all the vice admirals use.}} so as a higher ranked officer as well as leader of the Marines, Issho can also use the ability.
It was stated that all Marines ranked Vice Admiral or higher possess [[Haki]],{{Qref|name=Haki|chapter=594|episode=511|text=Fishbonen states Haki is a power all the vice admirals use.}} so as a higher ranked officer as well as a leader of the Marines, Issho can also use the ability.

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Template:Char box Issho (イッショウ Isshou?), better known by his alias Fujitora (藤虎 Fujitora?) is a Marine Admiral. He was first mentioned by Sakazuki.[1]


Fujitora is a blind man with only the whites of his eyes showing, with scars over each one. He has short black hair, and a black mustache and beard. He sports a white marine coat over a white kimono which is held up by a black belt. He walks around with a wooden walking stick, and wears sandals.


Issho appears to be a reasonable man, that is very trusting of people, as seen when he believed that he kept on losing at roulette. The moment he was told that he was being cheated and that the swindlers tried to kill him for figuring it out, he retaliated mercilessly and believed that being blind spared from looking at the corruptions of the world.[2][3]

He also appears to care about the safety of innocent civilians more than his desire to arrest and punish criminals. He appears to follow his own ideals instead of adhering to the Marines' doctrine of Absolute Justice.[4]

Abilities and Powers

As an admiral, Fujitora must have great strength, being the second highest Marine rank. Fujitora is at least strong enough to have Sakazuki's confidence in dealing with Monkey D. Luffy, a notorious pirate, and Trafalgar Law, a powerful Shichibukai.[1]

Devil Fruit

When exacting retribution on dealers that were cheating him because of his blindness, he used an unknown Devil Fruit power on Doflamingo's men to create an unknown force of such intensity that caused his victims to be forced down and created a large hole.[2][5]


Further information: Haki

It was stated that all Marines ranked Vice Admiral or higher possess Haki,[6] so as a higher ranked officer as well as a leader of the Marines, Issho can also use the ability.


Dressrosa Arc

Fujitora was dispatched by Fleet Admiral Sakazuki to deal with Luffy and Law.[1]

He was first seen in a restaurant in Acacia, gambling with some of Doflamingo's men that were cheating. Luffy called the thugs bluff and helped Fujitora. Fujitora got his revenge by creating a giant hole in the ground, which the thugs were crushed and dropped into. Fujitora thanked Luffy, paid for the damages caused by his giant hole, and left the restaurant without telling Luffy who he was.[3]

He was later seen as a spectator in the Corrida Colosseum[7] He was apparently scouting out all the big names at the Colosseum, and said to his subordinates that they should leave. He requested 3 battleships and a large number of medical officers and said that he'll go to Green Bit first. Then, he asked his subordinate about the number of spectators, the population of the town, and of the country. When his subordinate asks why that is needed he replies that before counting the number of enemies they should count the number of people needing protection.[4]


  • The name Fujitora (藤虎 Fujitora?) translates to "Wisteria Tiger".
  • This character has the same naming scheme (color + animal) as the three other admirals of the Golden Age of Piracy.


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