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Jeanne is a resident of Jail Island, being the leader of the Anti-Marine faction opposing the Marines' occupation of it. She is the daughter of the former leader of the island as well as the younger sister of Isaac, who was once the "warden" of the island and the highest-ranking Marine occupying it.[1]


Jeanne's full appearance.

Jeanne is a slim young woman with short green hair. She wears a yellow shirt with a green bow on top, a green skirt, an orange cape, and brown high-heeled boots.[1]


Jeanne is an extremely outgoing and friendly person whose main goal is to restore Jail Island to the peaceful state it was in when her mother was leader and prior to the Marines' occupation of it. She is extremely active in the island's affairs, as she can be found just about everywhere on the island working to resolve problems among the islanders. She is a pacifist and will be friendly to just about everyone she meets who is not hostile to her, notably not being afraid to talk with and befriend pirates even though her mother was killed by some. She will do as much as she can to stop violence and war from breaking out in order to honor her mother's memory, and when the islanders stopped listening to her and nearly instigated a civil war, she broke down in despair. She does not believe in taking revenge and repaying violence with violence, and so disapproved of Isaac's plot to commit mass murder as a retaliation for their mother's death.

Jeanne is very courageous and is not afraid of confronting wrongdoers including powerful criminals and pirates despite her lack of fighting skills. She is also willing to resist the Marines' rule in order to help her friends and the other islanders, as shown by performing actions like aiding Luffy in breaking into the Marine prisons and participating in an assault on the Radio Tower with the Straw Hats. However, she can also become too preoccupied with helping the islanders to the point where she neglects to take care of herself, and so other characters have had to convince her to take a break at various times.[1]




Jeanne's mother.

Jeanne's mother was the leader of Jail Island. Jeanne loved her mother dearly and was very saddened at her death. In order to honor her mother's death, Jeanne has worked tirelessly to restore the peace on Jail Island. Jeanne will frequently visit her mother's grave in the Graveyard to talk with her and share her feelings about the situation on the island. Although her mother was slain by pirates, Jeanne believes it would be against her wishes to take revenge, and so has objected to other peoples' ideas to avenge her by killing pirates. Jeanne's mother was shown to have cared greatly for her daughter, and when she headed to her death, she trusted Isaac with protecting Jeanne.


Isaac is Jeanne's brother. The two of them were close until their mother died, and after this occurred, Isaac left Jeanne to join the Marines. Jeanne was happy when Isaac returned, both due to reuniting with her brother and out of hope that he could restore things to the way they once were. However, the Marine occupation that Isaac led caused only more division, and Isaac refused to meet with Jeanne despite her requesting to numerous times. By the time the two of them unexpectedly met face-to-face in the present day, Jeanne was unsure of whether to trust her brother, noting that he did not look her in the eyes like he used to. Due to Isaac thinking little of the other islanders and planning to instigate a war involving them as part of his plot against the World Government, he refused to help Jeanne look for a solution to the island's strife and repeatedly told her to leave the island.

When Jeanne refused and continued working to subvert his plans, Isaac became more antagonistic toward her to the point of even encasing her in a robot suit and forcing her to instigate the civil war on Jail Island. Jeanne opposed Isaac's plot upon learning of it and tried to talk him out of it, saying that it was not what their mother would have wanted. However, Isaac refused to listen to her, blaming Luffy for influencing her into her worldview. When Jeanne made it all the way to the Sky Prison as he was flying it toward Mary Geoise, Isaac attacked her and knocked her out so she would not get in his way. However, after being defeated by Luffy, Isaac came around to realize that he needed to fight for the sake of his loved ones to obtain true strength, and gave up on his goal. He quickly moved to get Jeanne to safety despite her wanting to stay with him longer, and Jeanne was distraught and angry when her brother remained on the Sky Prison as it exploded. However, she still believed that Isaac was still alive and so worked to improve the island for his sake as well, and the two of them would eventually reunite, with nothing coming between their bond anymore.[1]


Monkey D. Luffy

Jeanne rescued Luffy when she saw him fall into the ocean, and despite Luffy being a pirate, Jeanne was friendly to him and helped him look for his crewmates. Luffy expressed his gratitude for Jeanne's kindness by helping her out of harm's way multiple times, and Jeanne was struck by the pirate's great kindness. When some islanders questioned her friendship with him, Jeanne was quick to defend Luffy. Luffy would affirm the deepness of their bond once again when he encouraged Jeanne to do her best to stop the impending civil war, in which he offered the aid of himself and his crew and even put his straw hat on her head.[1]

Straw Hat Pirates

Much like she does with Luffy, Jeanne has a deep bond with all of the Straw Hat members. Every time she is with them, they have been quick to identify and work to address any needs she might have, with Nami doing so in particular. Sanji has been shown to be smitten with Jeanne like he is with most young women, and Brook has asked to see her panties, which she has rebuffed.[1]

Jail Island's Residents

Jeanne considers the residents of Jail Island to be the closest thing she has to family ever since her mother died and Isaac has been distant. She constantly works to resolve conflicts between them regardless of whether they are Pro-Marine or Anti-Marine, and despite her being the Anti-Marine leader, even Pro-Marine islanders have expressed care for her and her well-being. Jeanne's great care for the islanders is the reason why she wishes to prevent war from eventually breaking out, and when the islanders stopped listening to her and took up weapons to battle, she briefly fell into despair before renewing her efforts considerably to get the fighting to stop at all costs.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As the leader of the Anti-Marine faction, Jeanne possesses authority over those in that faction, although that authority is not absolute. Jeanne has not demonstrated any combat abilities; however, she has proven to be quite influential with her words and is quite skilled at quelling potential conflict through her words. Due to her connections within the Anti-Marine faction, Jeanne has access to and knowledge of classified Marine information, including the layouts of the three prisons on Jail Island. She is also capable of deciphering Marine code. Due to her vast knowledge of the island, she can be of use in addressing issues like giving medical treatments, even though she is not a doctor.

During the start of Jail Island's civil war at Konko Plaza, Isaac attached a robot suit to Jeanne's body. With this armor, Jeanne became capable of flight and possessed machine guns on her arms, although all of the actions she performed in the robot suit were completely against her will.[1]



Jeanne grew up on Jewel Island with her mother, who was the leader of the island, as well as her older brother Isaac. Twelve years ago, however, their mother was killed by pirates who invaded in search of the island's Dyna Stones, and Isaac left the island shortly afterwards to join the Marines and take revenge on the pirates. As pirate attacks persisted on Jewel Island over the next few years, Isaac would then return to lead a Marine occupation. He oversaw the construction of three great prisons on the island, which would become known as Jail Island, and this brought safety and economic benefits to the island, though only a small portion of its citizens benefited. Those who were left behind began opposing the Marine occupation, and Jeanne grew to become the leader of this faction, although she ultimately wished for all the citizens to find common ground. She attempted to arrange a meeting with her brother to discuss the issues on Jail Island, though Isaac always refused to see her.[1]

One Piece: World Seeker

Jeanne saw Monkey D. Luffy fall into the ocean near a beach right off Sogyoku Town, and dove in to rescue him. After Luffy regained consciousness, he revealed that he was a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, though had no knowledge or intention of finding the Dyna Stones. Jeanne told him that his crewmate Tony Tony Chopper was in Sogyoku Town, and the two of them headed there. Upon arriving at the town, Jeanne was surprised and dismayed to see that her Anti-Marine comrade Gordon had purchased a rifle. Later, Luffy returned to Jeanne to inform her that Chopper requested her aid in treating a wounded pirate at Kohaku Harbor, and Jeanne agreed to this. The trio found the injured pirate John, and John's captain One-Man initially barred them from treating him, but Luffy took on One-Man in combat which allowed Jeanne and Chopper to tend to him.

Jeanne confronts the arms dealer Makkuro.

Afterwards, Luffy went to Hisui Bridge on a rumor that one of his crewmates might be there, and when this search was unsuccessful, Jeanne suggested he go to Steel City to find information there. Jeanne went to Steel City as well to investigate a riot that had occurred between the Anti-Marine faction and Marines the previous day. The riot had started after someone within the Anti-Marine side fired a gunshot, but Jeanne suspected that the person who fired might not be affiliated with their faction. She found Luffy talking with Jill, and heard rumors of a suspicious orange-haired woman suspected to be Luffy's crewmate Nami breaking into a Marine base and stealing important documents. After further investigation, the duo found Nami in the downtown marketplace, and Jeanne was interested in seeing the battle reports prisoner ledger that she had stolen from the base. With these documents, Jeanne discovered that a man named Makkuro was responsible for firing the shot during the riot, and that he had not been arrested that day. With Nami revealing that she saw Makkuro, who was an arms dealer, in the slums, Jeanne went there to confront him. Makkuro refused to divulge his true allegiance and prepared to attack Jeanne, but Luffy intervened and defeated the arms dealer.

Out of great gratitude for the Straw Hats helping her, Jeanne offered to help them break into the Marine prisons and free their imprisoned crewmates Franky and Nico Robin with the intelligence on the prisons that she possessed. Jeanne guided Luffy through both the Sea Prison and Prison Tower via Den Den Mushi, allowing him to successfully break into and out of them. She also met with Sanji in Konko Plaza and helped him and Luffy decipher Marine directives left lying around in Suigyoku Town, as well as helping Luffy and Usopp mine gems in Ogyoku Mine to give to Vaun in exchange for Usopp's tools. She also investigated rumors of a ghost in the Graveyard, only to find out it was Luffy's crewmate Brook. Upon meeting each of the remaining Straw Hats, Jeanne helped guide them back to their ship, the Thousand Sunny. When all the Straw Hats were congregated there, they tasked Luffy with helping Jeanne solve the island's problems over the next few days to repay her for her help.

Jeanne speaks with Isaac in Sogyoku Town.

Suddenly, Jeanne was alerted about robots attacking Sogyoku Town. She rushed to evacuate the citizens there as Luffy took down the robots, and Luffy revealed that these robots belonged to the Marines. One of the fallen robots then got back up and flew toward Jeanne, but was suddenly punched away by none other than Isaac. Isaac claimed that the robots had been stolen, but Jeanne was unsure of whether to believe him due to how much he had changed. Isaac replied that it was the island who had changed, and told Jeanne to leave if she wanted to make things better. After Isaac departed, Jeanne went to to her mother's grave to despair over whether things would get better. Luffy then joined her, and assured her that Isaac still cared for her as family. The two of them resumed their quests to address the island's problems, which included reconciliating warring Pro-Marine and Anti-Marine families, investigating a deal made between the legendary army Germa 66 and some pirates, learning of Marines trafficking weapons to pirates, and stopping another robot attack. After working to smooth out the differences of many people, Jeanne was delighted to see them congregating and talking in Konko Plaza for the first time since her mother's death.

Luffy saves Jeanne from Rob Lucci's captivity.

Jeanne then returned to Sogyoku Town where she found the Revolutionary Army chief of staff Sabo. Sabo revealed he had come to investigate the Underworld trafficking affairs and their connection to Isaac, and the Anti-Marines hoped to obtain assistance from him in an all-out war against the Pro-Marine faction. Extremely concerned by both of these developments, Jeanne raced to the Marine base to make a last-ditch effort to see Isaac. However, she was then kidnapped by CP0 agent Rob Lucci, who took her to Suisho Canyon with the intention of using her to lure out Isaac. Lucci revealed that Isaac was indeed behind the Underworld weapons trafficking, and Jeanne realized that her brother was involved with the Dyna Stones on the island. Luffy then arrived to save Jeanne and battled Lucci; Lucci eventually came to realize that Luffy was involved in Isaac's plot and so escaped to the south, leaving Jeanne and Luffy behind. The duo headed south in pursuit of Lucci, and they found Isaac at the southern coast. Jeanne confronted her brother over his activities, and Isaac revealed that he intended to use the Dyna Stones to eliminate those who would use them for evil, telling Jeanne that there was nothing she could do but leave the island.

Luffy prepared to attack Isaac in response, but Jeanne stopped him and headed back to Sogyoku Town. There, she received word of a Pro-Marine islander firing a gunshot at Anti-Marine islanders, and tried and failed to talk the Anti-Marines out of taking up their weapons and going to war. Luffy offered to help her go after them, but a distraught Jeanne instead went off to her mother's grave, where she cried in despair over her failure to restore peace to the island. Luffy then arrived and said Jeanne should not worry about the islanders, causing her to slap him as they were the closest thing to family she had now. In response, Luffy says that she should thus work to stop the war, and offers his and his crew's unconditional aid. After rallying with the Straw Hats at the Thousand Sunny, Jeanne gets the idea to speak to the whole island by hijacking the Radio Tower. The Straw Hats take out the Marine guards there and ready the tower, allowing Jeanne to broadcast a message to the island telling them that they can resolve their differences peacefully and inviting them to gather at Konko Plaza.

Isaac forces Jeanne to instigate a civil war by putting a robot suit on her.

Upon arriving at the plaza, Jeanne prepared to go speak before the islanders but was suddenly confronted by Isaac. Isaac revealed that he had stockpiled the Dyna Stones into the Sky Prison with the intention of taking revenge on the World Government, which had hired the pirates who had killed their mother in order to allow them access to the Stones. As part of his plan, he also intended on starting a war between the islanders, Marines, and pirates due to each party's involvement in their mother's death. Realizing violence was about to imminently break out, Jeanne raced toward the plaza as Isaac's robots descended onto it. Isaac then has machinery parts attach to Jeanne's body, forming a robot suit around her that would force her not only to take part in the violence, but to start it. However, Luffy then attacked Jeanne and was able to break off her robot suit, causing her to fall unconscious. After regaining consciousness, Jeanne learned that Luffy had failed to catch Isaac and so told him that her brother was at the Sky Prison.

Jeanne and the Straw Hats raced to the Omni-Cannon atop Ogyoku Mine that the Straw Hats had used to launch themselves up to the Sky Prison earlier, although first they had to take down the squadrons of robots attacking all over the island. Once they did this, they went to the Omni-Cannon and Jeanne and Luffy got inside it. As the Sky Prison flew overhead, the two of them were blasted up toward it, and the Straw Hats took down the robots that came flying in to stop them. Upon landing on the Sky Prison, Jeanne and Luffy confronted Isaac, who revealed his plot to get revenge against the World Government by flying the Sky Prison, and the Dyna Stones on it, into the Holy Land Mary Geoise. Jeanne argued that this was not what their mother would have wanted and that she did not die for this, but Isaac refused to listen and knocked her out by striking her with his gauntlet.

Isaac sends Jeanne off the Sky Prison before it explodes with him on it.

Before falling unconscious, she asked Luffy to get Isaac to talk to her. After regaining consciousness, Jeanne saw that the Sky Prison was slowly descending and went to the upper roof area of the Sky Prison, where she found Luffy and Isaac both unconscious. When Isaac woke up, she told him what was happening, and the two siblings shared a brief discussion over Jeanne's reaction to their mother's death. Luffy then woke up, and Isaac said he would pilot the Sky Prison as far away from Jail Island as possible before it exploded. He then threw Luffy overboard down toward his crew below, and then had the pieces of his robot suit attach to Jeanne to take her down to the sea along with Luffy. Jeanne protested against their separation due to wanting to talk about so much more with her brother, but Isaac still sent her down after the two of them shared a brief moment of warmth. Jeanne and Luffy landed on the Thousand Sunny out at sea, and Jeanne watched in anger and sadness as the Sky Prison fell into the sea and exploded.

After the explosion subsided, the Straw Hats returned to Jail Island to drop off Jeanne, and they exchanged a heartfelt farewell. Believing Isaac was still alive, Jeanne declared that she would do everything she could to make the island a better place in preparation for his return. Indeed, some time later, Isaac arrived and reunited with Jeanne at their mother's grave.[1]


  • Her character shares some similarities with other prominent female characters in the manga:
    • Luffy gives her his hat in the same way he did with Nami during Arlong Park Arc.
    • Like Vivi, Jeanne is the daughter of an island's leader trying to stop a World Government-affiliated mastermind from instigating a civil war in their homeland.
    • Her hair and clothes are very similar to Carrot's.


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