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Jail Island is the main setting of the game One Piece: World Seeker. It is under the control of the Marines. It was formerly called Jewel Island (ジュエルアイランド Jueru Airando?).[1]

Layout and Locations

Jail Island is a lush, green island with multiple elevated surfaces and precious stone formations. It is stated to be rich in natural resources.[1] It is divided in five zones, each of them with at least one main city. Moreover there are three prisons, built up by new Warden Isaac, and several Marine Bases.

Steel City

Further information: Steel City

Sogyoku Town

Further information: Sogyoku Town

Suigyoku Town

Further information: Suigyoku Town

Kogyoku Village

Further information: Kogyoku Village

Konko Plaza

Konko Plaza (コンコー広場 Konkō Hiroba?, English version: "Emery Plaza") is a large stone plaza located northwest of Steel City and southwest of Suigyoku Town. When Isaac and Jeanne's mother was leader, it was a place where many residents congregated and socialized. Following their leader's death and the start of the Marine occupation, people stopped coming around for the most part. However, thanks to Luffy and Jeanne's work to get the islanders to reconcile, people started congregating there again. It was the site where Jeanne tried to prevent a war between Pro-Marine and Anti-Marine factions from breaking out.

Hisui Bridge

Hisui Bridge (ヒスイ橋 Hisui-hashi?, English version: "Jade Bridge") is a three-part bridge connecting the north, northwest, and southwest portions of Jail Island together. The three bridges converge on a small island, which a Marine checkpoint is located on. The bridge is guarded and patrolled by Marines at all times.

Ogyoku Mine

Further information: Ogyoku Mine

Spa Island

Spa Island is a little island in the sea zone near Amber Harbor, characterized by a constant steam, similar to fog. It hides a secret onsen.

Sky Islands

There are two islands in Jail Island's skies. Both are under pirates' control, setting as their main base.

Sky Prison - Santamaria

The Sky Prison - Santamaria ("空中監獄" サンタマリア "Kūchū Kangoku" Santamaria?) was the first Marine prison shown. It was a giant flying machine which housed a large prison complex. The Straw Hats infiltrated this prison under the impression that a treasure was located here, but found that there was none and that it was a trap. Later, Isaac intended to fly the Sky Prison into Mary Geoise while it was loaded with Dyna Stones in order to destroy the Holy Land. However, his fight with Luffy caused the prison to lose power and descend into the sea not far from Jail Island, where it was destroyed in a massive explosion.


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Jail Island
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Judge Justice
Crow Anemos Brett
Anti-Marine Faction
Jeanne Gordon Will Damian Miranda
Yuri Charles
Pro-Marine Faction
Rose Fred Eliza Albert Theo
Other Islanders
Doni Jackie Emma Jill Makkuro
Omusubi Tarako Pomme Vaun Eric
Anna Raymon Nick Tama Roger
Shiro Roule Tamako Iris Mari
Koume Kombu
One-Man John Immortal Meista Wolf
Don Axe Hunger Pirates Grokky Barbados Craven
Honcho Cuddy Mussel Sully Kilmie Back


After the Marines began occupying Jail Island under Isaac, two factions formed among the islanders: the Pro-Marine Faction (海軍派 Kaigun-ha?) and Anti-Marine Faction (反海軍派 Han Kaigun-ha?). The Pro-Marine Faction consists mainly of people who value the increased safety the Marines have provided or who benefit from the economic gains created by the prison construction. The Anti-Marine Faction mainly consists of people who did not benefit from the building of the prisons, those who view the Marines' presence to be unnecessary, and those who consider the Marines to be corrupt or untrustworthy.

These opposing viewpoints have devolved into outright hatred between some members of these factions, with these people often treating those in the other faction as stupid and hurling personal attacks at them. Families belonging to a faction have been known to even keep their young children from playing with children of families in the other faction, and keep older children from dating members of families in the other faction. While the Anti-Marine Faction mainly protested the Marine occupation peacefully as their leader Jeanne desired, they also stockpiled weapons in preparation for a potential war against both the Marines and Pro-Marine Faction. This inclination toward eventual violence was shared by the Pro-Marine community, and things came to a head when a Pro-Marine fired a gunshot at a few Anti-Marines in Sogyoku Town, resulting in a brief civil war although the fighting managed to be quelled rather quickly by Jeanne and the Straw Hat Pirates.

This division was subversively encouraged by Isaac in order to start a civil war that would distract several global powers and allow him to successfully destroy Mary Geoise. He possessed resentment for both sides, considering the Pro-Marines to be lazy oafs coasting on the economic benefits provided by the Marines while the Anti-Marines are all cowards who have no intention of seriously fighting against the occupation. With the work of Jeanne and the Straw Hats, many of the islanders have begun learning to put their blind hate aside and talk about their differences civilly; it is not known what the attitudes of the factions are like currently or if they still exist at all.



Sometime in the past, the inhabitants began to extract Dyna Stones using a secret method of excavation known only to the leader of the island.

Twelve years before the main storyline, the Marines hired a pirate fleet to attack the island in order to obtain the excavation method and the Dyna Stones, acknowledging them as a huge threat to world power balance. Thanks to Jeanne's mother, the war was averted, but she lost her life in a fight. The only survived pirate is Barbados.

Some time later the future leader and Jeanne's brother Isaac left the island in order to enlist in the Marine to pursue his justice ideals. He eventually lost faith in the Marine finding out the truth behind pirates attack to the island, but keep ranking up till the Prison Warden position, just to make return on the island, officially in order to monitoring the Dyna Stones excavation and sending information to the Headquarter. He made build other two gaols (Aquamarine and Santa Maria), which brought richness to the people supporting Marine's domination, while the ones opposing them got ostracized by various power abuse episodes, factually splitting the population in two factions: Pro-Marines and Anti-Marines. Jeanne eventually became the Anti-Marines' leader.

Isaac secretly began his revenge plan ten years before the main storyline, when he gathered a huge number of pirates in Tormaline, forcing them to build mechanic parts.

Some time before the main storyline, Isaac began spreading the rumour about a hidden treasure on the island, in order to gather several pirates to obstruct CP-0 agents' investigation and to draw the Marine Admirals' attention.

One Piece: World Seeker

Following the rumor about the treasure, Straw Hat Pirates reaches Jail Island short before the begin of the arc. The same goes for both Buggy and Crocodile. Almost at the same time, the World Government began to seek information, sending Rob Lucci on the island. Germa 66 too got convoked on the island due to their interest into buying Isaac's robots. Even Katakuri appears to be interested in Dyna Stones[2].

The grown grudge between Pro-Marines and Anti-Marines lead the latters to ask for Revolutionary Army's help, but it is too late. Short later Sabo's arrival on the island, some Pro-Marines shoot on Anti-Marines and civil war spreads.

Jeanne is able to appease the civillian thanks to a message spred by the Radio Tower she assaulted with Straw Hat Pirates' help. Isaac decides to make his move invading the island with his robots, keeping busy both admirals Kizaru and Fujitora as Kuzan, Smoker and Tashigi. Luffy and Jeanne decides to reach Santa Maria to personally deal with Isaac, but Fleet Admiral Sakazuki gets in the way. Thanks to Sabo's intervention, both Luffy and Jeanne are able to reach the cannon that will send them on the Sky Prison.

On the Santa Maria, Isaac reveals his true intention: he wants to launch the prison on Mary Geoise, letting the Dyna Stones collected in there explode, destroying the Holy Land. After Isaac's defeat, the prison detonates far from Jail Island. The shockwave invests the island, inducing Marines to evacuate the residents.

Some time after Straw Hat Pirates's departure, the island is back to normality and Jeanne visits her mother's grave, discovering Isaac is still alive.[1]


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