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J-WORLD Tokyo was an indoor Shonen Jump theme park in Tokyo, Japan operated by Namco Co. It features attractions and shows based on One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and more.[1] The park originally opened in 2013 but closed on February 17, 2019.[2]


J-WORLD was located inside Sunshine City's commercial complex in the Ikebukuro district in Tokyo. Admission tickets cost from 1,300-2,900¥. The ¥1,300 ticket only covered admission, and the ¥2,900 ticket covered both admission to the theme park and its attractions. Advanced tickets could be purchased at 7-11 and FamilyMart as well.[1]

J-WORLD Tokyo's floor map.

Each attraction (and show) cost ¥800, except Chopper's Carousel ride, which only cost ¥400 if you buy the ¥1300 ticket.[1]

The park was open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day, including holidays.[3]

The park was divided into different areas: One Piece Area, Dragon Ball Area, Naruto Area, and Heroes Arena, which was dedicated to other Jump series like Bleach, Toriko, and more.[1]

Occasionally, actors in mascot suits of Luffy, Goku, and Naruto would walk around the park to visit with guests and provide photo-ops.[4]

Center Core

The Center Core is the entrance area of the park, which is completely surrounded by 360 degrees of LCD screens. It has a touch panel at the center, and when you touch a character image on the panel, the character will appear on the LCD screens. All of the Straw Hat Pirates and Shanks appear.[4]

One Piece Area

The park's One Piece Area.

The One Piece Area features a number of One Piece-themed attractions and a number of opportunities where fans could take pictures next to murals of Luffy's terrible artwork (the fish-man Nami and the crew's Jolly Roger), a group of Kung-Fu Dugongs, and sculptures of the Thousand Sunny and Sanji's Diable Jambe to pose with. The area also featured a singing animatronic of Brook and a fruit stand selling exotic fruits, reminiscent of Devil Fruits.[5] The area also featured a mock replica of Partys Bar and a wall of masks for sale (including the Sogeking mask)[6]


Soldier Dock Adventure

Soldier Dock Adventure is a seven-minute, ride-along theatrical attraction. The story behind the attraction is that the Straw Hat Pirates visited Resorto[7], and after wasting all of their money and food, Nami created a tourist ride to raise money. Usopp and Franky built the ride using a Memory Dial, which tells of the crew's previous adventures, like being attacked by Perona's Negative Hollows on Thriller Bark.[1] Ride cars were made to look like the Straw Hat Pirates's different vehicles, like the Mini Merry II and the Shark Submerge III.[8][9]

A special version of the attraction was available for Halloween, called Scream Out Loud! STRAW HAT HORROR CRUISE.[4] The attraction was only available until November 6, 2016.[10]

Soldier Dock Adventure Logo.png
Soldier Dock Adventure logo.
Scream Out Loud! logo.
Soldier Dock Adventure Thriller Bark.png
Soldier Dock Adventure's Thriller Bark section.

Chopper's Carousel

Chopper's Carousel is a three-minute carousel ride aimed at children. Visitors must weigh under 100 kg to ride.[1] The carousel seats were designed to look like the Shiro Mokuba I.[8][5]

Chopper's Carousel Logo.png
Chopper's Carousel logo.
Chopper's Carousel.png
Chopper's Carousel.
Chopper's Carousel Shiro Mokuba I.png
The ride's Shiro Mokuba I seats.

Amusement Arena

Hidden between the One Piece and Dragon Ball Areas, the Amusement Arena consists of arcade games, gashapon and UFO crane machines. Yen prices for games differ in the arcade, and the arcade features J-WORLD-exclusive prizes.[1]

Chopper Quest - Luffy Rescue Mission

Chopper Quest - Luffy Rescue Mission was a permanent attraction added December 19, 2014, where visitors went on an adventure to save Luffy with Chopper. It takes roughly 20 minutes to complete.[11]

The Straw Hat Pirates stopped at Resorto, and Luffy ate a large amount of Balloon Bird meat, known to fill people up with only one piece. Because Luffy ate so much, he continued to get more and more full and swollen. Worried that Luffy might explode, Chopper sent the crew and Law around the island to collect ingredients for the medicine to cure their captain.

Visitors followed Chopper's directions to seven points in the One Piece Area and played mini-games at each point in order to obtain the medicine's ingredients. Depending on the ingredients visitors collected, the ending of the game changed. As a bonus, visitors would have their photo taken to be issued in a newspaper style, with their photo decorated like the top headline with popular characters.[12]

Visitors are each given a backpack with a Chopper plush in it. Each of the seven points where ingredients can be found is designated with a Chopper mark. One minigame involved visitors putting their hands inside orange crates to pick the best ones out for Nami. One had visitors move a lever side-to-side to catch "sugar balls" in a cup, with the result depending on how many the visitors could catch. Another game required visitors to press a button repeatedly to get cola. Other games include blowing away smoke from Smoker with Zoro and fighting off Fighting Fish with Sanji.[7]

Chopper Quest Logo.png
Chopper Quest logo.
Chopper Quest.png
Chopper Quest promotional poster.


Cafe Mademoiselle

Cafe Mademoiselle.

Cafe Mademoiselle is a Sanji-themed restaurant that made stylish dishes catered to women to emulate his love for them. Menu items included bone-in meat with balsamic sauce, seafood pilaf, and roast beef with wine sauce.[1] Other menu items were added, including "Colosseum Bento" (like the one Rebecca bought for Luffy), "3D2Y Nuggets" marking the crew's training after Ace's death, and a strawberry shortcake meant to look like Luffy and Chopper's hats.[12]


J-WORLD Cafe is a food court with three different menus based on other series: Naruto, Toriko, and Dragon Ball.[1]


J-Patisserie is a desert shop featured elegant deserts based on characters from Bleach, Blue Exorcist, and Gintama.[1]


Lucy & Lucy Coliseum the Battle

Lucy & Lucy show logo.

Lucy & Lucy Coliseum the Battle (ルーシー&ルーシー コロシアム ザ バトル! Rūshī & Rūshī Koroshiamu za Batoru!?) was a stage play that ran from December 18, 2014 to February 1, 2015. The show took place during the Dressrosa Arc, when a mysterious man confronted Luffy and Bartolomeo.[12]

Luffy and Bartolomeo were attacked when Inchikin and Justy appeared out from Inchikin's cloak that made them invisible. Bartolomeo defended Luffy with his barrier, and Justy shot at them, cracking Bartolomeo's barrier. Inchikin hypnotized Luffy and caused him to fall asleep, and Inchikin and Justy fled, disappearing under Incihkin's cloak. Bartolomeo tried waking Luffy up by performing the YMCA, which worked. With Luffy awake, Sabo appeared, shocking Luffy. Luffy gave Sabo his Lucy costume, and Inchikin and Justy attacked again. Sabo and Bartoloemo clashed with them, and Sabo defeated them with Ryu no Kagizume.[13]


A commemorative event was held for the release of One Piece Film: Gold from July 15 to September 11, 2016.[14] Part of the event was a stamp-collecting challenge, where visitors could follow one of two courses: the "Sanji Course" and the "Zoro Course". Collecting enough stamps could earn visitors original can badges that were not otherwise for sale.[15]

Meat Fight! Bubble Soccer Tournament

Meat Fight! promotional poster.

Meat Fight! Bubble Soccer Tournament, That Meat is Mine! Cup 2017 in J-WORLD TOKYO (肉争奪!バブルサッカー大会 その肉はオレのだ!! カップ 2017 in J-WORLD TOKYO Niku Sōdatsu! Baburusakkā Taikai Sono Niku wa Ore Noda! ! Kappu 2017 in J - WORLD Tōkyō?) was a bubble soccer tournament held from July 15 to September 24, 2017 where Luffy, Buu, and Choji compete for meat. Players could join one of their teams to compete, and battles occurred between two teams at a time. The maximum number of people per team was four, and players wore spherical balloon bumpers. The goal was to avoid enemy players while carrying a balloon over to your goal. The team that scored five goals first within the time limit won. When only 30 seconds remained in a round, the team's respective characters would join in to compete.[16]

Other Services


J-WORLD STORE was a gift shop that sold merchandise for One Piece and other Shonen Jump properties, some of which was exclusive to the store. Merchandise included t-shirts, candy, puzzles, and more.[17]


"Cos-Play" offered guests the chance to dress up as their favorite characters from One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Gintama. They could take photos with props and received a commemorative photo.[18]


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