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Jeanne is a character who appears in the game One Piece: World Seeker.[1] She is the leader of the "Anti-Marines" faction of Jewel Island and also the younger sister of the island's warden, Isaac.[2]


Jeanne is a slim young woman with short green hair. She wears a yellow shirt with a green bow on top, a green skirt, an orange cape, and brown high heeled boots.[1]


Jeanne is a kind girl which tries her best to carry on her mother's leadership role on Jail Island. Due to the huge role her mother had in the years before her death, Jeanne often feels unable to have the same leader charisma. After meeting with Luffy, she began to regain self-confidence.

As Jeanne desires to help the island's inhabitants, she wishes to learn more and more useful abilities, such as Sanji's cooking ability and Chopper's medical knowledge.




Jeanne's mother.

Jeanne is really devoted to the image her mother left on the island's inhabitants, desperately trying to be a worthy heir as protector of the island.


Jeanne and Isaac have a suffering bound, due to their respectively antithetic way of thinking. Jeanne is also really in awe of her brother, as his charisma has always led her to rely on him since they were children.


Monkey D. Luffy

Jeanne rescued Luffy after he fell from the Sky Prison. At first surprised to find out he's a pirate, but when she realized Luffy was different from other pirates, she began to warm up to him. Luffy thanked her for saving him and helping him find his missing crew members. Luffy helped her out with any problems that occur on the island. They formed a close bond as they start relying on one another. When the island was about to go to war, Luffy helped her realized she couldn't give up on her goal just cause' of a few setbacks; this resulted in their bond becoming stronger. Luffy and Jeanne care for one another so much that they worry when the other is in danger. Since meeting Luffy, Jeanne has become more sure of her self. Luffy understands her enough to know what she wants; especially when it comes to her brother Isaac. After saving the island, Jeanne thanks Luffy for everything and hopes to see him again in the future. They both support each other in their dreams and hope they both come true.

Straw Hat Pirates

Jeanne bound with most of the crew members, respecting and esteeming their abilities and determination. She also grew a particular bound with Sanji and Chopper, as she tried to learn cooking and medicine skills in order to help the island's inhabitants.

Jail Island's Residents

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Abilities and Powers

Jeanne has no particular physical abilities or skill. She has a big influence on the island's other inhabitants, definitely established after her speech at Radio Tower. According to Chopper, she's really skilled at learning medicine.

When she wore Isaac's robot suit, she gained huge destructive power, as well as flight and the ability to shoot a beam, but she doesn't have any control over it.



Jeanne grew up together with her brother and mother until twelve years before the main storyline. After her mother's death and Isaac's leaving the island, Jeanne had to live in main church of Sapphire Town. Eventually she became the leader of Anti-Marines faction after Isaac made his return as prison warden of the island.

One Piece: World Seeker

Jeanne saved Luffy after he fell from the Sky Prison of Jail island. She helped him to reunite his crew, discovering some of the suspicious secrets behind Marines' role on the island, as weapon smuggling and World Government's research for Dyna Stones.

When Anti-Marines called for Revolutionary Army's help, Jeanne met Sabo and seeing his and Luffy's bond. She later tried to contact Isaac, being first sent away by a Marine soldier and then kidnapped by CP-0 agent Rob Lucci, just to be saved by Luffy. She finally talks with Isaac after he attacked Lucci by surprise, but uselessly.

Later, due to the start of the civil war between Pro-Marines and Anti-Marines factions, she gets scolded by her comrades, leading her to seek refuge at her mother's tombstone. Luffy convinces her to not surrender and to counterattack, assaulting Steel City's Radio Tower, where she gives a speech in order to dissuade the fights.

Jeanne and Straw Hat Pirates later reunite a crowd of island inhabitants, but Isaac appears. After a short confrontation, Isaac summons some of his robots and force her sister to wear one of them, attacking the crowd, but Luffy succeed to stop her.

After Isaac unleashed his robot on the whole island, Jeanne and Luffy reaches the Sky Prison, where they discover his brother's plans. Isaac stuns her before the final battle against Luffy.


  • Her character shares some similtaries with other female leading character during their own saga:
    • Luffy gives her his hat in the same way he did with Nami during Arlong Park Arc.
    • As Vivi, Jeanne is the daughter of the last ruler of the island and has to deal with a mastermind (Crocodile) leading the inhabitants to a civil war.
    • Her hair and clothes are very similar to Carrot's.


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