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Gentlemanly Jackie is a resident of Kogyoku Village on Jail Island. He is the son of Eliza and the boyfriend of Emma.[2]


Jackie is a well-dressed man of average size with short blue hair and a small goatee on his chin. He wears a yellow suit jacket over a green vest and red kerchief, and his pants and large top hat are also yellow. He also wears a pair of brown boots.[1]


Jackie is quite strong-willed, being intent on being together with Emma and not caring about the Pro-Marine and Anti-Marine conflict that has caused their families to feud. He bluntly stood up to his mother when she continued opposing their relationship after their run-in with pirates, saying that living with her was not much different than being enslaved by pirates. He does seem to be a bit naive, having ended up being captured by pirates after entering the pirate-infested harbor.[2]



Emma is Jackie's girlfriend. The two care about each other very much and want to be together at all costs, and so when their families made clear their intent to drive them apart, the two of them tried to take drastic action to escape Jail Island and elope somewhere else. This plan did not succeed, but the duo's parents eventually came around to their relationship which gave them joy.[2] Later, Jackie was shown putting his life at risk to protect his girlfriend from attack by robots.[3]


Eliza is Jackie's mother. Though she cares for her son, she has acted very controlling over him and her deep resentment against the Anti-Marine faction caused her to disapprove of his relationship with Emma to the point of even forcing him to marry a different woman. When she confronted Jackie after his attempt to leave the island with Emma failed, Jackie stood up to her and criticized her constant attempts to control him. With the help of Luffy and Jeanne, however, Jackie was eventually able to convince Eliza to be less antagonistic toward the Anti-Marine faction and thus got her to accept his and Emma's relationship.[2]


One Piece: World Seeker

Jackie was out in Steel City with Emma, and they talked about the prison warden Isaac leaving the naval base and the Straw Hat Pirates. Monkey D. Luffy, who unbeknownst to them was the Straw Hats' captain, then approached them and asked about the situation. He then asked where he could find the warden, and Jackie and Emma told him.[1]

Later, Jackie's mother Eliza, a member of the Pro-Marine faction who did not approve of his relationship with Emma due to her family being Anti-Marine, made it clear that she would have her son marry a different woman. In response, Jackie and Emma plotted to sail out of Jail Island and elope somewhere else. They went to the harbor by Kogyoku Village to make their escape, but ended up being captured by a pirate crew and locked in a warehouse with the crew intending to enslave them. However, they were soon freed by Luffy and were able to escape back to Kogyoku Village. After hearing about this incident, Eliza and Emma's father Will doubled down on their opposition of the couple being together, and in response Jackie said that being enslaved by the pirates was no different than living with his mother. Eventually, however, with Luffy and Jeanne's help, Jackie and Emma were ultimately able to convince Eliza and Will to care for their family members over their Marine ideologies. Later, the two families went to hang around Konko Plaza and Jackie and Emma thanked Luffy, saying their relationship had become more accepted among the island's citizens.[2]

Later, Jackie and Emma were near Konko Plaza when they were confronted by several Marine robots. Jackie stood between Emma and the robots to protect his girlfriend, but Luffy then arrived to take on the robots, allowing them to escape.[3]


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