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Jam Island is one of 34 islands surrounding Whole Cake Island as part of the Big Mom Pirates' main territory known as Totto Land. It is run by Charlotte Dacquoise, the Minister of Jam (ャム大臣 Jamu Daijin?).[2] It is the second island of the Charlotte Family siblings' secret route to Whole Cake Island.[3]


Jam Island has rivers of juice flowing through it pouring to the sea, coloring the waters around it. [4]

Nuuru Town

Nuuru Town (ヌールタウン Nūru Taun?) is a city situated on the island.[2] Nuuru possibly comes from nuru (塗る?), meaning "to spread" in Japanese (such as spreading jam on toast).



Less than 62 years ago, Jam Island became part of the Big Mom Pirates territory also known as "Totto Land", and its appearance was changed to its current look using Charlotte Linlin and Streusen's Devil Fruits (the Soru Soru no Mi and Kuku Kuku no Mi respectively).[5]

Charlotte Dacquoise was appointed the minister in charge of this island.[2]

Four Emperors Saga

Whole Cake Island Arc

The Sanji Retrieval Team passed by Jam Island on their way to Whole Cake Island. [1]


  • Jam Island has buildings modeled after glass mason jars, commonly used to store food such as jam.


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