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Saint Jaygarcia Saturn[5] is one of the Five Elders who publicly head the World Government[1] and a scientist by trade,[4] possessing the title Warrior God of Science and Defense.[3]

Due to his actions and role, and along with the other Elders, he is one of the main antagonists of the Egghead Arc and the Final Saga overall, and one of the overarching antagonists of the One Piece series.

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What is the significance of Jaygarcia Saturn's title 'Warrior God of Science and Defense'? toggle section
Jaygarcia Saturn's title 'Warrior God of Science and Defense' is significant as it speaks to his dual roles within the world of One Piece. As a scientist, he uses his knowledge and expertise to develop strategies and technologies that aid in defense. His 'warrior god' status indicates his high rank and formidable power, suggesting he's not just a thinker but also a fighter. This title also hints at his antagonistic role, particularly in the Egghead Arc, where his scientific prowess and defensive strategies come into play.
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What role does Saturn play in the Egghead Arc of One Piece? toggle section
In the Egghead Arc of One Piece, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn is the main antagonist. One of the Five Elders, Saturn is chosen to visit Egghead in person to resolve the matter of Vegapunk's betrayal and secure the important technology on the island. He travels to Egghead with a Marine fleet with Admiral Kizaru as his protection. Upon their arrival, Saturn uses a magic circle to emerge directly in the middle of the island and starts commanding the operation. He antagonizes and battles against the Straw Hat Pirates, Bonney, and Vegapunk. When Vegapunk is killed, Saturn uses his esoteric abilities to summon the other Elders to the island.
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What is the nature of Saturn's Devil Fruit in One Piece? toggle section
Saturn has the power of a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit, allowing him to transform into a gyuki (a bull-spider monster) or human-gyuki hybrid at will. This power appears to be 'awakened', as indicated by the dark, flaming smoke around his shoulders and torso when he transforms. In his hybrid form, Saturn becomes a gigantic spider-legged humanoid with a set of horns. In his full beast form, Saturn is a massive, horned spider-like creature, with his upper back covered by a light-colored flame. As a main form of offense, Saturn can use his sharp-pointed legs to try to impale enemies, from which he can secrete a powerful poison.
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What is the relationship between Kuma and Saturn in One Piece? toggle section
In the world of One Piece, Kuma and Saturn share a complex and intense relationship. They've been seen engaging each other in battle, with Kuma even injuring Saturn at one point. Saturn, not one to back down, has also threatened Kuma and attempted to impale him multiple times. Their confrontations are not just physical but also strategic, as Saturn once took control of the Pacifista, a weapon associated with Kuma. Despite these conflicts, their relationship also has a past, as they were shown engaging each other on God Valley when Kuma was younger. It's clear their relationship is marked by power struggles and intense battles.
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How does Saturn's transformation in One Piece impact the storyline? toggle section
Jaygarcia Saturn's transformation in One Piece significantly impacts the storyline. His transformation into a full Zoan form reveals his potent venomous abilities, which he uses to attack Luffy and Sanji. This leads to a series of events including Luffy's rage and Sanji's escape with Dr. Vegapunk. Additionally, Saturn's power to immobilize others and his ability to give people Devil Fruit powers without eating the actual fruit, as revealed to Bonney, adds a new layer of complexity to the plot. Saturn's transformation and his newfound abilities prove to be a game-changer in the One Piece narrative.
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Saturn is a thickset, elderly man with a full white mustache and beard. He possesses white dreadlocks which he wears a flat black hat over. He has a scar on the left side of his face, stretching diagonally over his eye. Like two of his fellow Elders, his outfit consists of a black suit over a dark purple tie and a white collared shirt, as well as black pants. He carries a walking cane.[1]

Notably for a World Noble, Saturn has eschewed wearing a resin bubble over his head while away from Mary Geoise.[5]

38 years before the current events, Saturn looked remarkably similar to his current appearance.


Like the other Elders, Saturn cares about the balance in the world maintained by the Three Great Powers and wishes to maintain it.[1] This also includes preserving the image of the World Government by keeping the events of the Void Century a secret, and he and the other Elders will immediately have anyone destroyed who is found to be studying it.[6] He knows about the significance of the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika and was willing to go to great lengths to prevent it from being awakened, even viewing angering one of the Four Emperors as a preferable outcome to avoid such a future happening and deliberately sacrificing Guernica, one of his best agents, to the alarm of another of the Elders.[7] When global chaos became unavoidable following the downfall of both Kaidou and Big Mom, Saturn was anxious and sweating as he was left at a loss as to how to respond without the option of covering everything up.[8]

Like the other Elders, he has little tolerance for people of lower rank challenging their authority, as shown during the Elders' meeting with Fleet Admiral Sakazuki although due to his high position he is highly diplomatic instead of threatening or making hostile moves towards the fleet admiral.[9]

Unlike the other Elders, he appeared to hold a small amount of empathy for important figures that seemed to have merit, as he was telling Kizaru it was an unfortunate turn of events that he had to go out and eliminate Vegapunk, though this would not stop him from executing his mission, nonetheless.[5] After locating Vegapunk, Saturn thanked him for all his contributions to the World Government, but not without later declaring that he would die a painful death and trying to consolidate the scientist's regret for having betrayed them.[10] He also found it wasteful that they must destroy the Sea Beast Weapons but preferred to maintain the Pacifista as a pragmatic, if reluctant, choice.[11]

Put yourself in my shoes. Would you bother yourself with the feelings of insects? It is impossible.
— Saturn expressing his viewpoint on humans to Dr. Vegapunk.

Much like his fellow World Nobles, Saturn has a low opinion of human lives. This extends to those that work for the World Government, such as Cipher Pol agents and the Marines, comparing them to insects that will merely reproduce regardless of the casualties in the worst-case scenario.[12] This was shown again while in his awakened form where he referred to the various vice admirals concerned for his safety as insects that needed to pipe down.[13] He also called them fools for attempting to seize Vegapunk instead of focusing their weapons on Jewelry Bonney's head. Saturn is not above racism either, as shown with his very first encounter with a young Bartholomew Kuma, telling the boy he deemed the entire Buccaneer race to be condemnable solely for an unrevealed crime they committed in the past.[14]

Above all else, Saturn is an absolutely diabolical individual with no qualms or concerns about experimenting on those beneath him; he is known to have tortured or experimented on at least eight individuals with most (if not all) of them contracting incurable or rare diseases such as Sapphire Scales as a result. Upon learning that Kuma and Vegapunk were discussing a way to cure the former's daughter, who inherited her mother's condition after being experimented on,[15] Saturn decided to use this as a means to turn Kuma into a weapon for the government, forcing the man to agree to have his free will stripped away while also being modified to become a cyborg; even after Kuma agreed to these terms, Saturn decided to place his daughter under government surveillance with a threat that if Kuma were to ever contact his daughter or flee, he would make the girl a slave.[16] Furthermore, after these demands were set in place and Kuma was about to undergo the procedure to lose his free will, Saturn additionally demanded Vegapunk implant a self-destruct switch into Kuma, justifying it as a means to stop him on the slim chance he rebels against the government, showcasing further unrelenting cruelty.[4]

According to Sanji, Saturn (while in his fully beast mode) has completely lost all of his pretense of being human.



While Saturn and his fellow Elders are reputed as the greatest authorities in the World Government, they all secretly answer to Imu, the shadow monarch of the world and occupant of the Empty Throne who he and his fellow Elders are extremely loyal to revere in high regard. As such, he turned to Imu's guidance regarding whichever "light" deserves to be erased forever from history, indicating their role in the Government's oppressive tyranny for centuries. He also obeys Imu's commands without questioning, agreeing to make the necessary preparations to wipe out Lulusia Kingdom on their order. Saturn also wasted no time holding Nefertari Cobra at gunpoint when Imu revealed themself to him showing a protectiveness to keep their ruler's identity a secret as well as wasting no time to attempt to kill Sabo when he discovered and attempted to attack him, his fellow Elders and Imu.



After Saturn and the Five Elders at large played a role in the false news of Donquixote Doflamingo's resignation from the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Sakazuki was outraged by how the Five Elders would go out of their way to protect him, not even caring if it would tarnish the Marine's reputation. Saturn told Sakazuki to watch his tone repeatedly having no real concern over his reputation being tarnished and a sentiment shared by his fellow elders as he told him again to shut his mouth again for talking back to them. Saturn appears to look down on Sakazuki as upon spotting Nico Robin on Egghead he blamed Sakazuki for her survival labeling him as soft.


Saturn appears to trust Kizaru at handling the orders he and his fellow Elders give out, having him personally serve as his guard while journeying to Egghead to confront Vegapunk, he also allowed Kizaru to personally handle Sentomaru despite him initially telling him to ignore the former Marine and head straight into the Labophase dome. Despite this, he was disappointed in Kizaru's failings at carrying out Vegapunk's execution, noting that he was notably slower at handling this mission but relented that it must have been due to Monkey D. Luffy stopping him with his awakened form.


Saturn and fellow Elder Warcury were notably annoyed with Aokiji leaving his post to sight-see again while on duty.[17] He seemed to agree with his fellow Elder that Kuzan leaving the Marines and joining the Blackbeard Pirates was a stain on the organization's reputation.


Monkey D. Luffy[]

Saturn and the Five Elders hold tremendous animus towards Monkey D. Luffy, not only for his heritage as the Revolutionary Dragon's son, but also for all the trouble he and his crew have caused. This includes invading Enies Lobby and defeating CP9 to save Nico Robin, causing the first mass breakout of Impel Down, intruding on the Summit War of Marineford to save Ace, and most of all for defeating multiple Warlords of the Sea such as Crocodile, Moria, and Doflamingo.

They collectively acknowledge Luffy's strength and see that he is truly Garp's grandson, as well as a deadly variable in their plans. They feared what he would be capable of should he defeat the Emperor, Kaidou, and so they ordered CP0 to eliminate him before that could happen. They were deeply concerned about Luffy's survival and were even fine with losing an agent and angering Kaidou as long as Luffy was killed, as they understood the potential of what he could do once his Devil Fruit was awakened, calling it the "most ridiculous power in the world." Their decision backfired, as not only did Luffy awaken his Devil Fruit, but he used his newfound power to defeat Kaidou.

Saturn Targets Luffy

Saturn tries to kill Luffy.

When Luffy later temporarily disrupted their plans by capturing York, they were first formally introduced to Luffy, making it their first exchange, during which they tried to persuade him to reveal crucial information, though they were unable to do so. Later, when Saturn arrived at Egghead, he saw Luffy in his Gear 5 form, he immediately recognized him as "Nika". Seeing Luffy severely weakened from his battle with Kizaru, Saturn attempted to kill him, only for Franky to foil him. Shortly after Saturn was bewildered when he spotted that Luffy somehow acquired food and ordered him to be detained, though he ultimately managed to escape his sight. Once Luffy returned in his Gear 5 form once more spotting Bonney and an injured Vegapunk, Saturn called him and Bonney "stupid insects" that deserved death, Saturn then used his ability to wound Luffy, but it proved useless as the Emperor struck him with multiple powerful blows causing him to be launched through a building. Saturn then returned enraged and in his full beast form as he attempted to kill Luffy again with multiple poison tainted strikes, though was restrained when Luffy entered into his Giant form. Eventually, due to facing multiple attacks from Luffy and a pre-recorded message Vegapunk had activated, Saturn summoned the rest of the Five Elders to deal with Luffy and the broadcast. When the Giant Warrior Pirates arrived to help Luffy, Saturn declared they must be erased from history along with Luffy.


Saturn and the elders first met with Dr. Vegapunk after he won the Ibel Peace Prize, inviting him to a personal audience at Mary Geoise. After enlisting him as a military scientist, he tasked him with the development of several new projects, including the Pacifista program, the Seraphim, and the replication of the Mother Flame. During the time of Vegapunk's employment, he consistently monitored him and even forced him to abandon his morality, with Saturn intervening in his work when he attempted to make a deal with the pirate and revolutionary Kuma to save his daughter from the Sapphire Scales disease and reprimanded him for talking out of line. Years later, when the elders became aware of Dr. Vegapunk's secret research into the forbidden Void Century, they decided to eliminate him, though Saturn seemed to view killing Vegapunk as a shame due to his many contributions and inventions for the government throughout the years.

Despite this, he was still fully willing to kill Vegapunk, and only prioritized his accumulated knowledge in Punk Records, as it would remain after Vegapunk's death.[18] In return, Vegapunk utterly detests him for his cruelty and total disregard for people's lives. He openly expressed outrage when he learned it was Saturn's experiments that caused the Sapphire Scales to Kuma's loved ones, ruining their lives along with Kuma who sacrificed himself to save Bonney. Saturn was further angered with Vegapunk after the self-destruct command did not work on Kuma and, after demanding that the scientist answer for how he was still capable of free will and receiving the answer "the power of love", decided both men were of no use to him. When he later found out that Vegapunk had secretly programmed the Pacifista command hierarchy to include Bonney as the absolute top, surpassing even that of the Five Elders, he became livid and stabbed the scientist in anger with his leg.

Bartholomew Kuma[]

Saturn has a long history with Bartholomew Kuma and can be considered the "devil" of Kuma's life. Their history started 38 years ago, when Saturn was overseeing a young Kuma and various other slaves as targets for the Native Hunting Competition on God Valley. When a government agent alerted Saturn that Kuma was caught after trying to flee, he began to personally intervene and eventually confronted and attacked the boy, Kuma questioned the elder in front of him on why he was born important and why he was deemed a slave at birth, declaring that he would save other slaves like Nika and causing Saturn to retort that his treatment was deserved due to him being a part of the Buccaneers race, while also telling Kuma his only options in life were slavery or death. After this encounter, Saturn still kept tabs on Kuma learning from an agent that he had become the current king of Sorbet and the following two years had discovered he planned on working with Vegapunk to cure his daughter from Sapphire Scales (who unknown to him Saturn was the cause of) while agreeing to be the face of the Pacifista project.

Saturn quickly sought to use Kuma and his clones as human weapons for the government and went about a plan to force Kuma into becoming part of the Seven Warlords while also forcing him to lose his free will under threats of making his daughter a slave with Kuma ultimately agreeing to these terms if it meant he could save his daughter's life. Even though Saturn activated Kuma's self-destruct switch after he was rescued from slavery by the revolutionaries, he learned firsthand that the switch and commands in general didn’t work on Kuma any longer. Miraculously, Kuma managed to arrive on Egghead and prevent Saturn from killing Bonney. Angered, Kuma struck Saturn with a Haki coated punch after years of torment and grief, launching him through several buildings. Furious at this Saturn attempted to kill Kuma but was foiled by Sanji and Franky's efforts, he then opted to have the Pacifista shoot down Kuma and Bonney, but the attempt failed due to a countermeasure implanted in them.

Jewelry Bonney[]

Saturn was responsible for Jewelry Bonney gaining the Sapphire Scales disease due to experiments on her mother when she was an infant. Four years ago, Saturn used her as a hostage for Kuma to undergo modifications into a human weapon without his memories and will. Initially years after this, despite Bonney gaining infamy as a Super Rookie and member of the Worst Generation while escaping capture from the Marines prior, Saturn still viewed her as a merely a child that outgrew her use and did not need to be dealt, but changed his opinion when Bonney discovered his history with Vegapunk and Kuma leading her to stab Saturn. Saturn healed the wound but grabbed and began crushing Bonney telling her that Kuma's persecution was due to him being a Buccaneer and that she would die a painful death for defying the government while ordering the Marines to shoot her.

When Bonney attempted to fight back, Saturn cruelly mocked her by revealing he was the one who gave Bonney her Devil Fruit ability as part of his experiment. He went on to admit he was the one responsible for Ginny, Bonney's mother, having Sapphire Scales due to his experiments, which pass down to Bonney and resulted in Kuma sacrificing himself to save her, these revelations filled Bonney with despair. Before Saturn could strike her with a killing blow Kuma intervened, blocking the blow and attacked the elder saving Bonney. Saturn then opted to have the Pacifista shoot down Kuma and Bonney, but the attempt failed due to a countermeasure implanted in them, after he ordered Kizaru to kill her but was prevented from doing so by Luffy.


Although initially unknown to Saturn, Sabo gained the Five Elders' attention and Imu when he stepped in to protect Nefertari Cobra from their assassination attempt in the Throne Room at Mary Geoise and were exasperated when he managed to escape their grasp, having witnessed Imu sitting on the Empty Throne, effectively making him their number one enemy. They noticed Sabo's affiliation with several occupants of the mysterious D., noting he was fate-struck by having encountered several of them.



Though Shanks is considered an enemy given his status as a pirate, Saturn and his fellow Five Elders showed respect towards him and even allowed him an audience with them inside Mary Geoise, making room in their political agendas for him.

Abilities and Powers[]

As one of the Five Elders, the highest-ranking World Nobles, Saturn is one of the World Government's five highest authorities who, as a group, wield unrivaled influence over the world;[2] only Imu (in secret) outranks them.[19] Saturn thus controls every facet of the government, from the Marines to the Cipher Pol agencies, and even the Fleet Admiral cannot challenge his power.[9] Specific examples of Saturn's authority (as shared by his fellow Elders) are his ability to order entire islands destroyed via a Buster Call or by deploying (on Imu's behalf) the Mother Flame, whose preparations to carry out are prepared by Saturn given his wisdom in the field of science.[20] The Elders also have the ability to manipulate the global mediascape to alter or withhold facts from the general public (up to and including erasing entire segments of history, most notably the Void Century).[6] In addition, Saturn and the other Elders are endowed with total authority over the Pacifista and Seraphim (above even their creator, Dr. Vegapunk's,[21] though due to Vegapunk's secret meddling, their authority over all Kuma-formed Pacifista is second to Jewelry Bonney).[22]

Due to Saturn's Elder status, Marines at or below the commodore rank are not permitted to look upon him, with transgressors being punished with death by Saturn himself.[23][24]

As a fighter, Saturn has proven himself very powerful, like his fellow Elders. As a potential hint to their power, the five of them were confident in being able to meet face-to-face with Shanks, an Emperor of the Sea, in Pangaea Castle without having anyone there to guard them.[25] On Egghead, Saturn was willing to personally move into the island center and come face to face with another Emperor's pirate crew,[26] as well stay on Egghead despite an impending bombardment more intense than a Buster Call.[27] Even more, Saturn was quick and unhesitating in engaging Luffy in battle, and while seemingly not hurting the latter significantly, the Elder's apparent immortality allowed him to shrug off any attack that Luffy tried on him, including one that seemed to incapacitate a Marine Admiral.[28][29][30]

Physical Abilities[]

Saturn has exhibited extremely high level of endurance enhanced by his immortality and regeneration, remaining unfazed by Jewelry Bonney stabbing him near his neck with a sword[31] and shrugging off an incredibly strong punch to the face from Bartholomew Kuma, which sent the Elder crashing through two buildings.[32] Even after being shot through the sides of his abdomen by Franky's Radical Beam, Saturn survived and remain unbothered.[33] Saturn is also strong enough to destroy machinery using his cane.

Scientific Expertise[]

As the Warrior God of Science and Defense,[3] Saturn holds the authority to govern any scientific endeavors of the World Government along with immense resources to perform experiements using Devil Fruits and unethical human experimentation. He is also a scientist himself and was confident enough in his own intelligence to believe that Vegapunk, the world's smartest man, would be unable to deceive him when it came to Kuma's cyborg modifications.[4] However, Saturn overestimated himself in that regard, as he failed to realize the self-destruct switch that he ordered Vegapunk to install into Kuma was instead designed to simply shut him down, instead of exploding his body.[34] Similarly, Saturn was unable to foresee Vegapunk altering the chain of command over the Pacifista by making Jewelry Bonney the highest authority possible over the weapons.[35]

Among Saturn's scientific accomplishments, he was once able to successfully extract the essence of the Toshi Toshi no Mi and subsequently inject it into the body of an infant Bonney to grant her powers at an age where normal ingestion would be impossible. That being said, Saturn's scientific capabilities in this respect are also limited, at least compared to Vegapunk's, as he was incapable of dealing with the Sapphire Scales that plagued Ginny despite conducting multiple experiments on her.[36]

Unique Powers[]

Notably, Saturn is shown to have some abilities and traits that are esoteric in nature. Which of these, if any, stem from his Devil Fruit is currently unclear:

Saturn Magic Circle
Saturn emerges from a Magic Circle.
Saturn Healing Ability
Saturn regenerates a lost arm and horn.
Saturn Head Exploding
Saturn harming an individual with invisible force.
  • Saturn seems either unaging or to age slower than normal. During the God Valley Incident nearly four decades ago, he bore the same aged look as he does in the present.[37][38] Additionally, Jewelry Bonney's age-changing powers appear to have no effect on him.[39]
  • At least in his Zoan forms, Saturn can heal from injuries. When he was pierced by a sword, the wound healed within seconds of the blade's removal, with even the blood stain vanishing.[40] Likewise, after his left horn was broken off and his right arm severed, Saturn regenerated both, alongside the sleeve of his suit.[41] Even after a potentially fatal hit by Franky's Radical Beam that pierced through his abdomen from side to side, he remained unfazed as the injury healed over.[33] Due to the myriad of attacks that Saturn has managed to survive and heal from so far, Luffy is convinced that Saturn (and his fellow Elders) must have some form of immortality.[42]
  • While in his Zoan form, Saturn arrived on Egghead by emerging from a "Magic Circle" (魔法陣, Mahōjin?) on the ground as if through a portal; said circle had a pentagram in its middle and five number 5s in-between its jags, possibly a reference to the Five Elders. As Saturn appeared, the circle emitted black, Haki-esque lightning while having fiery energy erupt from it, and several powerful fighters on Egghead took notice of the "strange" presence that had arrived.[26] Saturn appears to be able to create multiple circles as well to summon others, having created four of them to teleport his fellow Elders from Mary Geoise all the way to Egghead.[43][44]
  • In his Beast Form, Saturn appears to have some form of telepathy, at least with his other Elders. He was able to communicate with them from as far away as Egghead, while they were at Mary Geoise.[45]
  • In both his human[38] and Zoan forms, Saturn can project some kind of invisible, aura-like "force" resembling telekinesis, without having to move. When invoking this power, visibly indicated by his eyes glowing, Saturn can injure people with a mere look,[46] knock them back as though with an unseen blow,[47][38] and physically force them to the ground to keep immobile. Vegapunk, who is aware of the contents of the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia, surmised that this may be the result of a Devil Fruit. The abilities are shown to be effective even against a Worst Generation pirate like Jewelry Bonney, a modified human like Sanji, and an android like Atlas.[48] Interestingly, Luffy was able to shrug off the attack while in his Gear 5 form.[49]

Devil Fruit[]

Saturn Human-Beast Form
Saturn's Awakened Human-Beast Form.
Saturn Beast Form
Saturn's Awakened Beast Form.
Saturn Venom
Saturn burns through a tree using venom.
Saturn Venom Spit
Saturn spits venomous orbs.

Saturn has acquired the power of a Mythical Zoan-type Gyuki (牛鬼, Gyūki?) Devil Fruit, which lets him transform into a gyuki—a monstrous bull-spider—and a human-gyuki hybrid at will.[46][50] Saturn appears to have "awakened" this ability while maintaining his personality, as indicated by the ribbon of dark, flaming smoke around his shoulders and torso when he is transformed.[46]

In his hybrid form, Saturn is gigantic—large enough to hold Jewelry Bonney in one hand and tower over the very large Bartholomew Kuma. He has proven durable enough to withstand a point-blank Hiken from Sabo without being scathed[51] and strong enough to injure an adult-form Bonney in his grip.[52] As a main form of offense, the elder can use his sharp-pointed legs to try to impale enemies, managing to pierce even Kuma's stronger-than-steel body.[53][54][55][56]

In his full "Beast" form, Saturn is a massive, horned spider-like creature, with his upper back covered by a light-colored flame. He retains his beard, which appears to have grown, and his face is still recognizable from his human and hybrid forms, but his eyes are considered "bizarre" by Sanji's account. In said form, Saturn can excrete a powerful corrosive poison from his sharp legs, which appear to be able to move with great freedom as if they were tentacles, and they move with enough force to shatter the ground. His arms also appear to have transformed into an additional pair of legs, giving him eight in total.[57][58][59] By spinning his entire body horizontally, he can achieve a form of flight, similar to a helicopter propeller, as he did so to return to the battlefield when Luffy attempted to throw him afar.[60] He also has the ability to spit out venomous orbs that can produce enormous explosions.[61]


Main article: Haki

Like the other Elders, Saturn possesses powerful Haki. His arrival on Egghead was accompanied by a massive burst of it, appearing as black lightning.[26] His Haki alongside the other Elders' was sensed by Roronoa Zoro and Rob Lucci from a fair distance away, and being described as massive.[62]

Haoshoku Haki[]

Saturn is one of the very few people in the world who has the ability to use Haoshoku Haki. He used it to knock several Den Den Mushi unconscious.[63]

Kenbunshoku Haki[]

Saturn is a very skilled user of Kenbunshoku Haki, as shown when he used it to detect the Den Den Mushi inside the Labophase.[64]


Saturn possesses a flintlock pistol, which he took out when the Five Elders prepared to assassinate Nefertari Cobra.[65]

Saturn can utilize his cane in order to destroy small objects. It is unknown if this is something that has real combat application, however.



Saturn Attacks Young Kuma

Saturn attacks Kuma.

38 years ago, Saturn was in attendance during the Native Hunting Competition at God Valley where he was alerted by an agent that a Buccaneer slave that tried to escape was caught.[66] Saturn went on to confront the young Kuma himself, incapacitating him using his ability. Saturn informed Kuma that Buccaneers were born to be slaves but grew irate when Kuma proudly stated that he planned to save as many people as he could, just like Nika. Saturn was presumably unable to stop Kuma, as Kuma would later escape the island after rescuing 500 people.[67]

As recognition for his genius inventions in MADS, Dr. Vegapunk was invited to Mary Geoise for an audience with the Five Elders.[5][68]

Twenty years before the start of the series, the Five Elders spoke via Den Den Mushi to Professor Clover, an archaeologist from Ohara who was revealed to have been studying the Poneglyphs. Clover revealed that he knew too much about the Void Century, causing the Five Elders to order the Cipher Pol unit on Ohara to eliminate him and for a Buster Call to destroy Ohara and its historians.[6]

Less than fourteen years ago (over ten years since Gol D. Roger's execution), Spandam persuaded the Five Elders to give him the authority to seek out the blueprints for Pluton.[69]

Twelve years ago, Saturn conducted experiments on the former Revolutionary commander Ginny who was forcibly made into the eighth wife of a World Noble 2 years prior, causing her to develop Sapphire Scales. During these experiments, he tested whether a Devil Fruit could be extracted and given to an infant using Ginny's newborn Jewelry Bonney as a test subject, causing Bonney to gain the ability of the Toshi Toshi no Mi, but also contracted Sapphire Scales.

Six years ago, Saturn was perplexed when informed that a new king had taken the throne of Sorbet. Four years ago, Saturn would listen in to Bartholomew Kuma and Vegapunk's conversation on the creation of Pacifista and curing Jewelry Bonney, using a Black Den Den Mushi. Saturn was disappointed in Vegapunk for not making the most of the situation but would inform his subordinates that he had his own plans.[70]

Saturn Negotiating With Kuma

Saturn speaks with Kuma about his conditions to authorize Bonney's surgery.

Saturn began to enact this by sending Kizaru and a Marine fleet with X Drake on board to surround Vegapunk's island, while having him bring a Den Den Mushi to communicate with Vegapunk and Kuma. Saturn told them while he was not pleased with their agreement of making clone models of Kuma for the Pacifista project and to cure his daughter, he would relent under three specific conditions: the first being that Kuma would enlist as a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. When Saturn announced the second condition, that Kuma would need to be modified into a human weapon under the government's control, this outraged Vegapunk especially with Kizaru defending in favor of it. Finally, the third condition would be that Kuma would have his mind and will effectively be erased; this especially angered Vegapunk as he believed the process would effectively kill Kuma, but Kuma himself agreed to the terms and was grateful that Bonney would finally be cured.

Saturn learned from Vegapunk that the surgery would take about six months and a full year for Bonney to walk into sunlight again, and 2 full years for Kuma's modifications to be completed. With this in mind, Saturn decided to alter the deal by making Bonney a hostage and placing her under government surveillance. He also threatened that if Kuma ever tried to contact her before his mind was fully gone or flee, then he would make Bonney a slave with Kuma accepting all the conditions only with the promise that Bonney be safely returned to Sorbet Kingdom, which Saturn allowed.[71]

Sky Island Saga[]

Jaya Arc[]

A Marine came to the Room of Authority to report that Shanks had made contact with Whitebeard. Saturn agreed that a meeting between the two could be dangerous, but the Five Elders quickly moved on to talk about filling in Crocodile's place in the Seven Warlords of the Sea.[1]

Water 7 Saga[]

Long Ring Long Land Arc[]

The Five Elders got a call that Marine Admiral Aokiji had gone off on his own, and Saturn asked if he had gone on a sightseeing trip.[72]

Post-Enies Lobby Arc[]

The Five Elders received a report that Shanks had successfully met with Whitebeard himself, much to their shock.[73]

Summit War Saga[]

Sometime before the Summit War of Marineford, Saturn called Vegapunk with an order to implant a self-destruct switch onto Kuma; when Vegapunk argued that it was unnecessary as Saturn and the other Elders already were at the top of the authority hierarchy in terms of control, Saturn coldly said the scientist had no right to talk back to him in that manner. He also refused Vegapunk's counteroffer to allow Kuma bare minimum willpower if he were to add that switch; Saturn ordered Vegapunk once more to remove all of Kuma's will and reminded him, as a fellow scientist, he would be able to see any deception if he did not carry it out.[4]

Post-War Arc[]

The Five Elders talked about the aftermath of the Summit War of Marineford, with Saturn noting all the things that Luffy had done and saying it was appropriate that he was Garp's grandson. They then talked about Blackbeard's rise to power, and Saturn noted that he had already taken down one of the Super Rookies.[74]

Dressrosa Saga[]

Dressrosa Arc[]

Sakazuki and Five Elders Meeting

Saturn and the other Elders arguing with Sakazuki.

Fleet Admiral Sakazuki came to the Room of Authority to question the Five Elders about why they let Donquixote Doflamingo use the World Nobles' authority to misinform the entire world. The elders reminded Sakazuki of his place and reprimanded his insolence, when a Marine came in and revealed that Luffy and Trafalgar Law's alliance had taken down Doflamingo, and that their victory had been broadcast to the entire world, shocking both the Elders and Sakazuki.[9]

Whole Cake Island Saga[]

Levely Arc[]

Imu Sits on the Empty Throne

Saturn and the other Elders meet with Imu.

As the Levely was beginning, the Five Elders were approached by Shanks. Because of his position, they reluctantly allowed him to talk to them about a certain pirate.[25] After meeting with Shanks, they headed toward the Empty Throne and talked about how King Nefertari Cobra of Arabasta had requested to meet with them. Saturn then noted that with all the events going on threatening the balance, the Elders were no longer able to prevent them. Upon reaching the Empty Throne, they knelt before its occupant Imu as they requested that Imu tell them the name of the "light" that needed to be extinguished from history.[19]

Wano Country Saga[]

Wano Country Arc[]

Sabo Attacks Elders

The Five Elders are ambushed by Sabo.

On the fourth day of the Levely, Saturn was part of the other Elders when they had their private audience with Cobra, who had requested the audience earlier. Saturn was listening to Cobra's recounting of the World Government's founding and his explanation about his ancestor, Nefertari Lili. When Cobra asked the Elders why her name was not mentioned anywhere anymore, Saturn replied they could not answer the question as it was too far into the history to be known anymore. When Cobra grew displeased over their secrecy, he instead asked about the Will of D., mentioning a letter Lili wrote 800 years ago. However, before either Saturn or the other Elders could answer the question, Imu, who overheard the conversation from their private room, made their way towards the Empty Throne, leaving everybody present in shock over their arrival.[75] After Imu answered the questions Cobra had, Saturn, alongside the rest of the Elders, drew a gun, ready to assassinate Cobra due to him having seen Imu. However, before they could kill him, Sabo, who eavesdropped the entire conversation, came in to rescue Cobra, using Hiken to engulf the Elders in fire. However, Saturn, alongside the other Elders, transformed into shadowy monsters, ready to launch at Sabo and preventing him from escape. However, they failed as Cobra sacrificed himself to ensure Sabo could escape safely. The Elders', after having successfully killed Cobra, noticed someone spying on them, but were unable to capture the person.[76]

Following the Levely's conclusion, the Five Elders were in the Room of Authority discussing Sabo and the growing issues with Vegapunk on Egghead when they received a call from Imu, who wished to test out Vegapunk's Mother Flame invention on the Lulusia Kingdom. Saturn assured Imu they would prepare everything for the Mother Flame to be deployed. Imu also gave them the command to find and seize Nefertari Vivi.[77]

The five elders speaking to defeat of two Emperors

Saturn talks about potential courses of action following the defeats of Kaidou and Big Mom.

They later discussed the Raid on Onigashima, namely the orders they had given to eliminate Nico Robin and prepare to have the Marines assume control of Wano Country in the aftermath of the battle.[78] They then discussed the potential of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, or the "Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika" awakening, and commanded Guernica to interfere in the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Kaidou to eliminate the former, who possessed the fruit's power. Guernica sacrificed himself to allow Kaidou to inflict a deadly blow on Luffy, and when one of the Elders asked if eliminating Luffy was worth losing an agent and angering Kaidou, Saturn responded that it was preferable compared to the potential outcome of Luffy's fruit awakening.[7] The Five Elders' attempt to eliminate Luffy proved a failure, as they later came to learn that the Gomu Gomu no Mi had indeed been awakened and Kaidou and Big Mom had both fallen in battle. Saturn wondered how they could respond to this as there would be no way to cover this up.[8]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

One Piece Film: Red[]

The Five Elders watched Uta's concert in Elegia from the Den Den Mushi. They discussed about Uta being the daughter of Shanks, a serious threat that was opposed to the Great Pirate Era, and how to stop her rebellion, though there was some hesitation among them to carry out her elimination as they worried, she may have been related to the Figarland Family. Also, they were very concerned about Uta's connection with Tot Musica and they could not afford to be cautious if she summoned that as a threat. The Five Elders were the only ones who did not fall asleep to Uta's powers as they already muted her songs. They were later informed by Rob Lucci about an estimate being 70% of the world's population would be pulled into Uta World.

The Five Elders, horrified, witnessed Uta turning everyone including Saint Charlos into inanimate objects. As they could not afford more casualties, they had to make a decision even if a Celestial Dragon would get caught in the crossfire. They witnessed Tot Musica, finally summoned by Uta, attacking the Marine ships. After Tot Musica was defeated by Luffy and Shanks, the Five Elders witnessed Uta releasing everyone from the Uta World through singing.[79]

Concludes non-canon section.

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

Having received their orders from Imu, the Elders then received a call from Marine Headquarters revealing they had traced Sabo to Lulusia, and the Elders took note of this stroke of fortune as the Lulusia Kingdom was completely annihilated by the Mother Flame soon afterwards.[80]

The Five Elders then received a call by York, who was aspiring to become a Celestial Dragon, that Vegapunk was doing forbidden research on the Void Century. As a result, they decided to send a squad of CP0-Agents to assassinate Vegapunk and all his satellites, including York.[81][82]

Sometime later, Saturn decided to personally accompany the fleet led by Marine Admiral Kizaru to Egghead to eliminate Dr. Vegapunk. Saturn told Kizaru that he considered the circumstances with Vegapunk to be a shame.[5] Later, while eating, Saturn ordered Doberman to make sure no one knew of his presence and commented on the article written by Morgans about the Egghead siege by the Straw Hat Pirates. Doberman also revealed that the island's researchers had set sail prior to the Marines' arrival; upon hearing they had the ship's coordinates, Saturn ordered the evacuation ships to be sunk in case they knew too much. Doberman then told Saturn that Jewelry Bonney was on the island too, but he said she would be of no concern. Saturn then listened in on York's call to the other Five Elders in Mary Geoise and reacted with surprise to the news that she had indeed been captured by the Straw Hat Pirates.[83]

Knowing that the Straw Hats had taken York hostage, Saturn ordered the Marines to prioritize the retrieval of York, Punk Records and the power plant required to create fuel for the Mother Flame and to consider anything else disposable in a worst-case scenario. Saturn later spoke with Kizaru about their next proceedings, which involved taking Sentomaru out and locating the Mother Flame's power plant.[84] When Kizaru finally got in motion and retrieved the Pacifista from Sentomaru's command to attack the Sea Beast Weapons, Saturn lamented about the loss of the Sea Beasts as military assets.[11] As the situation got more out of the Marine's control, with Vegapunk going down onto the Fabiriophase and Luffy fighting Kizaru on equal ground, Saturn grew extremely angry with the results.[85]

Jaygarcia Confronts Vegapunk

Saturn confronts Vegapunk and his allies.

While Vegapunk attempted to make his escape back up to the Labophase, Saturn decided to act. Everyone on Egghead felt an ominous presence as Saturn began his approach; Saturn issued the order for the Pacifista on the island to cease all actions, and all Marines under the rank of Commodore were ordered to look away as a Magic Circle appeared in the Fabiriophase. A large explosion appeared from the circle as Saturn began to rise from it. A Marine who was too curious to look away suddenly had his head blown off from a simple glance, as Saturn was revealed to be an Awakened Zoan Devil Fruit user. Saturn commented that it had been a very long time since he had been to the surface, and spectated the end of Luffy and Kizaru's fight, in which Kizaru managed to prevent Vegapunk from escaping. He referred to Luffy as "Nika", as Luffy passed out and fell to the ground. Saturn personally confronted Vegapunk and his allies, commenting that he expected Vegapunk to already have been dead. However, to his surprise, Jewelry Bonney suddenly grabbed a nearby sword and stabbed him in his chest, to which he glared at her.[86]

Bonney Execution

Saturn orders Bonney's execution.

When the nearby Marines tried to help him, he insultingly called them insects and demanded that they calm down, claiming that he could have protected himself if he wanted to. He blows Bonney off of him and then grabs her, taking out the sword in the process and healing his wound instantly. He incapacitates Sanji and orders the Marines to stand down as he believed Vegapunk had nowhere to run so they don't need to catch him. He then insulted Kizaru for taking too long to finish the job but understood that Luffy's presence was not a planned factor as he turned his gaze to the worn-out Emperor. When he tried to kill Luffy, Franky used Strong Right to punch Luffy out of the way in time, causing Saturn to comment on how cooperative the Straw Hats are. He stated to Luffy and Bonney that their presence was unexpected, but he would very much like to see them try to escape with their current odds. He looked to Vegapunk and told him that he found his "betrayal" disappointing but thanked him for his contributions. He then asked who wanted to die first from most to least painful, as he desired for them to feel regretful for defying the World Government. He began to crush Bonney and wondered why humans do what they are forbidden to do, as she told him that he was the one who killed Kuma. Saturn, told her, though, that Kuma was born a slave as the surviving member of the now extinct Buccaneer Tribe, who he claimed committed a grave crime against the world. Saturn then held Bonney high in the air and ordered the Marines to aim for her head.[87]

Kuma Shields Bonney

Saturn's attack is stopped by the sudden arrival of Kuma.

Saturn tells Bonney that Kuma is dead, but she musters enough strength to break her arms free and tries to use Distortion Future: Nika Mitaina Mirai to punch him, but her powers disappear, and Saturn tightens his grip on her as he thinks she hasn't drawn the connection between Nika and Luffy's transformation. He tells her that he understands how she learned the name Nika from Kuma, but she doesn't know what Nika truly is, which is why her powers wore off. He then notices Luffy eating food and orders the Marines to restrain him with Seastone chains. Saturn then reveals to Bonney that he was the one who gave her Devil Fruit powers, having administered an extract of the Toshi Toshi no Mi to her when she was an infant, though he stated the fruit's powers are worthless, because while it allows the user to transform into any potential future, those choices narrow when the user has more knowledge of reality. As such, Bonney's powers disappeared because she started to consider the possibility that Nika isn't real, despite her claiming otherwise. He tells her that Kuma believed what he himself considers nothing but a worthless Buccaneer legend and quoted what he said to him on God Valley. Saturn then reveals another horrifying fact: he was the one who infected Ginny with Sapphire Scales as an experiment, and he deemed her a failure because the symptoms kept appearing, but he didn't expect her daughter to inherit the disease. Vegapunk becomes extremely livid when he learns that Saturn caused Kuma's family to fall apart through his actions and he had the gall to act like he was doing Kuma a favor when he made him that deal. Saturn, however, heartlessly says he doesn't understand the feelings of mere insects. Just then, Saturn overhears that Kuma has arrived on the island, and he orders the Marines to kill him. However, the Marines are all blown away by Kuma, who charged straight to Saturn's location. Saturn throws Bonney to the ground to stab her with his leg, but Kuma uses himself as a shield to protect her, before grabbing Saturn's leg and preparing to punch him, with a look of terror etched on Saturn's face.[88]

Kuma Punches Saturn

Saturn is punched by Kuma.

The terror-stricken Saturn was left highly confused by Kuma preparing his attack, and quickly attempted to question Vegapunk how it was possible for Kuma to be there; he then revealed that he had already attempted to use Kuma's self-destruct mechanism after the Revolutionary Army had taken him, yet Kuma was still alive somehow. Saturn was unable to escape and took the full force of a punch from a Busoshoku Haki-coated fist, sending him flying through multiple buildings, which all preceded to collapse on top of him as well. Despite the hefty damage that was given to him by Kuma (including losing his right arm his left horn), Saturn quickly managed to make a recovery and even grew back his missing limbs almost instantly. He demanded an explanation from Vegapunk on how Kuma was alive; after being given one, he once again declared that everyone there was as good as dead and moved to kill Kuma. Saturn instead found his attack deflected by Sanji, followed by a laser from Franky straight through his chest. Saturn was once again undeterred by the damage and expressed his anger with the situation by authorizing a Buster Call on Egghead, citing specifically on Vegapunk's studies on the Void Century, Kuma's Buccaneer heritage, and Luffy's awakening of an "Ancient God".[89]

As the Marines stationed evacuated after the Buster Call was announced, Vice Admiral Doll asked Saturn and Kizaru to hurry to an escape ship, Saturn told her that both Kizaru and himself would remain on the island and to begin the bombardment after the ships leave with Kizaru affirming this decision. Vegapunk had pleaded with both Saturn and the Admiral to call off the Buster Call as the destruction of Egghead would set scientific progress back centuries, though Saturn rebuffed this justifying it as means to destroy anything that could pose a threat to the government. Saturn then revealed to Vegapunk he ordered the bombing of an escape ship full of scientists from Egghead the day before as another means of making sure no secrets of the Void Century could leak, making Vegapunk furious due to them being innocent but the Elder shifted the blame to Vegapunk claiming his lust for knowledge was responsible for their deaths. While Kuma, Bonney, Atlas, and Franky boarded a vacuum rocket in an attempt to escape, Kizaru cut it open with a sword of light giving Saturn the opportunity to order the Pacifistas to kill Bonney and Kuma thinking to himself how ironic it was clones of Kuma would be the ones to kill his daughter thinking it would be a fitting end.[90]

Saturn Stabs Vegapunk

Saturn impales Vegapunk.

To his shock, however, before the Pacifista opened fire, new orders from Bonney were delivered, overriding Saturn's own. These new orders resulted in the Pacifista once again turning on the Marines. Saturn became furious that Dr. Vegapunk secretly defied him by giving Bonney higher authority over the Pacifista, and acted on this rage by impaling Vegapunk using one of his legs. He wasted no time in ordering Kizaru to finish them all off, but before this order could be carried out, Luffy appeared once again in his Gear 5 form, knocking Kizaru back to the ground, to Saturn's surprise.[91]

Gomu Gomu no Dawn Gatling

Saturn is pummeled by Luffy.

Saturn called Luffy and Bonney insects worthy of death, but the former rejected this notion as he geared up to attack him for harming Vegapunk. Saturn attempted to attack first, though Luffy quickly recovered and pounded Saturn with his Gomu Gomu no Dawn Gatling, blasting him far away into some buildings. When he recovered, he was greeted by Van Augur and Catarina Devon, who noted how odd it was for someone of his stature to be there while also touching his leg, stating that their mission was complete. Saturn asked what they were doing there and told Devon how strange he thought it was for someone from Level 6 to be subordinate to another. When Devon said her reason was because she considered Blackbeard special, Saturn added on that his lineage was as well, to her surprise that he knew about it. Saturn demanded to know what the crew was up to, with Augur simply stating "the World". Saturn immediately attacked them, but Augur warped himself and Devon away.[92]

A short time later, Saturn made his return, now transformed into his full Zoan form, with a "bizarre" look in his eyes, and his legs secreting an extremely potent venom. He immediately attacked Luffy and Sanji, although neither one had any difficulty dodging. While this occurred, Luffy ordered Sanji to make his escape with Dr. Vegapunk, which he obliged. Before this could be done, however, Kizaru made a last-ditch attempt on Vegapunk's life, firing a laser through his chest. The fatal attack sent Luffy into a rage, causing him to enter into his Giant Gear 5 form. Luffy plucked Kizaru out of the air and grabbed Saturn's face while stating that neither one was going anywhere.[93] While this occurred, Vegapunk's broadcast about the secret of the World began, giving a 10-minute window for everyone to prepare to hear it. Saturn telepathically communicated with the remaining four Elders about the situation, informing them that Vegapunk should be dead. Moments later, Luffy came to the realization that defeating Saturn and Kizaru was not going to be an easy task, prompting both of them to retaliate with attacks of their own. Luffy returned fire with a new attack, pancaking Saturn and Kizaru together, and flinging them into the distance. While Kizaru was unable to stop himself, Saturn somehow managed to shift his trajectory back at Luffy, forcing Luffy to dodge once again. The other Elders telepathically contacted Saturn again, telling him there was no time to waste in stopping Vegapunk's broadcast. Saturn agreed with their concerns, and performed an unknown move, prompting four Magic Circles to appear around him.[94]

Five Elders Confront Luffy

The Five Elders confront Luffy.

Moments later, Saturn's fellow Elders appeared at his sides. All Five Elders stood transformed in unison against Luffy, before going off on their separate tasks. While Mars and Nusjuro went to take care of the broadcast and the Pacifista, respectively, Saturn, Peter, and Warcury took on Luffy. Saturn continued to attempt to stab Luffy using his legs, although the attempts were mostly futile as Luffy continued to easily dodge them.[95] Upon the arrival of Dorry and Brogy, Peter was temporarily defeated, allowing Luffy to meet up with the giants again after 2 years. Saturn considered their arrival to make things more complicated and stood back while his fellow Elder Topman Warcury attempted to attack. After Warcury failed to damage Luffy or the giants, Saturn declared that they all had to be erased for the sake of the World, and spit projectile venom at them. Luffy used his own abilities to deflect the venom back at Saturn, causing a massive explosion to envelope him and his fellow Elders. Despite the severity of the explosion, Saturn and his fellow Elders regenerated moments later without issue.[96]

Saturn Attacks Robin

Saturn attempts to kill Robin.

Following his recovery, Saturn abandoned his fight with Luffy and the giants, instead making his way up to the Labophase, to the horror of Luffy's crew.[97] Before he reached them, he telepathically received word from Mars that he had failed to stop the broadcast from airing, wondering alongside the other Elders about the intention of Vegapunk's message. Following the conversation, Saturn arrived at the Labophase, spotting Robin and instantly recognizing her as the only survivor from Ohara. He then attempted to kill Robin, who was paralyzed in fear, but was attacked and repelled by Nami, Zeus, Chopper, Brook, and Usopp. While fighting, he simultaneously conversed with Mars and Warcury about the Power Plant and replied to Mars it would be no problem if they lose all their forces in and around Egghead if it meant preserving the Power Plant after Mars asked if they could destroy the Power Plant as well.[98]

Mother Flame Power Plant

Saturn locates the Mother Flame.

After a few moments of failing to kill Robin, Saturn decided that Vegapunk's broadcast was a greater threat to the Government, and instead blasted the Straw Hats away as he quickly made his way inland. While still conversing with his fellow Elders, Saturn managed to locate the main laboratory, and used his abilities to break inside. He was immediately blinded by the Mother Flame upon entry, and transformed back into his human form. While his fellow Elders continued to discuss eliminating all life on Egghead in an attempt to stop the broadcast, Saturn demanded that he be given more time as he used his cane to break part of the containment unit for the Mother Flame.[99] Saturn was later walking through the Labophase's interior, knocking out several Den Den Mushi with his Haoshoku's Haki while angrily listening to Vegapunk talking about Joy Boy, the Void Century and the Great War that led to the reshaping of the world.[100] He, alongside the other Elders, was later informed by York that the Iron Giant was protecting the broadcast Den-Den-Mushi.[101]

Elders Confront Iron Giant

Saturn confronts the Iron Giant alongside his fellow Elders.

Upon hearing this theory, Saturn quickly made his way out of the Labophase and back down to the Fabiriophase, where he reconvened with his fellow Elders(sans Nusjuro) around the Iron Giant. As the group got a clear look at the robot, they came to the realization that it was the very same machine that had attacked Mary Geoise 200 years prior. After hearing Vegapunk begin to make his announcement on the meaning of the letter "D.", Saturn watched as Warcury quickly dispatched the Iron Giant, knocking it to the ground, and successfully stopping Vegapunk's broadcast.[102]

Saturn Attacks Giant Ship

Saturn latches onto the Giant Warrior Pirates ship.

Wishing to continue with their success, the Five Elders moved on to the next most pressing issue: killing off the remaining Vegapunks. After figuring out the locations from York, each of the Elders proceeded with their new task. Saturn followed behind his allies as they made their way to the coastline in order to target Atlas, the Giants, Bonney, and the Straw Hats.[103] While Peter and Warcury battled the Iron Giant, Saturn ordered Peter to quickly finish it off so that the broadcast may be ended. At the same time, he jumped off of Peter's head and latched on to the Giant's ship, before declaring his intention to stop Kuma and Bonney from escaping.[104]

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  • Saturn's name is based on Saturn, the sixth planet in the real-life Solar System, keeping in relation with the planet-themed names of the Five Elders.
    • In Hindu astrology, Saturn is associated with Shani, the god of karma, justice, retribution, misery, sorrow, longevity, and old age. These associations reflect the actions of Saturn, who contributed to the majority of misery and sorrow brought on Bartholomew Kuma and his family.
      • Furthermore, Shani's associated gemstone is sapphire. According to Hindu astrology, if Shani rules over a person's zodiac sign, they need to wear a ring with sapphire. This reflects how Saturn performed chemical experiments on his victims, where they end up contracting Sapphire Scales as a result.
    • In Western horoscopic astrology, a Saturn return is a concept where the planet Saturn returns to affect a person's birth, and thus enter the next stage of a person's life. Fittingly, the encounters between Saturn and Kuma, be it directly or indirectly through the policies of World Government, resulted in a change in the latter's life, which includes his liberation from slavery, the co-founding of the Revolutionary Army, the death of Ginny and the adoption of Bonney, becoming a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and becoming a mindless cyborg.
      • This also fits Saturn's past with Bonney, where he granted her the powers of the Toshi Toshi no Mi to her at birth, with it being a Devil Fruit with the power to affect a person's physical age, including the user.
    • In Chinese Wuxing, Saturn is associated with the Earth element, as well as the color yellow, the stomach, the mouth, the spleen (part of the immune system), and changes in states. Fittingly, Saturn is the Godhead of Defense and Science, is escorted by Kizaru (whose name is the Japanese word for "Yellow Monkey"), and goes up against Bonney, whose gluttony is typically associated with stomach and mouth.
  • Saturn's surname, Jaygarcia, may be based on Jerry Garcia, the lead guitarist and vocalist of the American rock band Grateful Dead, whose elderly and bearded appearance is similar to that of Saturn's.
Giuseppe Garibaldi (1866)

Giuseppe Garibaldi photographed in 1866.

  • Saturn's appearance may be based on Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian general and patriot who contributed to the Italian unification and the creation of the Kingdom of Italy in the late 19th century. His elderly appearance includes short but thick facial hair, a short cylindrical hat, and a walking cane clutched with both hands.
  • Saturn's Zoan Devil Fruit is based on the gyūki, a yōkai from Japanese folklore who is described with having the head of an ox and the body of a six-legged spider.
    • According to folklore, the gyūki is known for causing incurable illnesses for anyone who encounters it. Fittingly, Saturn is responsible for infecting Ginny with the incurable Sapphire Scales disease, which she eventually succumbs to, along with seven other previous slave-wives.
      • Also, according to folklore, the gyūki is known for producing poisons. This is reflected in the full beast form of Saturn's transformation, where his legs produced a poison powerful enough to melt objects.
  • Saturn's hybrid form is very similar to Black Maria's, with his upper body being completely human (except for his horns and ears) while his legs are replaced with an entire spider body.
    • Even in his beast form, Saturn maintains his human face to a certain degree. This trait is not shared by his fellow Elders, or any nonhuman Zoan-class users.[44]
  • Saturn's ability to regenerate himself from direct bodily harm is the first time a Devil Fruit user has shown the power to physically and fully heal from being maimed or dismembered in an instant. Other Devil Fruit users have either avoided these types of injuries through the benefits of having access to powers and transformations that render them impervious to blunt or ordinary physical attacks, can mend and abate their external and internal wounds to some lesser extent, or, in the event of permanent body damage, used their abilities to simulate or replace lost and/or crippled body parts. Saturn, like other users, however, is not exempt from receiving lasting scars; the one wound Saturn bears that apparently cannot heal is the large scar on the left side of his face.


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