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Jaguar D. Saul is a giant and former Vice Admiral who deserted the Marines[2] and happened to wash ashore on Ohara.[1]

He was originally believed to have died while protecting a young Nico Robin from the Buster Call that destroyed Ohara, having been frozen by fellow Vice Admiral Kuzan 22 years ago.[7] In reality, he survived, albeit covered in bandages, and went into hiding after collecting the books the scholars had saved from destruction and bringing them to Elbaf.[4]


As a giant, Saul is many times larger than a human. He has long, orange hair and a big beard that seems to connect around his entire face, which somewhat resembled a lion's mane.

During his time as a vice admiral, Saul wore a Marine coat like all other higher-ranking Marines. However, after his defection, he discarded it. When he crash-landed on Ohara, he was wearing a black shirt and gray jeans that were a little tattered. Also, as a Marine, he had worn the Marine cap, but upon his defection he exchanged it for a cowboy's hat.[1]

While leading a group of Elbaf giants in retrieving books from Ohara, Saul was noted to be wrapped in bandages.[4]


Jaguar D. Saul as a Young Marine
Jaguar D. Saul during his youth as a Marine.
Saul 27 Years Ago
Jaguar D. Saul at age 100.
Jaguar D. Saul Manga Color Scheme
Jaguar D. Saul's color scheme in the manga.
Saul Digitally Colored Manga
Jaguar D Saul Anime Concept Art
Jaguar D. Saul's concept art from the anime.


Saul's Laugh

Saul's unusual method of laughing.

Saul was a big and friendly giant who was somewhat shy and timid. While he was loyal to the Marines, he questioned their orders at least twice, which shows that he followed moral Justice over the code of Absolute Justice. In the end, it was this moral judgment that led him to betraying them, as Saul could not see why the Marines would need to slaughter an entire clan of mere archaeologists, who had no fighting chance against them. He also justified his choice of defending Robin after seeing a former colleague destroy an entire ship of innocent citizens, who held no related crimes to the incident at hand.

He saw the giants of Elbaf to be somewhat barbaric, and did not follow their traditions of fighting to the death. Despite this, Saul trusts them and would lead a group of Elbaf giants to salvage the books that the scholars of Ohara saved. Saul dedicated himself to protect Ohara's knowledge, and trusted Vegapunk enough to allow him to read the entire library.[4]

Saul was also characterized as having a unique, but awkward laugh (Dereshishishishi). He enjoyed seeing others laugh and have fun, as shown when he encouraged Robin to laugh.[1] Like other "D's" before him, he was seen laughing before his apparent death.


Nico Robin[]

There is nothing more ridiculous than being born in this world to be alone. Someday you will meet brave friends who will protect you. Go and live with them Robin.
— Saul, to Robin about having friends.

He was one of the three people who influenced Nico Robin. Saul was the first person to have befriended Robin (besides Ohara's archaeologists) after she found him washed up on Ohara's shore. Afterwards, Robin visited and brought food for him for several days while he built a raft to leave the island. One day, he taught and encouraged Robin to laugh whenever she was sad, even if it hurt. Seconds before his death, Saul told Robin that she would find friends that will protect her and live with her someday. As Robin left the island, she mourns for his death, along with the destruction of her home and the death of her mother.

Saul's relationship with Robin explained how she knows about the Will of D. After saving Luffy from being buried under quicksand, she questioned him about why those who have the Will of D. fight, although Luffy had no idea what she was talking about.

Robin hallucinates Saul's appearance alongside Olvia and Clover as her "most precious memories" under the effects of Black Maria's illusion mist.[8]

It wouldn't be until 22 years later that Robin would learn that Saul was still alive and in hiding at Elbaf which she was brought to tears when Shaka revealed this information, despite not being able to verify Saul's name directly.[4]


Saul and Vice Admiral Kuzan (later known as Admiral Aokiji) also had a good friendship. They also shared the same sight on Moral Justice. Despite this, their friendship was not enough to spare Saul, though the reason Kuzan allowed Robin to live was mostly a final favor to Saul.[9]

Nico Olvia[]

Saul initially had a hostile interaction with Nico Olvia. She berated him for murdering her colleagues and blindly complying with the World Government's policies without knowledge of the entire situation. Saul realized she was correct and it led him to question his senior officer about the prohibition on Poneglyphs. The lack of answers prompted him to question Olvia about her work and in disdain for the World Government's cruelty defected by releasing her. Olvia warned him that he could never return to the Marines, due to his treason. Saul responded by stating he was following his own ethics and wished her luck on her return to Ohara.[10] Olvia finally trusted him by requesting Saul to protect her daughter and evacuate her from Ohara.[11] Saul told Robin to be proud of her mother and the other archaeologists for their defiance of the World Government.[12]



As a Marine officer, Saul was supposed to be loyal to the ideals and duties of the naval military. However, he questioned the orders of his commanding officer at least twice, which shows that he followed Moral Justice over the code of Absolute Justice. In the end, it was this moral judgment that led him to defecting by releasing Nico Olvia from prison,[13] as Saul could not see why the Marines would need to slaughter an entire clan of mere archaeologists, who had no fighting chance against them. He also justified his choice of defending Robin after seeing a former colleague destroy an entire ship of innocent citizens, who held no related crimes to the incident at hand. After the Buster Call ended, Saul undermined its purpose by saving the books that the scholars placed in a lake, preserving the knowledge that the Marines sought to destroy.[4]

Abilities and Powers[]

Jaguar D

Saul lifting a Marine battleship at Ohara.

As a former Navy Vice Admiral, Saul had command of the lower ranking subordinates, as well as leading a Buster Call along with four other Vice Admirals. However, his defection cost him these privileges.

He had experienced the Grand Line and seen Devil Fruit users, so he was not surprised or scared by them at all. He even states that he was somewhat jealous of their incredible abilities.[1] He also knew how to fish for nourishment and build rafts, showing basic survival skills.

Physical Abilities[]

Being a giant, he possessed almost unbeatable strength, which was, in fact, greater than that of most giants. He could easily lift a Buster Call ship up out of the water to slam it back down and destroy it (a Buster Call ship's size was several times the size of a giant at the time). His durability was immense as well, brushing off explosions from direct cannonball hits. He was also capable of surviving being completely frozen over by then Vice Admiral Kuzan.[4]


Further information: Haki

It was stated that all vice admirals possess Haki, so Saul could also use the ability.[14]



Early History[]

Saul is a giant, but not an Elbaf giant, as he was born somewhere in the South Blue.

At some point in his life, he became a Marine and eventually made it to the rank of Vice Admiral. Before the storyline, Saul had traveled in the Grand Line, though nothing was said of his adventures other than the fact that he met many Devil Fruit users.[1]

A Storm in the Edd War[]

When the Marines learned that the Roger Pirates and the Golden Lion Pirates were about to battle in the Edd War, Saul was in Marineford and walked with Garp, Kuzan, Sakazuki, and Tsuru, listening to the conversation about Garp's efforts to arrest Gold Roger.[15]

Ohara Incident[]

Jaguar D

Saul meets the archeologist Nico Olvia.

While on duty, Saul's vessel encountered a wanted ship run by the archaeologists of Ohara, who had left West Blue to locate and decipher the mysterious poneglyphs that bear an ancient, forgotten history that was forbidden to be studied. Despite ordering his men to take the archaeologists alive, Saul's crew slaughtered all but one, Nico Olvia.

After Olvia's capture, Saul was informed by Sengoku that he would be one of the five chosen vice admirals to lead a Buster Call against Ohara for its crimes of deciphering the poneglyphs. Rejecting the study of history as a justification for the order, Saul began to doubt the World Government's actions. After interrogating Olvia, Saul grew disgusted with the military's brutal intentions and defected against the World Government by releasing her.[2]

Soon after, he was shipwrecked in a storm and sent adrift in the ocean until he unknowingly landed in Ohara. There he met Nico Robin, whom he befriended. She visited for the next four days, while he was building a raft.[1] One he had finished his raft, she told him about her mother, which led Saul to realize that he was in Ohara and that Robin was Olvia's daughter. He then warned her about the battleship that was going to destroy Ohara due to the scholars having studied the Poneglyph.[16]

Kuzan Freezes Saul

Kuzan freezes Saul, while Ohara burns.

Upon seeing the battleships gathering for the Buster Call,[17] Saul rushed off to find Robin.[18] When he found her, she had reunited with her mother. Saul promised Olvia to protect her daughter and then carried Robin to the shore of the island, but the Marine ships spotted him and opened fire. Saul put Robin down and angrily retaliated, picking up one ship[19] and throwing it into another. While attacking other ships, Saul told Robin to go to the evacuation ship. When Spandine refused to allow her aboard, Saul charged at the CP9 ship, but Kuzan intercepted him. Their argument about Justice was interrupted by the evacuation ship exploding. Saul attempted to escape with Robin, but Kuzan froze him in place. Before being completely encased in ice, Saul laughed and encouraged Robin to escape the island and to find friends out at sea.[7]

Aftermath of Ohara[]

Vegapunk Visits Elbaf

Saul meets the scientist Vegapunk.

At some point after the Ohara Incident, Saul survived both the Buster Call and being frozen by Kuzan. Freed from his frozen prison, Saul proceeded to lead a group of giants to retrieve the books that the scholars had thrown into the lake, and transported the books to Elbaf, where Saul went into hiding. He later relayed this knowledge to Vegapunk when the scientist visited the library on Elbaf, which set Vegapunk on a path to discover the truth of the Void Century.[4]

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

During Vegapunk's broadcast to the World, Saul was seen relaxing and laughing in the wilds of Elbaf.[5]

Major Battles[]

  • Jaguar D. Saul vs. Buster Call battleships
  • Jaguar D. Saul vs. Vice Admiral Kuzan


Video Games[]

Support Appearances[]


  • Saul is currently the only known giant to bear the initial D.; however, he said everyone in his family also has it, meaning that there were/are other giants carrying the initial.
    • Saul is also the only known character with the initial D. who is not a human.
  • Saul's favorite food is whole roasted whale.[3]


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