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For the Corrida Colosseum Gladiator in Block C, see Jean Ango.

Jean Bart is a pirate who was originally introduced as Saint Rosward's slave, being part of his Pirate Captain Collection.[1] He currently serves under Trafalgar Law as a member of the Heart Pirates after being freed from the World Noble.[3]


Jean Bart is a large man with a fierce looking face comparable to a guard animal. His size surpasses that of Jinbe by roughly two to three times, being able to catch and carry him easily. He has flame-shaped tattoos on his forehead and a scar running above his right eye. He often bares his teeth. He has large sideburns that line the sides of his face as well as a long mane that runs down his back.

When he was a slave, he wore rags and was often forced by his owners to walk on all fours like a lumbering beast. After his liberation and joining the Heart Pirates, he started walking normally again and switched to a black A-shirt. Like all those who were once slaves of the World Nobles, Bart has the "Hoof of the Soaring Dragon" mark burnt onto him, which would forever signify him as "less than human", though it's unknown where it is on his body.

After the timeskip, he now wears a boiler suit with the crew's Jolly Roger imprinted on it, similar to the other members of the Heart Pirates, and has a full beard in addition to his sideburns.[4]


Jean Bart Portrait.png
Close-up of Jean Bart's face.
Jean Bart Anime Concept Art.png
Jean Bart's concept art from the anime.
Jean Bart Compared to Jinbe and Bepo.png
Jean Bart's size compared to Jinbe and Bepo.
Jean Bart Wano.png
Jean Bart's outfit during the Wano Country Arc.


Most of his personality has not been revealed yet, but he seems to be a man of honor and repays his debts as he joined Law's crew, the Heart Pirates, after he was freed from the World Noble.[3] He also seems to be patient and calm as seen at Amazon Lily, the opposite of his usual behavior at the Archipelago or the battlefield of Marineford.

Abilities and Powers

Jean Bart breaks a bridge with one punch.

Jean Bart is an immensely strong man capable of breaking a bridge with a single punch.[5] In fact, prior to his enslavement, he was a well known pirate captain.[3] Even suffering abuse from the Rosward family did not deter him, thus demonstrating great resilience and willpower (whereas fellow captain slave Devil Dias fled in cowardice, only to get blown up later).

In the anime, Jean Bart has been shown to be a competent helmsman and demonstrates good navigational skills, steering the crew's submarine to outrun Aokiji's massive ice wave and evading Kizaru's widespread torrent of light, escaping without a single scratch.[6]


He was seen wielding a huge Flintlock pistol when defending Zou from Jack and his army.[4]



Jean Bart was once a renowned pirate captain before he was captured and sold as a slave to the World Nobles.[1][3]

Summit War Saga

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

As a slave of Saint Rosward, Bart was forced to walk on all fours through Sabaody Archipelago. After Devil Dias' collar exploded, Saint Shalria cruelly shot Devil Dias several times, and Bart left with the World Noble family.[1]

Later, while Rosward and his children attended an auction,[7] Bart was left chained to a stake outside the front entrance of the Human Auctioning House.[8][9] He did not budge when other patrons fled the building after the Straw Hat Pirates assaulted the World Nobles and the Marines were called.[10][11]

After Trafalgar Law, Monkey D. Luffy, and Eustass Kid fought the Marines, Law removed Bart's collar, and in return, Bart pledged his service to Law.[3] As they fled, Bart destroyed a bridge in order to hinder the pursuing Marines; however, their path was blocked by a Pacifista so the Heart Pirates joined forces with the Kid Pirates to take on the cyborg.[12] The events of this battle were not shown, but Law and his crew managed to escape the Pacifista and the admiral.

Marineford Arc

On Sabaody Archipelago, the Heart Pirates watched the broadcast of Portgas D. Ace's execution and the resulting Summit War of Marineford. When the broadcast was cut off, Law then informed Bart that they were setting sail.[13]

The Heart Pirates arrive at Marineford.

The Polar Tang later reached Marineford and surfaced so Law could treat the critically injured Luffy.[14] When Admiral Kizaru tried to stop them, Buggy threw down Luffy and Jinbe, and Bart caught both of them. While Kizaru and the Marines were distracted by Koby's and Shanks' interruptions, the Heart Pirates carried Luffy and Jinbe into the ship, and the Polar Tang began submerging[15] and successfully avoided the attacks from Aokiji and Kizaru.[16]

Post-War Arc

After the Heart Pirates docked on the shore of Amazon Lily, Bart and the rest of the crew had to wait there until Luffy and Jinbe returned.[17] Shortly after Silvers Rayleigh swam to the island, Bart left with Law and the rest of the crew.[18] Bart and the others were pleased to hear Law say that he would wait to go to the New World.[19]

Post Timeskip

While Law was staying at Punk Hazard, Bart and the rest of the crew went to Zou. During the Beasts Pirates' invasion, the Heart Pirates assisted the Mink Tribe in fighting the invaders. They fought until Jack used one of Caesar Clown's poison gas weapons.[20] After Jack left, Sanji's group arrived and tended to the injured.[21]

Whole Cake Island Saga

Zou Arc

When Luffy unknowingly trespassed at the Whale Forest and got into a fight with Roddy, Bart tried to stop the fight but was knocked down by Blackback. After Wanda and Carrot arrived and stopped the fight, the Heart Pirates got reacquainted with Luffy and were excited to hear that Law was on Zou as well.[22]

When Law arrived at their location, the Heart Pirates were overjoyed to be reunited with him.[23] After the Straw Hat Pirates returned to the Whale Forest, the Heart Pirates greeted Luffy but were then furious when Luffy and Law went on having a private conversation. The Heart Pirates and Luffy's crew (except Franky, Nico Robin, and Brook) then partied with Nekomamushi and his subjects.[24]

Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

The Heart Pirates later infiltrated Wano Country. After Law was captured to free Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin, the Heart Pirates gathered in Ebisu Town and discussed their captain's situation.[25]

The crew later reunited with their captain and they entered the battle with the Beasts Pirates on the day of the Fire Festival. After rescuing Kin'emon's group, the crew was shocked to hear that Kaidou had formed an alliance with Big Mom.[26]

After the guards at the torii gates were defeated by the Straw Hats, the Heart Pirates and the Scabbards (except Kin'emon and Denjiro) traversed to the back of Onigashima in the Polar Tang.[27] When the submarine got close enough, it rose to the surface and Law teleported himself, Bepo, Shachi, Penguin, and the Scabbards with them to Onigashima's back entrance. Once they left, the rest of the crew submerged back underwater.[28]

Jean Bart questions Luffy while he eats.

After Kaidou knocked Luffy off of the floating island, the crew aboard the Polar Tang could hear Luffy speaking and located him underwater.[29] They brought him onto the submarine and pumped the water out of his stomach.[30] Luffy eventually woke up and started demanding meat,[31] so they gave him all the food from the submarine but Luffy demanded more.[32] Caribou offered the food he had stashed away in his swamp. As Luffy began devouring the food, Jean Bart asked about had been happening on Onigashima.[33]

After Luffy finished eating, Kozuki Momonosuke transformed into an adult dragon, which panicked the Heart Pirates who thought it was Kaidou.[34] Jean Bart and the others watched in stunned silence as Luffy and Momonosuke bickered over the dragon's struggle to fly. Eventually Momonosuke remembered how and flew up to the island.[35]

The Heart Pirates also made it up the island and were startled as Yamato in her wolf form rushed past them.[36] They entered the Skull Dome and found their way to where Law and Kid were fighting Big Mom. When the Heart and Kid Pirates tried to rush in to save their injured captains, Big Mom had Hera strike them with lightning.[37]

Major Battles


Video Games

Non-Playable Appearances


  • When naming characters after real-life pirates, Oda usually gives them either just the first name or the surname. This one has the full name of French privateer Jean Bart.
  • Jean Bart's situation of being captured, enslaved, and then freed by a band of pirates that he joined is similar to the titular character of a poem by Lord Byron, whose name is similar to Jean Bart's crewmate Bepo.
  • During the real world Golden Age of Piracy, slavery was a common occurrence. When slave ships were raided by pirates the slaves were often given the chance to join their crew or remain a slave. Considering the conditions on board the slave ships and the cruelty many slaves faced, many accepted because life as a pirate was usually better than life as a slave.


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