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Jail Island is the main setting of the game One Piece: World Seeker. It is under the control of the Marines. It was formerly called Jewel Island (ジュエルアイランド Jueru Airando?).[1]

Layout and Locations

Jewel Island is a lush, green island with multiple elevated surfaces and precious stone formations. It is stated to be rich in natural resources.[1] It is divided in five zones, each of them with at least one main city. Moreover there are three prisons, built up by new Warden Isaac, and several Marine Bases.

Sapphire Town

Sapphire Town is one of the main city of the island and is divided in two parts by a river. There's also a little Marine Base in the North. It is Jeanne's family hometown.

Amber Harbor

Amber Harbor is a little port town controlled by pirates, due to Marines' lack of monitoring on the zone. Under the city there're various tunnels used as cove by pirates. Strawhat Pirates' ship Thousand Sunny moored here. Part of the island tunnels run under the town.

Topaz Mine

Topaz Mine is the main mining circuit of the island, even linked to the tunnels which run under the whole island. On front of the North entrance there's a city named Topaz Mine Town. On the East side of the mountain there's what seems to be the only graveyard of the island, where Jeanne's mother is buried.

Jade Bridge

Jade Bridge is a little island bridge connecting Sapphire Town, Ruby Village and Topaz Mine's islands. It is controlled by Marines.

Ruby Village

Ruby Village is the poorest of Jail Island's towns, as countryside are frequently subdued by Marines from Tormaline. There's also a little harbor on the West. The largest forest of the island is on the North of Ruby Village[2].

Prison Tower - Tormaline

Tormaline, also known as Prison Tower, is one of the three prisons of the island. It secretly is a factory for Isaac's purposes, taking advance of the prisoners' workforce.

Jail Island.

Emerald Town

Emerald Town is the biggest of the island's cities. It is divided in five quarters, the main of them hosting a little Marine Base. Emery Plaza is the main plaza of the town and is collocated on the East.

Steel City

Steel City is the richest of Jail Island's cities, prospered due the Pro-Marines faction and the closeness to Halcum Port. It also hosts the Radio Tower and the main Marine Base of the island, where there's also a little port at exclusive Marines use.

Sea Prison - Aquamarine

Aquamarine, also known as Sea Prison, is on the three prisons of the island. As Impel Down, it is composed by six undersea floors, in order to restrain Devil Fruit users. It is directly connected to Steel City's Marine Base. As aTormaline, Aquamarine has a hidden purpose: build Isaac's robots in the underground factory.

Crystal Canyon

Crystal Canyon is the second main mine of the island and where the Dyna Stones were extracted. Due to this it is constantly monitored by Cipher Pol agents.

Halcum Port

Halcum Port is Jail Island's main port, where most of the allowed ships dock. It also hosts a fish market.

Cannon Island

Cannon Island is a little peninsula on the North of Steel City. It is used as base by various pirates.

Sky Prison - Santa Maria

Santa Maria, also known as Sky Prison, is one of the three prisons of the island and Isaac's headquarters. Santa Maria's real purpose is to collide against Mary Geoise, accomplishing Isaac's revenge plan. It gets destroyed by a Dyna Stone explosion after Luffy and Isaac's final fight.

Spa Island

For Doran's resort ship of the same name, see Spa Island.

Spa Island is a little island in the sea zone near Amber Harbor, characterized by a constant steam, similar to fog. It hides a secret onsen.

Sky Islands

There are two islands in Jail Island's skies. Both are under pirates' control, setting as their main base.


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Jail Island
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Anti-Marine Faction
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Pro-Marine Faction
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Other Islanders
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Don Axe Hunger Pirates Grokky Barbados Craven
Honcho Cuddy Mussel Sully Kilmie Back

After Isaac returned and established a Marine Base on the island, the citizens were split into two factions:

Anti-Marine Faction

The Anti-Marine residents prefer tradition.[1]

Pro-Marine Faction

The Pro-Marine residents accept Marine control and their modernization projects.[1]



Sometime in the past, the inhabitants began to extract Dyna Stones using a secret method of excavation known only to the leader of the island.

Twelve years before the main storyline, the Marines hired a pirate fleet to attack the island in order to obtain the excavation method and the Dyna Stones, acknowledging them as a huge threat to world power balance. Thanks to Jeanne's mother, the war was averted, but she lost her life in a fight. The only survived pirate is Barbados.

Some time later the future leader and Jeanne's brother Isaac left the island in order to enlist in the Marine to pursue his justice ideals. He eventually lost faith in the Marine finding out the truth behind pirates attack to the island, but keep ranking up till the Prison Warden position, just to make return on the island, officially in order to monitoring the Dyna Stones excavation and sending information to the Headquarter. He made build other two gaols (Aquamarine and Santa Maria), which brought richness to the people supporting Marine's domination, while the ones opposing them got ostracized by various power abuse episodes, factually splitting the population in two factions: Pro-Marines and Anti-Marines. Jeanne eventually became the Anti-Marines' leader.

Isaac secretly began his revenge plan ten years before the main storyline, when he gathered a huge number of pirates in Tormaline, forcing them to build mechanic parts.

Some time before the main storyline, Isaac began spreading the rumour about a hidden treasure on the island, in order to gather several pirates to obstruct CP-0 agents' investigation and to draw the Marine Admirals' attention.

One Piece: World Seeker

Following the rumour about the treasure, Straw Hat Pirates reaches Jail Island short before the begin of the arc. The same goes for both Buggy and Crocodile. Almost at the same time, the World Government began to seek information, sending Rob Lucci on the island. Germa 66 too got convoked on the island due to their interest into buying Isaac's robots. Even Katakuri appears to be interested in Dyna Stones[3].

The grown grudge between Pro-Marines and Anti-Marines lead the latters to ask for Revolutionary Army's help, but it is too late. Short later Sabo's arrival on the island, some Pro-Marines shoot on Anti-Marines and civil war spreads.

Jeanne is able to appease the civillian thanks to a message spred by the Radio Tower she assaulted with Straw Hat Pirates' help. Isaac decides to make his move invading the island with his robots, keeping busy both admirals Kizaru and Fujitora as Kuzan, Smoker and Tashigi. Luffy and Jeanne decides to reach Santa Maria to personally deal with Isaac, but Fleet Admiral Sakazuki gets in the way. Thanks to Sabo's intervention, both Luffy and Jeanne are able to reach the cannon that will send them on the Sky Prison.

On the Santa Maria, Isaac reveals his true intention: he wants to launch the prison on Mary Geoise, letting the Dyna Stones collected in there explode, destroying the Holy Land. After Isaac's defeat, the prison detonates far from Jail Island. The shockwave invests the island, inducing Marines to evacuate the residents.

Some time after Straw Hat Pirates's departure, the island is back to normality and Jeanne visits her mother's grave, discovering Isaac is still alive.[1]


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